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Apex Legends Season 21 End Date


Apex Legends continues to bring out new seasons with a lot of new content. While most of the content is skins there are new Legend releases and more. Because of this players get excited to know about the new season and everything that changes. This is why they look forward to the next season and are likely wondering when they can get their hands on all the new shiny additions to the battle royale. Here is a look at the Apex Legends Season 21 End Date.

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What is the Apex Legends Season 21 End Date?

The Apex Legends Season 21 End Date should be around August 6, 2024.

This is generally about how long each season is. They are about 3 months and then fans are getting all new content sometimes including new weapons, maps or Legends. It is rare to get more than one of these any given season but occasionally a new map or gun releases alongside a new agent.

Apex Legends Season 21 Start Date

The Apex Legends Season 21 Start Date will be on May 7, 2024.

Season 20 will end on the same date and is the first season of 2023. This season brought with it some major updates to armor and more. Legend Upgrades from earning EVO during the game allow for players to upgrade not only their armor but also different parts of their game. This added some extra strategy to the game.

Also as mentioned above, Armor has changed. Everyone can earn armor through Shield Cores but picking up armor randomly is now gone. This was likely to make it a little less random as to what level someone’s shield was at based on what they could find. Especially in the early game.

Read more About the Changes Here

Apex Legends Map Season 21

There are plenty of rumors that Apex Legends Map Season 21 is coming and that it may be a more compact map called District. There have been a few hints shown in different videos and they are connected.

While this one certainly does not prove anything, there were leakers and data miners who seemed to think this was significant. Even some think it could be called PowerGrid or something similar. There is speculation that Season 21 will be called Urban as well and a map like this would fit.

Originally there was speculation that this would come out with Season 20. Instead they added a Mixtape Map called Thunderdome.

Apex Legends City Map

The second instance of a new Apex Legends City Map was seen in the latest story video, Kill Code Part 4. It can be seen on a tablet held by Duardo who has been calling the shots as the big bad for some time now.

Apex Legends Map Season 20

There is a bit more information given here. The area is apparently called Suotamo and the Power Outages have continued. What that will mean for the potential map is currently unknown but there is a better look at it. The City Map will certainly be one of tight spaces and building-to-building fighting.

While this can be annoying, it is some of the best fighting in Apex Legends. Shotguns will likely be king and while many may think Legends like Revenant and Valkyrie may not have as much use, the height advantage could be massive.

Apex Legends Tinkerer

The main theory behind Apex Legends Tinkerer being the next Legend comes from a leaker on Twitter named Osvaldatore. They have been correct on a lot of leaks and clearly have a pipeline of information that they are ready to use at any time. Below is the conversation on Reddit surrounding this information.

To be clear, the images used are false. Just in the sense that it is likely fan art or art from a different game. This isn’t to say that Tinkerer, if they are the Legend, couldn’t look something like one of them. It is not likely though.

Apex Legends Season 21 Legend Leaks

The leaks surrounding the Apex Legends Season 21 Legend are pretty minimal so far. That being said, they will be on the way as we get closer to the start of the new season. Normally the leak cycle is a few weeks ahead of the new season.

There was a massive leak of Legends that were being tested a few years ago. Many of the Legends in that leak or more accurately series of leaks have come to the game. One was Jester and there are many who are speculating that they were reworked into this new Legends, Tinkerer.

If that is the case then they will have a very interesting kit. Being able to turn grenades into mines can really make taking an area a hassle. Having zone of control is a major advantage in Apex Legends and the addition of mines would certainly give that in spades.

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