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Here are Apex Legends’ Legacy patch notes




Apex Legends’ Legacy update will be one of the game’s biggest patches yet and it’s bringing significant gameplay changes with it.

The upcoming patch will remove low profile, adjust a series of characters, and introduce a starter kit—a bundle of items that players receive when they initially drop.

Here are the patch notes for what’s changing when the update goes live on May 4.

Starter kit

After Legacy, players will drop with a “starter kit,” a bundle of gear that consists of a white body shield, knockdown shield, and helmet, plus two syringes and a pair of shield cells. This will also remove level one helmets and knockdown shields from the loot pool. White body shields will still drop for shield-swapping, albeit more rarely than before.

Respawn also warned players that the addition of starter kits is “an ongoing project” and Apex may presumably change the formula at some point in the future.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Legend balance

The Legacy update is bringing in a series of changes to legends, including the removal of low profile from across the board and the loss of Lifeline’s rez shield. Octane and Horizon are also in line for nerfs, while Fuse and Loba will get some much-needed buffs when the update drops.

Lifeline will continue to use her drone, but without its revive shield. Her passive can revive two players at the same time and cancel the animation in progress in case players need to defend themselves.

Her healing drone will heal at an increased rate of eight HP per second (up from five) and will start healing 33 percent faster after deploying. Her ultimate is seeing a buff, too: a smaller cooldown and “guarantees an upgrade (if possible)” to either shields, equipment, or attachments.

Octane will go under the knife when the update hits with a reduced cooldown between stims (one second, down from four) and an increased health cost to using it. Activating his tactical will take 20 HP, or a fifth of a health bar, as opposed to the previous 12.

Horizon, another character who was proving particularly troublesome, is seeing some adjustments in Legacy. The speed of her Gravity Lift will drop by 30 percent, will get “reduced side-by-side acceleration,” and players will only be able to stand on it for two seconds. Her abilities will also get zapped by Wattson Pylons.

Loba and Fuse are slated for some necessary buffs, according to the notes. Loba will be able to run and slide at full speed while aiming the bracelet and while it’s in the air, and won’t be slowed after teleporting. Respawn is also pushing out a fix to several bugs that caused the bracelet to fail.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster got a buff in the form of an extra charge and a reduced cooldown (20 seconds, down from 25). “More help is coming, but we want to be very careful how we buff him so that he doesn’t just become the Legend that kills you with his abilities,” according to the patch notes.

Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Crypto are looking at some minor updates. Respawn will fix the thickness of Bangalore’s smoke, while Crypto’s drone will be able to scan and open care packages—but will lose its ability to “hijack” a respawn beacon while it’s in use. Bloodhound players will stop getting assists from their tactical.

Marksman category

The introduction of the Bocek Bow marks the addition of the Marksman weapon category, which groups the Triple Take, 30-30 Repeater, G7 Scout, and the Bocek together. Marksman weapons “are the sort of in-betweens of Assault Rifles and Snipers,” according to Respawn, and the creation of the new weapon type can help steer the balance of these weapons toward values more appropriate to their functions. The first step in that change is the ADS speed, which will be at some point between snipers and Ars.

Care package, fully-kitted rotation, hop-ups

The Legacy update is bringing a series of changes to the care package. The Peacekeeper is returning to floor loot, while the Triple Take will move to the care package. Both weapons will be adjusted to reflect their new stats.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn will also rotate hop-ups with the new season. Hammerpoint Rounds and Skullpiercer won’t be in play during Legacy to make room for two new attachments: Shatter Caps and the Deadeye’s Tempo.

A new season also means a new rotation of fully-kitted weapons. During the game’s ninth season, the Bocek, Wingman, Helmok, R-99, and Sentinel will spawn as gold weapons in matches.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Weapon balance

The Peacekeeper will return to floor loot with reduced pellet damage (nine instead of 10), a slightly increased rechamber and reload time, and a bigger spread. The Triple Take, on the other hand, is getting a series of buffs to make up for its status as a care package weapon, including a slightly increased fire rate (1.3 rounds per second, up from 1.2), a faster charge time, and a nine-round magazine.

