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Unlimited Fun And Fascination Through Pg Slots

Introducing the new pg slot world Pg slots are one of the methods that provide free services to younger entrants in order for them to...

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Reasons it is worth gambling at Dogecoin casino

Dogecoin casinos are known to have grown in popularity all around the world these recent years, due to the fact that they have removed...

iGaming opens new doors for blockchain technology

One question that has long hampered the growth of cryptocurrencies was what uses they actually had. Here, the gaming industry has proven to be...

5 Weird and Funny Casino Facts

People have been fascinated by gambling since ancient times. The history of gambling stretches through the centuries. Even in times of online casinos, real...

How Will Blockchain Continue To Shape The Future

Blockchain technology is a term which many recognise due to cryptocurrency and its prominence in today’s realm of business and operations. Despite the prominence...

Ever/Body Raises $55.5M to Modernize the Cosmetic Dermatology Experience with Technology

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, there’s been a 10% increase in demand for cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetics procedures like...

The AlleyWatch Startup Daily Funding Report: 6/9/2022

Overalls $4.6M - venture Overalls, a modern benefits management and supplmemental insurance platform for employers and employees, has raised $4.6M in venture funding led by RPM...
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The 9 Largest NYC Tech Startup Funding Rounds of May 2022

Armed with some data from our friends at CrunchBase, I broke down the largest NYC Startup funding rounds in New York for May 2022.  I have included some...

D2C Marketing: A Brief Guide Highlighting Facts

D2C is no foreign concept. We all have been following this method of marketing for a long time. Nowadays, D2C brands are achieving more...

Important Characterics Of The Best Stock Brokers UK

Isn’t it challenging to select the right stock broker for trading? Well, it seems to be! This is really a very important subject related...

‘DOGE Father’ Elon Musk Receives Over $1.3 Billion From Crypto Friends To Back Twitter Deal

Could A Cardano, Bitcoin, and DOGE-based Twitter Rival By Elon Musk and Hoskinson Be The Next Big Thing?
According to a May 4 Schedule 13D filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, 18 firms have agreed to fund Elon’s acquisition of Twitter with a $7.139 Billion investment boost.

Camera IQ Launches Support for AR Effects Within TikTok’s Effect House

Camera IQ, the user-friendly AR creation tool, has launched support for TikTok’s Effect House, allowing brands to easily create AR effects.

Ripple’s XRP Projected To Surpass $2.55 By December 2022 Following SEC Lawsuit Outcome

Ripple’s ODL Service On The Verge Of Reaching Global Coverage — And That’s Fiercely Bullish For XRP
The report, which was updated on May 4 entailed consulting a panel of 36 industry experts for their thoughts on how XRP will perform over the next decade should Ripple win or lose the case against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
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