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Decentralized Biomedical Network DeBio Rolling Out Roketo’s Crypto-Streaming Solution To All Accounting And Payroll

Roketo, the crypto-streaming solution built on NEAR Protocol, has announced DeBio, an anonymous-first appchain for medical and bioinformatics services and data, will be rolling out the company's payment service to all their accounting and payroll. 

DeBio is a public project and transparency of transactions is the main reason why it turned from traditional banking solutions to Roketo. Currently, DeBio is using the streaming solution to pay more than 200 advisors and investors working on its project. Next month they are planning to roll the service out to all of their accounting and payroll.

“Roketo takes transparency to the next level compared to competitors. In services like Blockchain Explorer or NEAR Scan, we can see the list of transactions and content of the wallets but we don't have a view of where the tokens will be allocated. And in Roketo we see exactly how many tokens are allocated for the investors. Currently, we have 200 investors and it's important for us to be able to set hundreds of streams automatically, through a script, for them,” says DeBio CEO Pandu Sastrowardoyo.

“We're happy to have DeBio's trust as they're rolling out Roketo's crypto-streaming service to all their accounting and payroll. They've been with us paying a number of investors and advisors, and clearly, they've valued the transparency and ease of use of using the system that we've developed. Congratulations on further developing our relationship together, we look forward to it being a long and successful one,” says Roketo CEO Taras Dovgal. 


About DeBio

DeBio is an anonymous-first appchain for DNA sequencing and medical and bioinformatics data management. DeBio utilizes its native token as payment for genetic and biomedical services provided by its partner labs. The team is also working to supplement its platform with additional payment options to cater to its diverse user base. They launched in Octopus Mainnet in December 2021. The Octopus Network is backed by the NEAR Protocol, which provides multi-chain computing and collaboration. DeBio tokens ($DBIO) have been minted in NEP-141 format in November 2021 and can be bridge to Substrate via Octopus bridge. For more information about DeBio visit debio.network

About Roketo

Roketo is a real-time streaming solution built on NEAR Protocol, which creates the ability to transfer funds in very small batches every second (in reality even less), so it looks like a stream of liquid going through a pipe. It creates new opportunities in the field of finance and provides plenty of ways to improve today's payment systems. It has achieved more than +6k streams and users and has more than $1M streamed value. For more information about Roketo visit roke.to 

Roketo Team Contact


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Imaging innovation sharpens the view for radiotherapy clinics

Acquiring CT data at two different energies improves the quality of images used for radiotherapy treatment planning and offers an insight into functional processes inside the body

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We May Soon Have Global Digital Identities – Part 1/2

The United Kingdom government has announced plans to establish new legislation to manage the advent of digital identities for use in modern society in a secure manner (1). While announcing the news last week, following a consultation period (2), the DCMS department for culture, media, and sports stated that digital identities might soon replace physical […]

Hololoot to Launch Soon! AR Viewing Will Now be Open for Public Testing

Hololoot aims to bring 3D metaverse assets into reality via a proprietary AR tech stack, benefiting gamers, developers, advertisers, designers, and everyday users. The platform's technology will offer an innovative ecosystem whereby users can create quick and easy AR NFTs without coding knowledge. 

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Hololoot AR Viewer's and NFTs Integration

The Hololoot project is creating a comprehensive AR NFT ecosystem for the world. It combines an in-app marketplace, AR NFT launchpad, AR NFT Generator, and an AR metaverse to allow users to build and interact with assets. To truly see AR and NFTs become mainstream, developers and users need to make their apps easier. Hence, Hololoot gives anyone the freedom to explore the full potential of AR and NFTs.

Hololoot is a cloud-based app that allows users to browse and inspect 3D models of AR NFTs on the fly and even mint new ones. Unlike other AR apps that require a backend admin, it is entirely self-service.

The app is the first to enable users to create AR assets and mint NFTs without any platform support. Its ability to provide this functionality positions it as the leading contender in the AR market. Notably, creators, artists, brands, gamers, and marketers benefit from the AR NFT ecosystem.

Unlike VR metaverses, the Hololoot AR metaverse doesn't require you to create a space from nothing. Instead, it lets users scan their homes and customize various features in this metaverse. More features will eventually be added, which will allow users to share their own metaverse experiences. Users will share layouts, open the door, among other things.

AR NFT Viewer

Via Hololoot's AR NFT Viewer, users can quickly and easily integrate AR objects into their real-world environment view and manipulate them in real-time. 

Hololoot also has a wallet connection and metaverse as a service(MaaS) for NFTs. As an AR NFT owner, you can view them on the NFT viewer. In addition, if you have a regular 2D NFT that has a MaaS link, you can still view it in the AR NFT viewer.

These solutions are accessible for a price to projects, companies, and people alike, creating a project revenue stream that they expect to increase in the future. The team acquired collaborations with renowned metaverse games to help jumpstart the MaaS service, and is continually looking for more. They may begin to develop a linked experience across these metaverses by importing current NFT assets from these metaverses into AR.

The platform will give users the best possible experience of their content by using technologies like ARkit, AR Foundation, and glTF files. Depth cameras and LIDAR are used to create high-precision scans of rooms and recognize parameters and objects within them. Also, they will be able to go hands-free with the new generation of AR glasses currently hitting the market.

Hololoot AR NFT Generator

The Hololoot AR NFT Generator allows anyone to easily create and manage 3D assets. They need to upload a 3D model, modify the parameters, and convert it into an NFT.

Hololoot's cloud-based AR NFT Generator is the heart of its ecosystem, mainly because it connects AR Viewer with the marketplace and the metaverse. In addition, it facilitates Hololoot Match, an artificial intelligence recommendation algorithm for finding incredible 3D assets based on a user's specific preferences.

Hololoot's AR NFT Generator is a secure cloud storage and access management solution that enables businesses to manage their content and operations more effectively. It features self-service admin dashboards that allow users to organize and secure their content quickly.

Hololoot Tokens

Hololoot is powered by two tokens that are linked but have their own unique functions. The main token $HOL is used to make purchases and also to farm the rewards token $PIXEL. The goal of the token is to create a long-term ecosystem for AR NFTs. It generates power and sustains the platform.

$PIXEL is the platform's internal rewards token, and it can be used to participate in INOs and purchase unique NFT drops. $PIXEL is farmed by staking $HOL tokens, providing $HOL investors with a motivation to keep their tokens for the long term.

About Hololoot

Hololoot is the first AR NFT generator and marketplace. It simplifies the creation process and brings virtual worlds to life with minimal effort. Its robust features make it ideal for gamers, collectors, and anyone interested in immersing themselves in the world of augmented reality. With Hololoot's marketplace, trading AR NFTs is easy, and the utility-rich token $HOL provides buyers with extra value throughout the application. For more information, visit;

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Balancing Test Requirements with SOC Security

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Best Cross Trainer 2022: Top Ellipticals For Home Gyms

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Hackers Use AI to Create Terrifying Malware Targeting Sandboxes

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