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Rocket League Season 7 Patch Note New body for Premium Battle Pass–Maestro and other items

Tier 1 of this season's Premium Rocket Pass will give players access to a brand new Maestro body modeled after the old-fashioned Rolls-Royce. With...

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Rocket League’s race to become a Tier 1 esport

For a game where flying rocket-powered battle cars slam oversized low-gravity footballs into virtual nets, Rocket League is surprisingly skillful. Like any skill-based competitive pursuit, setting is largely irrelevant — winning requires mastery, and mastery warrants practice. Like all esports titles, Rocket League requires thousands of hours spent training and refining intricate mechanical movements, the […]

Bet365 Reworks Multimillion-Dollar Debt of Stoke City FC Soccer Team

Bet365 believes in Stoke City FC, the English Football League Championship soccer team it purchased through a subsidiary 16 years ago. The gaming operator stands behind the club so much that it just reduced a huge amount of its debt. In 2006, through one of its subsidiaries, Bet365 bought Stoke City FC after the club […]

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Stranger Things Turns Far Cry 6 PS5, PS4 Upside Down for Free

Full game free this weekend.

A new season of Stranger Things will air in May, and Far Cry 6 wants to get you in the mood. An update, available now, adds an entirely new mission strand to Ubisoft’s open world shooter, and it’s free for anyone who owns the title. Furthermore, if you haven’t taken a trip to Yara yet, the entire game is free to download and play until Sunday, on both the PlayStation 5 and PS4.

While it doesn’t really make narrative sense for the Upside Down to be integrated into Far Cry 6, you’ve got to remember this is a title that also found you fighting alongside Danny Trejo, so switch off your brain for a little bit. The presentation actually looks really strong here, with the Mind Flayer and Demogorgon both well represented – it might be the closest we get to a Stranger Things FPS.

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LCS Super Week Preview: 3 Big Storylines

Who will finish the regular season in the playoffs? Here are three big storylines heading into the LCS Super Week.…

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How to unlock the Armaguerra 43 in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific

Vanguard And Warzone Pacific How To Unlock Armaguerra 43The Armaguerra 43 is the latest weapon to join Call of Duty: Vanguard in Season Two. It is a submachine gun with many desirable traits such as a fast fire rate. Before you can get your hands on it, you have to complete a challenge in Vanguard or Warzone Pacific to unlock the Armaguerra 43. Then, you can begin levelling up the weapon and unlocking the attachments needed to build the best class setup. The challenge is not too difficult or time consuming. You are tasked with getting 10 hip-fire kills in a single match 15 times in Vanguard multiplayer or Warzone Pacific. If you prefer to take on the challenge in Vanguard zombies, you will instead have to use a submachine gun to kill 400 enemies frozen by your frost blast.   Begin unlocking the Armaguerra 43 in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Although you can complete the challenge with any weapon in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, we would recommend that you use a submachine gun as it is an effective weapon to earn hip-fir...

New York Subliners secures partnership with Adamas Esports

The New York Subliners (NYSL), a Call of Duty League franchise owned by New York-based esports organisation NYXL, has secured a partnership with esports performance firm Adamas Esports. As a result, the firm will provide players and coaches with a performance programme and support system. RELATED: EVOS Esports unveils partnership with Adamas Esports The programme begins immediately […]
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Oceanic Nationals returns for 2022 with condensed two-Stage format

Oceania’s premier Rainbow Six Siege competition, Oceanic Nationals, kicks off for 2022 on March 25.

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Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix Secure First Reykjavík Spots

The VCT EMEA Challengers are kicking into high gear as the first two teams make their way into the upper bracket Final. Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix have both fought their way through the group stage, each securing the first spot in their respective groups. During the upper bracket round 2, Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix faced […]

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Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 3 is called Radical Raid

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Snoop Dogg is coming to the game.

DiRT Rally 3 Rumored to Be Canceled in Favor of New WRC Game

Codemasters is currently working on a “most ambitious and biggest” […]

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Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Sniper Rifle Tier List

DBLTAP's assault rifle tier list for Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, updated for Season 2 Reloaded.

Fortnite’s Fast-Paced No Building Mode Could Be a Permanent Addition

Buildings have feelings, too.

Those of you who’ve played the new Fortnite season will surely agree that it’s great. Many of you may have a passionate distaste for service games, but the way Epic has made minor tweaks to the Battle Royale’s core gameplay to give it a rapid, action-packed pace is to be applauded. Of course, traditional construction mechanics are scheduled to return soon.

Or are they? Well, it looks like the developer has been laying the foundations for an alternative Fortnite experience. A data miner has uncovered new code in the game which points to an all-new playlist: No Builds Battle Royale. You’ll be able to play Solo, Duos, or Trios with building disabled. Further proof comes by way of fresh tooltips, which refer to “modes where building is enabled”.

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