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Halo Infinite reveals its most popular playlists

343 Industries has confirmed its withdrawing the dedicated playlist for Halo Infinite mode Land Grab. In a brief statement about it on Halo Waypoint, 343i...

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Top Fighting Games to Play if You Like Mortal Kombat 11

When people think of fighting games, they think immediately of the Mortal Kombat game series for a good reason. The latest Mortal Kombat installment...

Game developer Square Enix doubles down on NFT projects

The gaming and crypto industry were both rocked when Square Enix announced their involvement with the development of games using non-fungible tokens (NFT). This...

Images from 2024 Call of Duty and Modern Warfare 2 reportedly leak online

Concept art of the upcoming 2024 Call of Duty game and Modern Warfare 2 have allegedly leaked online. As spotted by ResetEra, Twitter user @RealiityUK...


A new limited-time event that limits you to only one of all the cards in your deck A new multiplayer event now live in Yu-Gi-Oh!...

Is the GOAT of Call of Duty Done?

For the first time in a decade. The GOAT of Call of Duty will most likely not be competing at the COD Championship this...

How Did Esports Become a Stadium Event?

Decades ago, if you had proposed the idea of tens of thousands of people gathering in a stadium-like arena to watch teams sit at...
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Turbo Golf Racing on Course for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and with Xbox Game Pass

All of us here at Hugecalf Studios are ridiculously excited to finally reveal Turbo Golf Racing, a fast-paced, arcade-style, multiplayer party racing game for up to eight players online. Turbo Golf Racing is a game that takes the concept of a golf driving range at face value, throwing competitors into cars onto winding, colorful fairways […]

How to unlock the Armaguerra 43 in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific

Vanguard And Warzone Pacific How To Unlock Armaguerra 43The Armaguerra 43 is the latest weapon to join Call of Duty: Vanguard in Season Two. It is a submachine gun with many desirable traits such as a fast fire rate. Before you can get your hands on it, you have to complete a challenge in Vanguard or Warzone Pacific to unlock the Armaguerra 43. Then, you can begin levelling up the weapon and unlocking the attachments needed to build the best class setup. The challenge is not too difficult or time consuming. You are tasked with getting 10 hip-fire kills in a single match 15 times in Vanguard multiplayer or Warzone Pacific. If you prefer to take on the challenge in Vanguard zombies, you will instead have to use a submachine gun to kill 400 enemies frozen by your frost blast.   Begin unlocking the Armaguerra 43 in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Although you can complete the challenge with any weapon in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, we would recommend that you use a submachine gun as it is an effective weapon to earn hip-fir...

Play-to-earn game Mavia joins Machinations’ Game Economy Health Monitoring Service

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Mavia, a Crypto.com and Binance-backed play-to-earn and massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game developed…

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High-flying Shooter ‘STRIDE’ Releases on PSVR Today

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After a few delays, the high-flying parkour madness of STRIDE (2021) is finally making its way to PSVR today. Created by Joy Way, the studio known for VR games OUTLIER and AGAINST, Stride is all about jumping and shooting your way through increasingly difficult environments. It does this by combining some particularly clever locomotion methods with the sort […]

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Beginners Guide With Beaulo

To help welcome new players and refresh those who have played before, we’ve invited world champion Rainbow Six Siege player Beaulo to walk us through some of his favorite tips and tricks for players of all skill levels.
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