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Cryptos and NFTs have also entered the gambling world

Block chain currencies and NFTs based on blockchain technology are causing a lot of debate around the world. Their exchange rate fluctuations are relentlessly...

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Pot it Like it’s Hot: Best Plants for Apartments

Are you looking to bring a little taste of nature into your apartment? This guide breaks down some of the best plants for apartments and how to choose the right ones.

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Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 23rd March.

Here is our pick of the 3 most important Stablecoin news stories during the week. No currency is an island! Unlike in Roman times, without interchangeability or exchange a currency looses a lot of its value or utility. The BIS pushed on this theme with Project Dunbar that this week supposedly proved that financial institutions could […]

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Top 8 Reasons to Move to Pittsburgh and Why You’ll Love Living Here

Moving to Pittsburgh offers residents affordable housing, an opportunity to be part of the loyal sports fan base, and more. Here are the top 8 reasons to move to Pittsburgh.

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Comment: how can the EU’s industrial policy support industry’s efforts with sustainability and decarbonisation?

Ahead of its Annual Meetings and Joint Conference with CEIR and Pneurop in Brussels this coming May, Vanni Vignoli, President of Europump, a trade association representing the European pumps industry, looks at the EU’s roadmap for industrial support Following its announcements of 5 May 2021 updating the New Industrial Strategy proposed in 2020, the European […]

Old Printer Becomes Direct Laser Lithography Machine

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What does it take to make your own integrated circuits at home? It’s a question that relatively few intrepid hackers have tried to answer, and the answer is usually something …read more
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StorX Network Becomes the Answer to XDSea Marketplace’s Storage Needs

Decentralized Storage Provider StorX Network has joined hands with NFT Marketplace XDSea on a partnership set to eliminate IPFS based centralized storage. Under the terms of the collaboration, it follows that XDSea will leverage StorX decentralized storage network as a store for their art, images, and documents. We are thrilled to announce the Partnership between @StorXNetwork and @XDSeaNFT.XDSea will use Storx decentralized storage network to store art, images, and documents. This will remove file storage centralized using ipfs.#StorX #SRX #partnership https://t.co/zfM7asYJaz — StorX Network (@StorXNetwork) March 3, 2022 Standing as the first-ever, and largest P2P decentralized marketplace in the world to provide an avenue for selling and buying NFTs, XDSea is built atop the XDC Network and runs on the XRC blockchain. The collaboration and expected offerings are a testament to the numerous promises made by DIMO and XinFin who hosted the official debut of the XDSea network. From being the first NFT marketplace to join the XRC blockchain, and now offering safer and more reliable storage for digital collectibles, the possibilities remain endless for XDSea. Already XDSea is reputed for its game-changing role offering very affordable gas fees in the market today thanks to its association with XinFin. Beyond that, it also offers the lowest transaction fees in the market today. By meeting users at the junction linking gas fees, transaction fees and now security, XDC is a game-changer in an extremely agile and dynamic industry. Competitive features of StorX Network’s Decentralized Cloud StorX Network has revolutionized data storage, providing a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage solution. This solution evades tracking, censorship, blocking, or the presence of any downtime whatsoever. With these offerings, StorX leads netizens to a safer and more secure internet version where decentralization is the theme. XDSea is the first among many who are poised to leverage this future. With this partnership, XDSea intends to leverage StorX decentralized storage for the safe storage of NFTs in the range of art, images and documents; an action that will eliminate the centralization element of storing files characteristic of IPFS. IPFS is basically the hard drive of blockchain with a specific approach for data storage. IPFS stores data in such a way that when data is added to the IPFS network, the network splits it into groups of 256Kb capacities. Each group is identifiable using a specific hash and is thereafter spread across multiple nodes on the hash-linked networks. StorX is safer than IPFS While both use transport encryption, StorX offers more security thanks to its content-encryption property. While user data is safer when being sent between individual IPFS nodes, that data is accessible to anyone who wishes to download and view it provided they have the CID. StorX enhances security by providing the content-encryption property. Moreover, the XDSea will benefit from, among other privileges offered by StorX, the assurance of offering users a safer and more reliable storage network for their digital collectibles on the cloud. With this collaboration, XDSea, therefore, expects to deliver a safer and more unregulated storage experience for its esteemed user community so that they can design and develop their valuable NFTs on the open-source NFT Marketplace, XDSea. Notably, the partnership makes for a notable milestone for StorX, positioning them as the first storage provider to collaborate with XDC NFT marketplace for purposes of solving their storage needs. The mechanics hold that every file that a user uploads on StorX is split into multiple parts before encryption into several fragments and finally stored within independent storage nodes. The nodes are run by different operators located in various parts of the world. The hallmark of StorX network’s offering centers on the fact that the system is designed as a group of autonomous storage networks. This means that there is no one operator who holds total access to the data belonging to a single user. With different parts held by different operators, the amount of power or influence held by a single holder is therefore significantly reduced to an almost invaluable minimum, hence enhanced user security. #XDCNFT are coming to the #XDCNetwork. It is still early days but new artists, fans and innovators are rapidly joining the #XDC community. Buckle up, this space is about to explode! pic.twitter.com/YjvilI4Nox — PiusVirXDC (@PiusVir) March 21, 2022  

Stranger Google: Crazy Tools From the Upside Down!

