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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 — Siren Song


Season 11 of Call of Duty: Mobile has arrived, bringing with it new weapons, the holiday-themed Miami Blitz Multiplayer map, the Misdirection Battle Royale class, a brand-new Battle Pass, and more. Siren, our third Mythic Operator, and season’s leading lady, has also arrived.

COD Mobile Season 11

COD Mobile Season 11COD Mobile Season 11

In Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 11 — Siren Song, a winter storm that only happens once every hundred years has hit. Siren, the season’s main character, just recently got away from a secret government program that trained assassins and was paid for by Atlas. She’s free now and ready to fight.

There are also a lot of holiday-themed events and new Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints in the Battle Pass for the new season. Fight in Miami Blitz with a holiday theme, plant Christmas trees get prizes in Battle Royale, and join the new Misdirection class. Season 11—Siren Song starts on December 6 at 4 PM PT and has a lot more to look forward to.

Siren Song Battle Pass

Siren Song Battle PassSiren Song Battle Pass

There are both free and paid things in the Siren Song Pass. These include new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and more Call of Duty® Points (CP) that you can use to buy another Premium Pass or something from the Store.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

The new Misdirection Battle Royale class at Tier 14 will throw enemies off. At Tier 21, you can get the Groza Assault Rifle, a fully automatic weapon that is easy to control, fires quickly, and does good damage. Some of the best things in the free Tier are the different kinds of Camo, the Weapon Blueprints, and the Koshka—Season’s Floral at Tier 50.

Premium Pass Tiers

Premium Pass TiersPremium Pass Tiers

If you buy the Premium Pass, you can get all the material in the Siren Song Anniversary stream. This includes Operator Skins with winter and holiday themes, such as Alex as Sweater Weather, Soap as Buzzard King, Lerch as Chemical Santa, and Roland as Vinterblood.

Ensure you’re ready for battle with new Season 11 weapons like the M4 — Ice Leopard, the RPD — Elemental Aggression, the PP19 Bizon — Chemical Burn, and the Groza — Final Gift.

If you join the Ground Forces and buy a Battle Pass Subscription, you’ll get extra prizes every season, as well as a 10% boost to your Player and Weapon XP, discount coupons, and sometimes even lower prices on 10x crate pulls.

The Shigenori — Bone Chiller Operator Skin, the Kilo 141 — Danger Skater Weapon Blueprint, and the Backpack — Danger Skater are some of the Ground Forces prizes for Season 11.

Battle Pass Loyalty prize: Effective Season 11, players who buy the Battle Pass for three straight seasons will receive a special Calling Card as a prize.

New Multiplayer Map: Miami Blitz

New Multiplayer Map: Miami BlitzNew Multiplayer Map: Miami Blitz

In a holiday-themed version of Miami Blitz, the battle takes place among Christmas trees, lights, and other decorations that are sure to bring you joy while you’re fighting hard in the map’s tight areas. Get on the back of the holiday truck that’s carrying gifts and food, and kill anyone who tries to ruin the fun.

New Surprise Skill Playlist

In the new Surprise Skill Playlist, you have to think quickly. In this mode, every 30 seconds, a new skill will become available, and a countdown will show you exactly when it will happen. These changes can make a big difference in the match right away, so the Operators who can adapt to new situations the best will be well on their way to winning.

There will be two forms of the Surprise Skill Playlist. One has changes that affect all players the same way, and the other gives each player a different ability, which can make fights crazy.

Players can get skills like Cranked, which makes Operators stronger in battle but requires them to kill enemies quickly so the bomb timer doesn’t run out, as well as the Bull Charge Operator Skill, the Long Slide, and the Double Jump.

Battle Royale Brings Christmas Trees and a New Class

Christmas TreesChristmas Trees

Plant Christmas trees that give rewards in Battle Royale to make it feel like the holiday season. With the new Misdirection class, you can throw your enemies off.

Plant Christmas Trees in Battle Royale

Before each Battle Royale match, each player will be given a sapling. They can plant, fertilize, and decorate it to earn prizes. During the match, collect manure and decorations. Giving the soil to the tree will earn you points and help it grow. With more space, you can add more holiday decorations to make it look even better.

New Class: Misdirection

With the new Misdirection class, you can throw your enemies off. This class has a sonic generator that confuses enemies by sending out special sound waves that make it hard for enemies to hear. These waves fully block out the user’s sounds and make enemies in range hear fake noise sources. The Misdirection class also has a passive ability that speeds up their moves.

