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Review of a distance occupation as a quality control manager – Uss-Express is legit company that should be considered as an employer

What are your suggestions for the most in-demand occupations as of today? It sounds surprising, but these are jobs in international logistics. Buying goods...

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Top 10+ Marketing Attribution Software in 2022

A business can only grow when there is a good ROI from products or services sold to its customers. These products, however, do not...

Essential Tips To Keeping Your E-commerce Websites Safe Against Cyber Attacks

It is no secret that eCommerce websites are a target for cybercriminals. In fact, according to a report by Veracode, 43% of cyber attacks...

Bitcoin is collapsing. However, you wouldn’t know it from looking at Formula 1 races

Eight of the 10 groups dashing in the high-profile global series have a crypto-related support. F1 has gotten an immense evaluations support in the...

How To Choose a Crypto Wallet

By Susan Doktor If you had a million dollars—or even a thousand Euros—chances are, you wouldn’t keep them under the proverbial mattress in your home....

DecentWorld: Why The Metaverse Matters


The post DecentWorld: Why The Metaverse Matters appeared first on Coinpedia - Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto Guide

It seems as if the virtual world is always reinventing itself these days, and the latest evidence of this phenomenon is “the metaverse”. This is a term that many people became aware of when they noticed Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook fame) touting it as the next big online thing, although his ambitions in that direction …

Roobet Alternatives: 5 Crypto Casinos Like Roobet

Roobet is a great online casino to say the least, which is why we've put together a few Roobet alternatives that share similar qualities we like about Roobet.

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The Wolf Among Us 2 Doesn’t Assume You’ve Played The First One

The Wolf Among Us is coming back, but the long-awaited sequel apparently won't lean too heavily on the original 2013 episodic adventure. According to an interview with Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie in Edge magazine, as picked up by IGN, newcomers to the series will be able to play the upcoming sequel without catching up on the original.

"We strive to design our narratives so they can stand on their own," Ottilie said. "We think the opening of the first episode sets things up in such a way that the player understands how the characters got where they are now."

That isn't to say that coming into the sequel without any knowledge of the first game will be the best way to experience The Wolf Among Us 2--in fact Ottilie has said that he hopes at least some new players will consider checking out the first season before jumping into the second-- but just that newcomers will be able to "come in at this point and understand what's going on."

The Wolf Among Us series, based on the Fables comic series, has a tumultuous history, with a sequel originally being planned and then scrapped when Telltale Games shuttered in 2018. With the studio now under new management, The Wolf Among Us 2 is being developed from the ground up, rather than trying to revive the originally planned sequel. The new game is also scrapping the notoriously unwieldy Telltale Tool engine in favor of Unreal Engine.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is set six months after the events of the first season, with its narrative finding Bigby Wolf suspended from his position and sent to anger management, while helping deputy mayor Snow White keep Fabletown safe. Like the first game, TWAU 2 will also be released episodically through 2023, though Telltale Games is aiming to finish development on the full series before the first episode is released, to avoid delayed releases.

Is It Possible to Fully Protect Your Data Nowadays?

Keeping your data safe now is more challenging than ever. We keep a lot of our data on hackable devices, such as mobile phones and computers. One weak password or a phishing attack on our emails is enough to breach and expose our information and have it land in the wrong hands. We also give […]

The post Is It Possible to Fully Protect Your Data Nowadays? appeared first on SmartData Collective.

Exclusive interview – Checking out the sides of The Last Cube with Improx Games

When we heard that Improx Games were bringing The Last Cube to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, we were immediately interested. With a combination of a huge number of levels, some seriously good looking stages and a highly intriguing ‘sticker’ system, it was a puzzler that piqued our interest. So when Improx Games agreed to a little chat, divulging more info on the game, we couldn’t say no. 

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American Airlines and JetBlue introduce enhanced perks for Loyalty Status members

American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are elevating the travel experience for their most loyal travelers, with new perks for AAdvantage® and TrueBlue Mosaic status members when traveling on either airline. It is the latest round of customer benefits made possible by the airlines’ innovative Northeast Alliance (NEA). Starting today, when checking in for an American […]

Izumi World AR Game Plans to Bring Augmented Reality and NFTs Together in Play-to-Earn Experience

Izumi World AR game aims to bring together mobile AR, NFTs, and digital property in a tech-rich experience. We’ll have to wait until next year for the full launch.

Minecraft replacing beta programme with more convenient standalone Preview app

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If you're the sort that regularly enjoys checking out new Minecraft features ahead of their official launch via the Bedrock Beta programme, you'll likely be pleased to hear that developer Mojang is simplifying the whole process with a new standalone Preview app.

Currently, those wanting to trial future Minecraft Bedrock features are required to download the Xbox Insider Hub, sign up to the beta programme (turning Bedrock into the beta version), then embark on the somewhat cumbersome process of switching back and forth between the release and beta builds as needed. Mojang's new Minecraft Preview app, then, is designed to do away with much of that fuss by keeping the two versions entirely separate.

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