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ESL Gaming secures ASUS partnership for ESL Pro League Conference

Tournament organiser ESL Gaming has announced a partnership with gaming hardware company ASUS and its Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand.As a result, the company...

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New Variant of Russian Cyclops Blink Botnet Targeting ASUS Routers

ASUS routers have emerged as the target of a nascent botnet called Cyclops Blink, almost a month after it was revealed the malware abused WatchGuard firewall appliances as a stepping stone to gain remote access to breached networks. According to a new report published by Trend Micro, the botnet's "main purpose is to build an infrastructure for further attacks on high-value targets," given that

Best AMD motherboards in 2022

Give your build a solid foundation with our pick of the best AMD motherboards.

Hyte Y60 PC case review

The techy terrarium of gaming PC chassis. FYI, that's a good thing.

The best laptops for college students

Best B550 motherboard for gaming

The best B550 motherboards can prepare your AMD Ryzen machine for anything.
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Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (2022) review

Asus puts AMD in total control with the new G14—Ryzen and Radeon working in harmony.

How to create an insane multiple monitor setup with three, four, or more displays

Do G-Sync and FreeSync work over USB-C? Yes, but it’s complicated

Intel’s 12th-gen vPro chips now actively fight ransomware, supply-chain attacks

Nvidia RTX 30 Series graphics card availability improving with limited stock

Gigabyte Aorus Master Nvidia Rtx 30 Series AvailabilityIt’ll be a while longer before we see stores shelves and online product pages populated with highly sought after graphics cards, but there is definitive evidence that things are improving. From online retailers to physical stores, Nvidia’s RTX 30 Series graphics cards finally appear to exist in limited degrees of availability. And we’re not talking about the grossly marked-up scalper prices, we’re talking about actual retail list prices, or at least near enough to them. Recent searches on Newegg and visits to local Micro Centers turned up surprising results. For Newegg, we found both the ASUS RTX 3070 Ti TUF and the Gigabyte RTX 3070 Ti Aorus at prices just north of what the AIBs typically charge for the respective models. While admittedly far from Nvidia’s alleged $600 USD MSRP, it’s still a positive sign of changing market conditions. Look elsewhere, and you’ll quickly discover that these prices are well below what other sellers try to cha...

IEM Katowice 2022 – RO24 Group C & D Preview

The IEM Katowice group stage continues with day 2, featuring the group of death with Maru, Clem, Reynor, Scarlett, Zoun, and ByuN, and Group C with Trap, Zest, HeroMarine, Bunny, Lambo, and Astrea.
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