The Mozambique and P2020 will experience some tweaks to offset the loss of Hammerpoint Rounds. The shotgun gained an extra two rounds in the magazine, to a total of six, and had its spread reduced. The pistol, on the other hand, got a flat damage increase (18, up from 15) and a nerf to fire rate (6.25 rounds per second, down from 8.5).

“Most players couldn’t take advantage of the fast fire rate, so bringing that down while increasing the damage should help players win more early fights with the P2020,” the patch notes read.

The Wingman and Longbow will also have their power adjusted to offset the removal of the Skullpiercer, with a 2.15 headshot multiplier (up from two).

The Havoc and Spitfire will get small tweaks to their recoil, too. It’ll become harder to control in the LMG to tone its power down, but easier to control on the Havoc to offset its low headshot multiplier.

Respawn will implement some adjustments to assault rifles across the board. The headshot multiplier for weapons in this type will drop to 1.75, down from 2.0. The Hemlok is already adjusted to the base value.

The 30-30 and G7 Scout will also experience some fine-tuning to fit them into the new Marksman type, with increased movement speed when aiming down sights. The Repeater is also getting increased leg damage (0.85, up from 0.75), although the Scout will have reduced hip-fire accuracy.

Finally, Arc Stars as a whole will become slightly less deadly. Respawn will remove the slow and aim penalties when getting stuck to give enemies a fighting chance (or at least the opportunity to get away from teammates) without taking away the satisfaction of sticking someone with it.

These changes will go live when the Legacy update drops on May 4.

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Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Discounted 32%




Resident Evil 2: the board game is a co-operative survival horror game for 1-4 players set in the Resident Evil universe.

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New Cyberdark Trap Card, more reprints announced for Cyber Style Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structure Deck




The Cyber Style Structure Deck is releasing in just over a week in the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG, and Konami has revealed additional reprints and another new card that will be included inside. 

The new card is a Cyberdark Continuous Trap called Cyberdark Invasion, which has two useful effects. 

Image via Konami

Once per turn you can target one Cyberdark Effect Monster you control and equip one Dragon or Machine monster from either Graveyard to it as an Equip Spell. Not only does that open up your ability to access your opponent’s graveyard, but it also gives your Cyberdark Monster an additional 1,000 attack points. 

The second effect allows you to send one Equip Card you control that is equipped to a Machine monster to the graveyard and then destroy one card your opponent controls. This is not a targeting effect and each effect of Cyberdark Invasion can only be used once per turn. 

Additionally, the next wave of reprints that will be included in the Structure Deck have been announced. 

Some, like Cyber Emergency and Cyber Repair Plant, are key in Cyber-themed decks, but others like Future Fusion are a little dated and will be replaced by more meta-relevant options once players get the Structure Deck. Here are all of those confirmed reprints. 

  • Cyber Repair Plant
  • Cyber Emergency
  • Cyberdark Inferno
  • Future Fusion
  • Cybernetic Revolution
  • Power Wall
  • Chimeratech Overdragon
  • Cyberdarkness Dragon

The Cyber Style Structure Deck releases for the OCG on May 15.

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TSM streamer Mayumi shares ‘disturbing’ texts from doorman who obtained her private info via apartment registry




TSM content creator and popular Twitch streamer Mayumi said she received a series of “disturbing” texts from a doorman at her apartment complex after he obtained her number through the building’s registry and continued to contact her after she asked him to delete her number.

In a post to Twitter earlier today, the streamer shared screenshots of text exchanges between her and the doorman, who initially approached her under the guise of simply welcoming her to the building. He later disclosed that he had obtained her contact information because she “seemed nice and charismatic” and wanted to get to know her. She then asked him to delete his number, but he would later continue to text her.

After receiving the initial texts, Mayumi tweeted a screenshot of the texts that included the doorman’s first name and photo, informing her followers of the situation. She continued to received messages from the doorman, who revealed he followed her streams and had seen her post on Twitter. She later erased the post after he asked her to but said the situation led her to feel unsafe.

