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Wanted: Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing – Destiny 2



Hunt down Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing in Destiny 2 to try and quench Spider’s thirst for justice.

Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing is one of Spider’s Wanted bounty targets. This boss in Destiny 2 is a Taken Knight hiding out on Io. Players that want some good loot and XP to boot should track down this target, defeat it, and claim the rewards.

Wanted: Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing – Io, Sanctum of Bones

The Wanted target, Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing, is hiding out on Io in the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. This Lost Sector is in The Rupture area of Io, and one of the easier cave systems to find. To find it, start at the Rupture fast travel point and go left, toward the cliff wall that runs along the north side of the area. The entrance is directly across from Asher Mir.

destiny 2 spider wanted pandrok pillar of nothing

Before you can go hunting Pandrok, you will need to get the Wanted bounty from Spider. Much like the other Spider’s Wanted bounties, this one requires a few Ghost Fragments. Always take 30 minutes or so to keep your supplies high so you don’t run out.

The Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector circles around a large centre formation. You will need to fight your way around, and then jump across the gaps to get to the upper levels. There will be quite a few Taken units trying to spot you from reaching your goal.

destiny 2 pandrok pillar of nothing

When you do find Pandrok, use whatever weapons at your disposal to kill it. Once the Taken Knight is defeated, you can claim your reward by cashing in the bounty from the Quest screen. You will get some XP, Glimmer and an Enhancement Core for your trouble.

Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing is one of the easier bosses to defeat. The real challenge will be reaching the end of the Lost Sector to dispatch it. With this Taken Knight killed, take a moment to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more enemy-killing tips.

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Minecraft trifft auf Bitcoin-Welt: Integration von Blockchain-Plug-In



BitClave gehört zu den Unternehmen, die zur ICO-Boomphase Ende 2017 viele Millionen von Investoren einsammeln konnten. Nun kommt die Rechnung: Die US-Wertpapieraufsicht SEC fordert einen zweistelligen Millionenbetrag gegen das bereits operativ gescheiterte Krypto-Start-up zurück.

Die US-amerikanische Börsenaufsichtsbehörde (Securities and Exchange Commission, kurz SEC) hat gestern, am 28. Mai, Anklage gegen das Blockchain-Unternehmen BitClave PTE Ltd. mit Sitz in San Jose, Kalifornien, wegen der Durchführung eines nicht registrierten Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) angekündigt. BitClave erklärte sich bereit, die Gebühren durch die Rückzahlung der Erlöse aus dem Angebot und die Zahlung zusätzlicher finanzieller Erleichterungen zu begleichen. Die Gelder aus dem Entschädigungsfonds sollen den Investoren zugutekommen.

Die kurze Erfolgsgeschichte von BitClave

Das Krypto-Start-up BitClave dürfte sinnbildlich für viele Krypto-Start-ups stehen, die zur richtigen Zeit in 2017 viel Geld durch ein ICO einsammeln konnten, ohne es aber letztlich zu schaffen, einen kommerziell erfolgreichen Use Case von dem vielen Geld aufzubauen. Laut Anordnung der SEC hat BitClave von Juni bis November 2017 durch den Verkauf seiner Consumer Activity Tokens (CAT) an circa 9.500 Investoren, darunter auch Investoren in den USA, über 25 Millionen US-Dollar eingenommen.

Die Anordnung stellt fest, dass BitClave, wie in seinen Angebotsunterlagen erläutert, plante, die ICO-Einnahmen zur Entwicklung, Verwaltung und Vermarktung einer blockchainbasierten Suchplattform für gezielte Verbraucherwerbung zu verwenden. BitClave unterstrich seine Erwartung, dass die Token an Wert gewinnen würden, und unternahm Schritte, um die Token nach dem ICO für den Handel auf Krypto-Handelsplattformen verfügbar zu machen.

Die Regulierungs-Falle hat zugeschnappt

Damit hat BitClave nach US-Gesetz Token verkauft, die als Wertpapiere bei der SEC hätten registriert werden müssen. Viele ICOs hatten gehofft mit ihren Token nicht unter das Wertpapiergesetz zu fallen. Die SEC sieht das anders und stellt in ihrer Verfügung fest, dass BitClave es versäumt hat, ihre Angebote und Verkäufe von CAT, die Wertpapiere darstellten, zu registrieren. Man hat CAT inzwischen von vielen Krypto-Börsen entfernt. Auch ist BitClave derzeit dabei, seinen Betrieb einzustellen und plant nicht, die Plattform weiterzuentwickeln.

Ohne die Feststellungen der SEC zuzugeben oder zu dementieren, stimmte BitClave der Zahlung von 25.500.000 US-Dollar, Verzugszinsen in Höhe von 3.444.197 US-Dollar und einer Strafe von 400.000 US-Dollar zu.


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Fortnite’s Rarest Skin Recon Expert Makes a Surprise Appearance



ultra rare recon expert fortnite skin

Fortnite’s ultra rare skin called Recon Expert has just been released in the item shop a few hours ago. Recon Expert is one of the most sought out skins in the game that only true OGs had prior to this day. Some users reported even paying hundreds of dollars for an account with that skins..

Well, those that paid high prices for accounts with that skin are definitely not happy right now that this skin is out for everybody to purchase for only 1,200 Vbucks.


You already know I had to get that skin the second I saw it.

Many Fortnite players still can’t believe that the skin is actually there, and what’s more is that the item shop refreshed at very random time as well.

Some are speculating that the item shop refreshing early must have been a bug, but with the release of such a sought out skin, was it just a coincidence after all?

Let me know what you guys think!


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Daniel Abt fired from Audi’s Formula E team for using pro sim driver in virtual race



Audi fired Daniel Abt from its Formula E racing team after learning he had a professional sim driver race for him during a virtual competition called the “Race at Home Challenge” held over the weekend.

The automaker said in a statement via Formula E that Abt had been suspended from Audi Sport “with immediate effect.” However, it appears the consequences are more serious and final. Abt said in a video message published Tuesday on YouTube that Audi had dropped him from the team.

“Today I was informed in a conversation with Audi that our ways will split from now on,” Abt said, according to a translation of the video message. “We won’t be racing together in Formula E anymore and the cooperation has ended. It is a pain which I have never felt in this way in my life.”

The 14-minute video was meant to explain the incident that occurred May 23 during the virtual competition, Abt said. He claims that it was all meant as a joke, which he intended to publicize after the race.

Abt tapped 18-year-old pro sim driver Lorenz Hoerzing to take his spot in the fifth round of Formula E’s online sim racing series. Unlike the real Formula E race series, this was meant to entertain fans and raise funds for UNICEF.

Hoerzing came in third in the race. Questions were raised almost immediately following the virtual event when Abt didn’t appear on the post-race interview.

Abt explained, via translation of the video, the plan.

“We had a conversation and the idea came up that it would be a funny move if a sim racer basically drove for me, to show the other, real drivers, what he is capable of and use the chance to drive against them,” Abt said. “We wanted to document it and create a funny story for the fans with it.”

Abt later added that it was never his intention to “get a result and keep quiet about it later on just to make me look better.”

Abt has also been fined €10,000, which will be sent to the charity.

You can watch the entire statement here.


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