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IamUkraine studio Launches NFT collection to pave the way towards an iconic artform to aid Ukraine

IamUkraine studio Launches NFT collection to pave the way towards an iconic artform to aid Ukraine
The IamUkraine studio has announced the release of its NFT collection, which will pave the way for an iconic creative form to benefit Ukraine. The collection, which is aimed at improving the domestic humanitarian environment, is likely to help the struggling populace. With the debut of the Zelenskyy NFT collection, IamUkraine is elated to announce […]

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Women in the Metaverse: Ekin Eriş of Infinite Arcade

Ekin has established her role as a frontrunner in the blockchain gaming space.

VR RPG Ruinsmagus Finds A Publisher, Coming To Quest & PC This Spring

VR JRPG Ruinsmagus has a new publisher and is back on track for a spring release. More details here.

Google Removes Popular File-Sharing App from Play Store Over Piracy Concerns

Czech file-sharing and hosting platform Ulož.to has millions of users. In addition to the site, some people use the official app on Android devices. However, following an allegation of widespread piracy, Google has decided to remove the application from the Play Store. Ulož believes the complaint is ungrounded and filed a counternotice to get the app restored.

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Microsoft Help Files Disguise Vidar Malware

Attackers are hiding interesting malware in a boring place, hoping victims won’t bother to look.

OpenCV Brings Pinch to Zoom Into the Real World

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Gesture controls arrived in the public consciousness a little over a decade ago as touchpads and touchscreens became more popular. The main limitation to gesture controls, a least as far …read more

LunaOne’s Unique Metaverse View

LunaOne's Unique Metaverse View
LunaOne aims to remove the barriers to Metaverse adoption as the first decentralized virtual environment to merge business, education, and gaming. In order to grow the metaverse’s ecosystem, LunaOne’s XLN token – currently available for presale on the project’s website – is essential. The ecosystem’s principal currency, XLN, may be used to buy anything, including […]
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ANZ Becomes First Bank to Mint Australian Digital Dollar

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ANZ said the coins were transferred between the family office and the fund manager before it was later redeemed back into fiat.

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Ukrainian refugees escape with life savings in Bitcoin on pen drive

CNBC reported today that a 20-year-old refugee fled Ukraine and the only money he was able to carry was the Bitcoin he held on his pen drive.

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Monument Valley May Be Coming To PC Later This Year

Monument Valley is set to come to PC in 2022. The indie puzzle game launched in 2014--can you believe it's been eight years--for iOS and Android mobile devices, before also releasing for Windows Phone in 2015.

Monument Valley director Jennifer Estaris revealed the announcement to MobileGamer.biz while talking about the upcoming third installment to the series. This new game does not currently have a release date, though it is being designed to tackle the ongoing climate crisis.

"I can't say more about [the next Monument Valley], but what I can talk about is the nice side benefit of the experimentation we have been doing: the original Monument Valley is playing gorgeously on landscape and on PC--this experience is something we are hoping to release sometime this year," Estaris said.

In Monument Valley, you play as Princess Ida, who journeys into a series of mazes composed of optical illusions in order to seek forgiveness for a past mistake. Its sequel, 2017's Monument Valley II features the same illusion-based puzzles, but has a far more prominent story, one that focuses on two characters--a mother, Ro, and her child.

PlayStation Will Keep Making Single-Player Games as Live-Service Ambitions Expand

PlayStation is known for its single-player games but it is trying to diversify by creating live-service multiplayer ones. The platform holder has reaffirmed its commitment to single-player games.

Finest acquires Monaco Esports for $10m

Israeli esports organisation Finest has announced the acquisition of Monaco Esports Fédération-owned team Monaco Esports for $10m (~£7.6m). As part of the merger, Monaco Esports operations and branding will cease to exist and will be absorbed into Finest. This won’t include the club’s upcoming Sim Racing event, which will carry on with Monaco Esports branding.  RELATED: […]

NFTs: A Token of Gratitude

Many creators are using the world of NFTs to make our real world a better place.
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