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Twitter User Accuses Nexo of Embezzlement Through Charity, Crypto Lender Denies Allegations

A Twitter account has accused the Bulgarian co-founders of the Swiss-based cryptocurrency lender Nexo of misappropriating funds from a charity platform. The company has...

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Meta Aims To Improve Quest Video Recording Features In April Or May

Meta is aiming to improve Quest's video recording features by May, a longstanding request of YouTube content creators.

Elden Ring Speedrunners Again Beating Game in Record Time After Old Methods Removed by Patch

An Elden Ring speedrunner has beaten the game in under 25 minutes by using a new teleportation glitch called "the Zip".

Google Removes Popular File-Sharing App from Play Store Over Piracy Concerns

Czech file-sharing and hosting platform Ulož.to has millions of users. In addition to the site, some people use the official app on Android devices. However, following an allegation of widespread piracy, Google has decided to remove the application from the Play Store. Ulož believes the complaint is ungrounded and filed a counternotice to get the app restored.

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Apparently Runs Better If You Make the Characters Bald

The hair in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is seemingly killing the game's performance on PC.

Binance ‘s CEO Visits El Salvador. What Will He Meet President Bukele About?


It was about time that Binance ’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, visited El Salvador. His company is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and El Salvador is the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, why did this take so long? According to the Secretariat of Communications of the Presidency of the Republic of…

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Fortnite Datamining Suggests ‘No Build’ Mode Will Be Sticking Around

Fortnite dataminers have seemingly found confirmation that the "no build" mode is here to stay.
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Sony Is Showing PSVR 2 To Developers At GDC

Sony is showing PSVR 2 to developers behind closed doors at GDC, a tweet confirms.

Honduras’ central bank clarifies that bitcoin is not regulated

Honduras' central bank has issued a statement today clarifying that bitcoin is not regulated as a currency there, following rumors that the Central American country would imminently announce moves to make cryptocurrency legal tender.

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Is a Coinbase One subscription worth the investment?

Coinbase One, the new subscription service from the US-based exchange, offers users $0 transaction fees, $1 million in account protection, and 24/7 customer support.

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FTX Announces Foray into Web3 Gaming, To Prioritize ‘Great Games’

Tag Template - News Hub PROFTX acquires Good Luck Games in its foray into the Web3 Gaming market. On March 22, Sam Bankman-Fried announced the ...


Battlefield Is Changing How Portal’s Featured Game Modes Work

The next update to featured experiences in Battlefield 2042's Portal will shake up how the featured modes work, with a change to both the number of featured experiences and how often they refresh. As announced on the Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter, the number of experiences featured at once will be reduced from five to two, but the modes will now refresh twice a week instead of once.

The change will come into play from the next refresh, on Thursday March 24, when the featured modes will update to include 2042 TDM, 1942 vs 2042 Conquest, and Rush Hardcore. After that, featured experiences will update twice a week, every Monday and Thursday.

In the thread, DICE explains that the reason for the change is to put more focus on the game modes when they are featured, by reducing the number that are featured at any one time. The Battlefield developer is also introducing a new Friday Night Battlefield experience, which will be available for 24 hours every Friday through Portal, with a new game experience available every week.

If none of the featured game modes pique your fancy, Battlefield Portal also allows players to create their own game modes by mixing up maps, weapons, and vehicles from different titles in the Battlefield series.

Despite strong sales, Battlefield 2024 has had a rocky release period, with over 120,000 players recently signing a petition asking for a refund on the game. While DICE has released a number of patches addressing issues in line with player feedback, many players are still unhappy with the game.

Honduras signals intent to follow neighboring El Salvador in making Bitcoin legal tender

Honduras may be the next country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender – a move that would rock the legacy establishment.

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