“After all, anyone who knew where he worked would know where I live, and he had my private number that could have been easily leaked (though the number itself is a minor issue because I can change it, but that guy knows where I live),” Mayumi wrote. “Especially now, that a nearby apartment was robbed, I don’t feel safe living somewhere I can be so easily found.”

Mayumi said she also contacted the landlord and informed her of the situation. She initially asked to cancel her contract out of fear the doorman would retaliate by leaking her private information. The landlord later assured her the doorman had been fired and would “[never] set foot in the building again.”

The situation is the latest in a long line of similar incidents involving female Twitch streamers. In January, prolific Twitch streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae said she was forced to switch her Twitter profile to private after a stalker made “hundreds of accounts for months” to harass her.

Related: 100 Thieves streamer BrookeAB reveals she has been “targeted by a handful of online stalkers and abusers”

In the same month, another popular Twitch streamer JadeyAnh received a phone call from a stalker during a broadcast. He had spoofed her father’s phone number and threatened to kill him if she didn’t expose her body on stream.

“While streaming my ‘Dad’ called me,” JadeyAnh wrote. “When I picked up, a guy demanded that I must show my boobs on stream. He said if I refuse, he will slit my dad’s throat who, according to him, was lying tied up on the floor. He kept calling me horrible things and even dropped my address in order to terrify me even more.”

One of JadeyAnh’s moderators informed the streamer they had contacted her uncle, who confirmed her father to be safe. She was then able to hang up the phone and contact the police before later reaffirming her followers of her and her father’s safety.

Mayumi began her professional League of Legends career with INTZ in August 2019 as a substitute support at age 17 and remained with the Brazilian team until May 2020. She joined TSM in January as a streamer and content creator to help better represent the Brazilian League community.

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The 10 best Dota 2 wallpapers




It’s hard to pinpoint how it happens exactly, but Dota 2 has a way of becoming engrained in players’ lives, even if they stop playing. Most Dota 2 enthusiasts who believe they’re done for good often find themselves watching streams and reading patch notes regularly to get their Dota 2 fix.

Changing your phone or PC’s wallpaper to anything Dota 2 related can help you remember all the epic games you’ve played and encourage you to come back to the game. Valve releases countless in-game item sets, and almost all of them come pre-bundled with loading screens. While loading screens in other games are usually filled with tips that most players are already familiar with, Dota 2 takes it up a notch by showcasing the amazing artwork of Workshop artists.

These loading screens are the perfect wallpapers due to the sheer amount of work and love that go into their creation. You can snag these wallpapers in the Community Market or download them via the Dota 2 Fandom/Gamepedia.

Here are the best Dota 2 wallpapers you can use to decorate your essentials.

Shadows of the Wuxia – Image via Valve

The temple couldn’t protect itself, and that’s why the Templar Assassin is here. Regardless of the meta, there will always be a Templar Assassin player in the queue just because she’s one of the most rewarding heroes to play in Dota 2. The mysterious voice lines, pink color scheme, and mystical vibe empower whoever is playing her. This wallpaper captures the mystique of the Templar Assassin.

Shadows of the Wuxia changes the hero’s overall appearance due to the relatively large hat, but this shot of the Templar in front of a cherry blossom tree is magical. It exemplifies how refined Dota 2 is in terms of all the artwork and the in-game atmosphere.

Three Heroes – Image via Valve

Not all wallpapers have to be serious. While the general art style surrounding Dota 2 is what makes the game unique, the world would be a lot duller without alternative takes.

The Three Heroes loading screen features Axe, Juggernaut, and Crystal Maiden. This wallpaper’s chibi vibe doesn’t take away anything from the heroes’ core characteristics. The fact that all three of these heroes synergize well with each other may help you remember some of the sickest ganks you pulled off with your teammates.

It’s hard to dismiss Axe’s cranky face in this wallpaper. Considering both Juggernaut and Axe work great as duos when paired up with Crystal Maiden, it looks like there could be some jealousy going on here. It’s just one fan’s imagination taking off, though.

Old school Dota Loading Screen – Image via Valve

Each competitive title is destined to attract more players over the years, and Dota 2 is no exception. New players feed the Dota 2 flame to burn brighter, but decades of legacy player dedication initially fueled its flame. 

