What Is The Forza Motorsport Release Date?


Another year another Forza title. Instead of racing in festivals, this rendition will return to traditional race tracks. This will be Microsoft’s re-entry to the motorsport scene since the launch of Forza Motorsport 7 in 2017. Here’s everything gamers need to know before the official Forza Motorsport release date on October 10.

What’s Forza Motorsport 8 About?

Being Microsfts reboot of the Motorsport series there’s a lot to experience with this racer. Forza Motorsport will be launching with over 500 cars to collect and customize, 100 of them being a brand new edition to the series. For those who want to keep things offline, there is a Builders Cup Career Mode where gamers can race advanced AI opponents. If a competition is what players are looking for, there will be Featured Multiplayer Events with a race weekend-inspired structure, just stick to racing friends in Free Play. With a fully dynamic time of day, no two laps should ever feel the same. Microsoft is determined to make this the most immersive Forza yet.

Different Forza Motorsport Editions

Currently, Forza Motorsport has 3 different versions to choose from, each one providing its bonuses and perks.

Standard Editon ($69.99)

  • Copy Of Base Game

Deluxe Edition ($89.99)

  • Copy Of Base Game
  • Car Pass – (Delivers 30, new-to-Forza cars to your game weekly, one per week, for you to collect, build, and race)

Premium Edition ($99.99)

  • Copy Of Base Game
  • Race Day Car Pack – (8, new-to-Forza cars built exclusively for the racetrack including high-performance machines)
  • Car Pass – (Delivers 30, new-to-Forza cars to your game weekly, one per week, for you to collect, build, and race.
  • Welcome Pack – (5 immediate car unlocks and $500,000 bonus credits that you can use towards purchasing the car of your dreams; and a VIP Membership that provides a permanent 2x Boost to Base Credits)
  • 5 Forza Edition cars reserved for VIP Members
  • VIP Driver Gear with 5 colorways to choose from
  • VIP Player Card
  • VIP Crown Flair
  • VIP-exclusive events
  • 5 Day Early Access

 Forza Motorsport will globally launch for everyone on October 10, 2023, on PC and Xbox Series X|S

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