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The Conversation Continues: Entrepreneurs, Investors, and the Latest from the Finovate Podcast

Hot on the heels of its 100th Episode, the Finovate Podcast has churned out a quintet of fascinating conversations with fintech’s most innovative and insightful entrepreneurs and investors.

If you’ve not yet caught up with the latest from Finovate VP and program host Greg Palmer, then here’s a sample of what’s waiting for you over at the Finovate Podcast.

Find the Finovate podcast at Soundcloud and follow Greg Palmer on Twitter for the latest in programming news and updates.

Patrick Chun, Founder and Managing Partner, Juxtapose. Host Greg Palmer and Patrick Chun explore an “upside down” VC model and the early-stage startup space.

“Rather than doing a lot of things, rather than investing in pre-existing businesses of first-time entrepreneurs, and then having a high tolerance for companies going under, we actually do very few things: we start them in partnership with experienced executives and we have a business model that’s actually geared toward making sure everything works.”

Sunaiana Sinha Haldea, Managing Partner, Cebile Capital. Host Greg Palmer and Sunaiana Sinha Haldea discuss macroeconomic trends and the fintech VC landscape.

“We’ve been in business for over ten years and have advised on countless transactions across the market in the U.S. and Europe. We are essentially the advisor of choice to growth and venture funds that are looking to catalyze their own fundraises or secondary transactions on their funds or assets.”

Jesse Wedler, Partner, Capital G. Host Greg Palmer and Jesse Wedler talk about the B2B fintech space from the perspective of a seasoned investor – and offer advice for fintechs on finding big opportunities.

“Our approach to the world is investing in a small number of transformative businesses each year, and making large concentrated bets on those companies. And what we mean by transformative is companies that can transform the industries they are operating in: finding the next generation of Googles out there, companies like Stripe, like UiPath, like Crowdstrike …”

David Cheng, Principal, DCM Ventures. Host Greg Palmer and David Cheng talk about fighting bias and discuss fintech’s moral and social obligations.

“A lot of this inherent bias in financial services and traditional financial institutions doesn’t come from a bad place or any bad intention. If you think about financial institutions like banks and credit unions and a lot of these traditional places … it comes the fact that they need to minimize risk and make sure that their checking accounts, their loans aren’t subject to fraud or default. As a result of that, they have to use a lot of older heuristics like FICO.”

Derik Sutton, Vice President of Marketing, Autobooks. Host Greg Palmer and Derik Sutton explore massive new SMB fintech opportunities.

“We help small businesses get paid directly through their financial institution and, when we do that, we help financial institutions stay ahead of the competition – competition both being traditional banks that they are competing with, and then also the emerging rise of digital-first entities like Square, PayPal, QuickBooks and others that are aggressively targeting the small business space.”

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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