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Antpool Reveals Plans to Drop Ethereum Ethash Support, Plans to Keep Mining ETC – Mining Bitcoin News

Antpool, the bitcoin mining pool affiliated with Bitmain, has introduced the crypto mining operation won’t handle ethereum accounts after The Merge is applied. The...

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SuperRare and Gucci Drop The Next 100 Years NFT

NFT commercial center SuperRare is dropping its most recent coordinated effort with Gucci named “The Next 100 Years of Gucci,” which praises the brand’s...

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Rebounds on Friday, Following a Drop Below $19,000 – Market Updates Bitcoin News

Following a move underneath $19,000 on Thursday, BTC had the option to transcend $20,000 during the present exchanging meeting. ETH likewise had the option...

The Future of Gaming has Arrived Everything You Need to Know About the Mirror Image One Console

PRE-ORDER TODAY! www.mirrorimageone.xyz I hope you are as excited as we are for the release of the Mirror Image One Console. In the meantime, we...

Everything You Need To Know About The Mirror Image One Console

Learn more about the Mirror Image One Console I hope you are as excited as us for the release of the Mirror Image One Console....

Crypto Currencies in 2022

The saga on crypto currencies continues in 2022. The year started very well for most of the crypto currencies, however it crashed again. Bitcoin,...

Bitcoin community problem falls 4.3% to 29.897T, greatest drop in 10 months

The Bitcoin community witnessed a historic occasion on May 12 when the network difficulty attained its all-time high of 31.251 trillion as miners mined...
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Rocket Lab briefly catches booster in mid-air after successful launch

Rocket Lab used a helicopter to capture a spent Electron first stage booster and its parachute after launching satellites from New Zealand Monday, a significant step forward for the company's rocket recovery and reuse program. The helicopter dropped the rocket a few seconds later.

How to Drop Gear From Your Inventory in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

While playing Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, you can stock up on plenty of items and pick-ups along your travels. Here's how to drop gear in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Gun Jam is a rhythm FPS where beats drop in time with bullets

Bunny-hopping to the beat Rhythm game spins have been steadily increasing in popularity. The metronomic pulse underpinning the action forms...

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Grand Theft Auto 5: how do PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X compare?

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UPDATE 25/3/2022: We've now spent some time looking at the Xbox Series S version of Grand Theft Auto 5 and it's the least impressive rendition of the new 'remaster'. It's absolutely fine to put out a Series S rendition that runs at a lower resolution than the Series X version - that's exactly how titles were meant to scale down to the junior Xbox, after all - but the cutbacks and drawbacks are more pronounced to the point where it's that much harder to justify this as a paid upgrade.

Similar to PS5 and Xbox Series X code, fidelity and performance modes are available targeting 30fps and 60fps respectively. The former sees a drop from Series X's 4K resolution to 1440p, while the latter sees 1440p drop down to 1080p, the same resolution target as the PS4 and Xbox One S editions of the game. The performance RT option is missing though, meaning that ray traced sun shadows are not available. Ray tracing is also missing from the fidelity mode, again differentiating it from the Series X game.

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After Buying $500 Million Of Bitcoin, What Will Luna Do With It?

Luna has purchased more than 11,700 bitcoin, worth about $520 million, to build a reserve for its stablecoin UST. But what does that mean exactly?

Review: Ghostwire: Tokyo (PS5) – Not the Bethesda Swansong We Hoped For

The evil without.

From The Elder Scrolls and Fallout to Dishonored and Wolfenstein, the Bethesda catalogue has been a staple of many a PlayStation console's third-party lineup. Its games are unique and varied. And while not all of them land, you're always in for something a bit different. Microsoft's acquisition of the company means that's all set to end, and Ghostwire: Tokyo represents one final taste of the publisher's distinctive blend. We're sad to report, then, that the firm departs with a whimper rather than a bang.

The latest game out of The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks isn't a bad one, but it's not particularly good either. It's just, well, fine — which, unfortunately, represents a significant drop in quality after The Evil Within 2 really put the Shinji Mikami led studio on the map. Taking place in downtown Tokyo, the game becomes repetitive, full of open world busywork, and peppered with colourless optional content.

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