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In this episode, Kasey shares some super cool, lesser-known Google tools. These tools use AI, machine learning, body movements, data, and more to engage your students in new ways. Are they as strange as the Netflix series, “Stranger Things?” You’ll have to listen to find out! (I promise it’s not scary!) Any Stranger Things fansContinue Reading

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Fuel For Thought – Can the dealer of today serve the EV customer of tomorrow?

Automotive Monthly Newsletter and Podcast
This month's theme: Can the dealer of today serve the EV customer of tomorrow?


The jury is no longer out. Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming, and in large numbers. We have heard the message loud and clear. Nearly every major automaker in the United States has announced significant investment commitments to transition a substantial percentage of their product portfolio from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to EVs.

  • The number of available EV models in the US is expected to increase 10 times over, from 26 in 2021 to 276 in 2030
  • The adoption of these offerings is also expected to be widespread
  • California's share of EV sales in the United States is projected to decline from 35% in 2021 to only 12% in 2030
  • Tesla's share of EV sales will decline from 71% in 2021 to only 10% in 2030

To support this EV expansion, governments, companies, and EV consumers will be required to invest considerably to build out charging infrastructure, with the number of charging stations increasing from 850,000 in 2021 to nearly 12 million by 2030.

But what will this transition mean for the average US franchised dealer? What changes will be required to the traditional sales process? Will service revenue be at risk? What investments will be required? The pace of transition will differ dramatically across brands, but the challenges and opportunities will be similar. The brands and dealers that can create a simplified, customer-centric approach through this transition will create a key differentiator during this retail transformation.

The average franchise dealer will be tasked to sell, service, and manage relationships with a traditional ICE vehicle customer base, at the same time, trying to aggressively grow the EV business. Even with the dramatic growth expectations for EVs, the average dealer in 2030 will have a new vehicle sales mix of 70% of ICE vs. 30% EV. On the service side, more than 80% of vehicles in operation (VIO) will still be ICE vehicles. The prolonged dominance of ICE vehicles will translate to hesitation from dealers to shift their substantial resources to support EV growth. Sales manager compensation will continue to be dominated by selling the traditional ICE vehicle inventory. Service lanes and workshop processes will continue to be organized around ICE vehicle maintenance and repair requirements. The challenge will be to maintain these core business operations while also laying the groundwork for the transition to EVs and an evolving business model.

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Dealers are being asked to make significant investments in charging infrastructure as they prepare for EV launches. OEMs are establishing the prescriptive requirements based on sales opportunity for each dealer. Although these investments are often quite large, they are straightforward and relatively easy to plan for. Specific EV training will be another key area of focus for OEMs and dealer investment. Dealers may try to identify key EV personnel as "experts" while increasing their general dealership knowledge. This task is challenging when the majority of daily business activity will continue to focus on traditional ICE customers. OEMs will prioritize EV training requirements coinciding with key vehicle launches, while also rolling out continuous learning opportunities. Dealers will need to recognize the long-term importance of these opportunities and prioritize the goal of developing EV expertise across nearly all dealership roles. The best performing dealers will look for immediate opportunities to apply this EV knowledge. Many consumers, even those not ready to purchase an EV, will have questions, providing an opportunity to establish EV credibility within the existing customer base. Understanding the reasons behind an EV purchase , proactively identifying those customers, and creating targeted marketing will accelerate the return on investment and establish a competitive edge in capturing EV growth.

The transition to EVs for traditional franchise dealers introduces a significant complexity risk. A distracted, disjointed business will struggle, but a focused, harmonized business will thrive. OEMs are aware of the risk. Ford recently announced its network strategy to distinguish ICE dealers, such as those offering the Ford Blue, from EV dealers, for example offering the Ford Model e, creating separate, unique dealer-operating standards for each. Ford dealers have clearly voiced some trepidation over this approach and there will likely be some hurdles in the execution. However, it is likely we will see more OEMs following Ford's lead as traditional automakers attempt to simplify the retail approach and compete more effectively with EV-only brands, namely Tesla. If successful, traditional automakers may find that fully leveraging their dealer networks will provide the competitive advantage they have been looking for to serve the EV customer of the future.


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How to Change Default Font in Google Slides

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Did you know that you can customize the font in your Google Slides theme, so you don't have to change the font on every slide? Yes! Customize your themes for your Google projects with your favorite fonts.

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The Best PS Plus Discounts Today, March 21, 2022

PS Plus subscribers get a bonus discount on the already discounted […]

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Finding Ditman: The Glitch That Changed Resident Evil 4 Forever

Finding Ditman is the IGN Inside Story about a mysterious gamer and his glitch discovery that changed Resident Evil 4 forever.
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