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Every Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Color Released So Far

The Nintendo Switch continues to be a massive hit more than five years after its launch. It's a console that's perfect for use at home or when you're on the go. One of the cleverest elements of the Switch's design are the Joy-Con--detachable controllers that amplify the hybrid nature of this hardware. That detachable focus also gives the Switch a highly-customizable format, one that Nintendo has capitalized on over the years with special-edition console bundles and unique controller color schemes.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, every Joy-Con does look great when in hand. Whether it be standard gray or vibrant green, they're eye-pleasing expressions of creativity. We've gathered up every official release below, just in case you felt like taking a tour through Switch history. Some of these sets are hard to find nowadays for a number of reasons, so completing your North American isn't super straightforward. And yes, sometimes Switch owners do have to purchase new pairs of Joy-Con not because they want a new color scheme but due to the unfortunate issue of Joy-Con drift. At least Joy-Con controllers look cool, right?

Original Gray Joy-Con

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While it's easily the plainest color possible for a console that's capable of transmitting beautifully vibrant images, the gray Joy-Con still have an air of sophistication and quality to them. Nondescript and classy, it's the best shade of gray that Nintendo could have chosen when the Switch first hit the market, and five years later, they're still a handsome pair.

Original Neon Red and Blue Joy-Con

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On the other side of the fence, the original Neon Red and Blue Joy-Con simply screamed "Nintendo" as loud as they could from a nearby mountaintop. Compared to the glossy and matte black color schemes chosen by Sony and Microsoft for their controllers, these Joy-Con stood out from the pack as they blended a unique design with eye-catching colors.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gray Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

For those of you who wanted the gray Joy-Con with a hint of flair but didn't want it to be too flagrant, this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate controller would meet those very specific needs! A splash of 90- and 180-degree gray lines that tie into the game, the same gray aesthetic as the original Joy-Con, and a reminder that drab can be delightful were hallmarks of this design.

Pikachu and Eevee Pokemon Let's Go! Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

The special-edition Joy-Con for Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu were…kind of weird. With both of them attached, the end result looked like a caramel bar in your left hand and a slice of custard cake in your right hand. Still, the colors looked great and unusual, so they had some charm.

Super Mario Red Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

How red can a Joy-Con get? Really really red as evidenced by these Super Mario-themed special-edition controllers. Dashing in their bright crimson design, this pair of peripherals were perfect for expressing your fondness for Nintendo's favorite plumber, and they stood out from a mile away with their daring design. These red Joy-Con were only available with the Mario Red and Blue edition Nintendo Switch console, which came with a matching red console, dock, and carrying case. While you can't find this console for retail price nowadays, it's not as expensive as you might expect through third-party sellers.

Neon Pink and Green Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

You don't see a watermelon combination of pink and green too often when it comes to accessories, but this daring combo of primary colors found a perfect home with the Nintendo Switch. More neon than the set of Blade Runner, this duo made for a delightful pairing on the hybrid console.

Neon Yellow Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

They're…yellow Joy-Cons. I honestly don't know what else I can add to that revelation, other than the fun fact painting your room in the color is great because studies have shown that it can stimulate the mind. Or make you crave a banana for some unknown reason. Science. Unfortunately, a pair of Neon Yellow Joy-Con aren't available for retail price nowadays. Though you can still get a Neon Yellow right Joy-Con paired with a different color.

Neon Blue And Yellow Joy-Cons

No Caption Provided

They might be considered clashing colors, but there's something oddly mesmerizing about having both blue and yellow Joy-Con on a single Switch. Great for drawing attention and being visually upsetting when presented to a pedantic art school teacher.

Neon Green Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

These aren't just Neon Green Joy-Con, they're a pair of controllers that celebrate the true star of Nintendo, Luigi. Specifically, this peripheral pairing was a Best Buy-exclusive that released close to Luigi's Mansion 3's launch. They kind of look like Gooigi, the delightful pile of goop that looks like Luigi. As you might expect, these Joy-Con aren't available to purchase at retail price any longer.

Neon Purple And Orange Joy-Cons

No Caption Provided

Rounding out the neon collection of Joy-Con in bright purple and orange, this duo might just be the most vibrant of the lot! Plus, they're obviously Wario-approved.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

Sure, you've seen the blue and green controllers on this list already, but they sport a shade of color that's more energetic than a raccoon after it discovered sugar. The Animal Crossing controllers on the other hand are pure visual relaxation with its more muted usage of those colors, although if you want a pair, you'll need to shell out some cash for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch bundle that they came with. Thankfully, the "limited-edition console" is still readily available at major retailers for its standard $300 list price.

Fortnite Limited Edition Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

Functionally identical to the Neon Yellow and Blue Joy-Con, the only other extra to tie into Fortnite was an image of the battle royale's iconic party bus on the right-hand controller, which was later replaced by the face of that creepy banana fella. There was also some included DLC such as 500 VBucks and the Fleet Force bundle, but otherwise these Joy-Cons were exhibiting some big Malibu Stacy new hat energy. You can still purchase them now for slightly above retail price.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

Now we're talking unique! The Skyward Sword Joy-Con consists of a left controller with a serene blue finish, while the right controller has a royal purple color scheme. Each controller also has Zelda iconography present, such as Triforce and Link symbols that emphasize the Hyrulian heritage to make them stand out. You don't need to buy a brand-new console to own them either, as this pair of Joy-Con was released alongside Skyward Sword HD and sold for the regular $80 price. It's not always easy to find the Skyward Sword Joy-Con in stock, but they pop up at various retailers every few weeks or so.

NES Joy-Con

No Caption Provided

While these controllers sported a premium price--$200 to be exact--they still deserve a spot on this list for being an incredible representation of the NES era. A much better application of the color gray that's capped off by vintage design elements and red face buttons, they're the perfect devices to use when you're reliving Nintendo's past with Switch Online games.

Monster Hunter Rise Joy-Cons

No Caption Provided

To celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter Rise on the Switch, Nintendo released a special-edition console bundle that was pure art. The game's unique aesthetic looked like it had been carved into the Switch and its dock, while the Joy-Con controllers took the default gray base and added some exotic pizzazz to them with even more etchings and elegant lines. Much like the Mario Switch bundle, the Monster Hunter Rise special-edition console isn't available for retail price these days. You can, however, purchase the console at a premium from third-party sellers. Big Monster Hunter fans may still be interested, especially since it also comes with a digital copy of the game.

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