Christmas Event

Christmas Event Call of Duty: MobileChristmas Event Call of Duty: Mobile

Shine up your Christmas tree and get prizes at the same time! During this event, players get energy for completing daily tasks. Use the energy you’ve saved to put up and decorate your tree. When you’re done, move on to the next one. You’ll get prizes at key points as you decorate and finish more trees.

Milestone prizes include the M13 — INTERLOCK ADV Weapon Blueprint, Bathysphere — Deep Season Operator Skin, and more!

New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events

You can get Battle Pass XP, the new Operator Skill Misdirection Device, and Season 11 Mission Tokens by completing new Seasonal Challenges and Events. You can then use these tokens in the Seasonal Store to buy Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and the new Ballistic Knife.

New Ballistic Knife: This is a quick close-combat tool that can also be used to kill enemies far away.

For Daily Mission and monthly login prizes, check the “Events” page in-game at any point during the season.

Elite Mission: Kurohana Crate

Kurohana Crate Call of Duty: MobileKurohana Crate Call of Duty: Mobile

For those who have been working hard to fulfill the conditions for the Kurohana Crate, the day is almost here when they can get the Legendary DR-H — KUROHANA-68 Weapon Blueprint for free.

After achieving Legendary Rank in Battle Royale or Multiplayer, players must obtain six Legendary Medals and four Confidential Tokens by finishing special assignments that have been issued all year long to finish the Elite Mission.

12 Days of Deals

It’s the gift that never stops. Enjoy savings on merchandise like Operators and other must-have products during the 12 Days of Deals holiday sale. Which also has discounts on Jingle Jingle Draw, Siren’s Song Mythic Drop, and Christmas Series Armory. New, discounted items are added every day. The first day of sales starts at 4 PM PT on December 21.

Store Update

Store Update Call of Duty: MobileStore Update Call of Duty: Mobile

New Mythic Character Draw: The season’s namesake, the new Mythic Siren Operator Skin, has an Execution mode that allows users to call forth a wave that envelops opponents in a water vortex, sending them flying into the air and breaking into shards of ice. Get the chance to obtain her corresponding Weapon Blueprints, the Melee — Siren’s Razor, and the BK57 — Spectral Song Assault Rifle. The Misdirection Operator Skill and the Battle Royale aircraft have themed skins available in the Draw as well.

Final Move: The siren conjures a wave and engulfs her adversaries in a water vortex, suspending and shattering them.

New Mythic Weapon Draw: Win a Mythic Grau 5.56, a prototype with Death Effect animation and a science fiction-inspired comprehensive inspection. Gain access to the corresponding Foxtrot, Unseen Angel, Katana, Sharpest Claw, and the renowned trip mine, Phantom’s Keep.

Christmas Series: Six pulls with holiday-themed Legendary Weapon blueprints will boost your armory.

Double COD Points Event: Buy premium currency between December 7 and January 7 to receive double the COD Points. On the main screen, look for the Double CP event indicator to see which purchases of COD Points are doubled.

Battle Pass Vault: Content from Season 5 of the Battle Pass, Tropical Vision (2022), will be added to the Vault for Season 11. Acquire Epic Operator Skins and Weapon Blueprints that you were unable to obtain in that season, such as AK-47 — Mania, Oden — Megalodon, PKM — Bamboo Ballistics, and Kilo Bolt-Action — Stalk, as well as Rampage, Park — Survivor, Rosa — Animal Instincts, and Rivas — Smuggler.

Final Thoughts

Siren Song: Celebrating the Holidays in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11

Call of Duty Mobile Season 11: Siren Song, players find themselves reflecting on a holiday-themed escapade brimming with excitement and festive cheer. The season, prominently featured on the official website, not only introduced new maps and intriguing game modes but also presented a myriad of challenges, events, and incentives designed to captivate the gaming community. Those who gathered to celebrate and showcase their skills during the season will undoubtedly fondly recall the enchanting “Siren Song” theme.

Delving into the extensive Call of Duty Mobile blog post reminds players of the remarkable combat experiences and joyous holiday celebrations that defined Season 11. The ever-evolving landscape of Call of Duty Mobile continues to stoke the community’s anticipation for more exhilarating action, challenging experiences, and festive celebrations in the forthcoming seasons.

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