Lee Sin and Teemo ASUs to be Released in 2024, Samira Confirmed as Next Ultimate Skin Recipient


League of Legends fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of new skins for their favorite champions, and Riot Games has recently announced some exciting news. In 2024, Lee Sin and Teemo will be receiving new ASU skins, while Samira has been confirmed as the next ultimate skin recipient.

Lee Sin and Teemo are two of the most popular champions in League of Legends, and fans have been clamoring for new skins for them for quite some time. The ASU skins are a new type of skin that Riot Games is introducing, which stands for “Animated Special Ultimate.” These skins will feature unique animations and effects that make them stand out from other skins.

The Lee Sin ASU skin is expected to be particularly impressive, with new animations for his abilities and a completely redesigned model. Teemo’s ASU skin will also feature new animations and effects, as well as a new model that is sure to delight fans of the yordle.

In addition to the ASU skins, Riot Games has also announced that Samira will be receiving the next ultimate skin. Ultimate skins are the most prestigious skins in League of Legends, featuring unique animations, voice lines, and effects that are not found in any other skin. Samira is a relatively new champion, having been released in September 2020, but she has already become a fan favorite due to her high skill ceiling and flashy playstyle.

The details of Samira’s ultimate skin have not yet been revealed, but fans are already speculating about what it could be. Some are hoping for a futuristic cyberpunk theme, while others are predicting a more traditional fantasy theme. Whatever the theme may be, it is sure to be an impressive skin that will make Samira stand out even more on the Rift.

Overall, these new skin announcements are sure to excite League of Legends fans around the world. With new ASU skins for Lee Sin and Teemo and an ultimate skin for Samira, there is something for everyone to look forward to in the coming years. As always, Riot Games is committed to delivering high-quality content that enhances the player experience and keeps fans engaged with the game.


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