It’s never a bad thing to get a blast from the past, and the original loading screen of Dota is a great way to experience the old days. The original loading screen is filled with the entire cast of patches 6.69 and 6.69c. Even if you never played Dota before you started playing Dota 2, you can challenge yourself to guess the past versions of your favorite heroes.

Start with Riki in the middle, Tiny in the top right corner, and enjoy the game’s rich history.

Let’s Race – Image via Valve

Another chibi-ish entry that’s adored by many Dota 2 fans is the Let’s Race loading screen. It’s also one of the more expensive loading screens in the game, but you can’t put a price on art.

This cute wallpaper features a total of four carries, three supports, and a single semi-support. While almost all the hero combinations work exceptionally well with each other, Tidehunter and Kunkka steal the show. 

Kunkka and Tidehunter are mortal enemies, and both use every opportunity to take each other down. It looks like Tidehunter’s hate for Kunkka triumphs over his desire to win the race in this case since he’s opening his mouth to take a bite out of Kunkka.

It’s hard to say who’d win this race, but Earthshaker and Juggernaut can secure first place with a well-placed fissure. Crystal Maiden and Tusk can certainly give them a run for their money, though.

Fall 2016 Battle Pass Loading Screen III – Image via Valve –

Have you ever stared at a mythical structure and felt goosebumps? That’s what’s happening to Anti-Mage in this wallpaper. 

You may know him as the guy who hates magic, but he has his reasons. Magic brought the end of his monastery, and he’s out to avenge it. While there aren’t any lore pieces attached to this loading screen, we’d like to imagine Anti-Mage standing in front of his fallen monastery, or at least the dream of when it stood proud.

Quake and Fissure – Image via Valve

Every Dota 2 character has a certain style that makes them special. Earthshaker is one of the most charismatic characters in the game, thanks to his deep voice. This wallpaper captures Earthshaker’s stoic side and reminds players of all he went through. He was once an immortal being that was one with the world. It took one gigantic earthquake to wake him up from his slumber, and now he walks on the earth that he was one with for centuries.

Duskie – Image via Valve

No matter how serious a game can be in terms of lore, there’s always room for cuteness. Unlike the more serious vibe Dota 2 characters have going on, most couriers look like they’d like to have nothing to do with the eternal fight between the ancients.

Duskies have a place in Crystal Maiden’s lore as they’re from Icewrack, but they’re also used as couriers. These good boys are one of the best candidates to fetch your items from the base, and your heart will break whenever you accidentally feed them to enemies.

Eternal Seasons – Image via Valve

Characteristically speaking, each Dota 2 hero has something that they’re obsessed with, and you can probably tell what Nature’s Prophet’s deal is.

Guardian of the Eternal Seasons features Nature’s Prophet posing in front of some charming cherry blossoms, and even his creeps appear as cherry blossom saplings. The wallpaper’s color scheme has a soothing effect, but it can also irritate you if you’ve lost one too many games to backdooring Nature’s Prophet players.

Radiant Ancient – Image via Valve

Sometimes you may need to remember what you’re fighting for, and in Dota 2, it’ll be your ancient. Losing the ancient means you were bested, and taking a good look at your ancient may motivate you to work harder next time to allow it to blossom in the end.

This wallpaper features a breathtaking shot of the Radiant base with the ancient and one defending tower. Even if you’re a Dire player by heart, it’s hard not to fall in love with this kind of harmony.

The Monument – Image via Valve

Every Dota 2 player dreams about going to the International. While only a handful of fans make it there as players, millions are blessed with witnessing the most epic plays of each year from the comfort of their home or the stadiums.

No matter how long ago it was, it’s still impossible to forget the epic grand final series that Alliance and Natus Vincere had in 2013. It also gave birth to one of the best International-themed wallpapers.

Using this wallpaper can be enough to motivate yourself to become better in Dota 2 or anything you set your mind to. The Monument is a great token that makes you remember all the obstacles you’ll have gone through to take down the enemy ancient and the teammates who fought by your side. 

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