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How is Blockchain Used in Marketing?

Blockchain technology is not as modern and new as it might seem at first glance. Its development and creation are rooted in the distant...

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Rolaz Group Announces the Launch Date of their IEO and Listing

The team at Rolaz Group is pleased to announce to the financial community that it has set aside a date for its token IEO and listing on P2PB2B and Coinsbit. The IEO will kick-start from April 1 at 00.00 GMT and run until May 31 with a 30% discount on P2PB2B. The token listing will take place on June 1 on P2PB2B and COINSBIT exchanges. Rolaz Group is the world's leading asset management firm that uses digital technologies to create immersive experiences for traders and investors. 

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About Rolaz Group

Rolaz Group is an international holding company and asset management firm that's well established in Europe, the United States, and South America. They are known for leveraging the latest digital and Defi technologies to find the best available investment opportunities for maximizing returns on all stakeholder's investments—this is the key behind their success.

The Rolaz Hedge Fund

In a nutshell, the Rolaz Hedge fund is the first tokenized hedge fund that will be powered by its own blockchain decentralized investment protocol. It has introduced a tokenized product, Rolaz Gold (rGLD), which has each token backed by actual gold. This revolutionary step is expected to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry thanks to what it brings and its one-of-a-kind secure, 360° financial ecosystem.

rGLD aims to help users facilitate their access into the hedge fund industry. With the rGLD token, users can get early access to projects high on potential.

The Rolaz business model and protocol

The Rolaz business model is centered around a pretty simple idea: To introduce Defi technology to the world hedge funds to improve the performance rate for all involved investors.

As for their protocol, it's called the Rolaz Decentralized Investment Protocol. It is currently under development and the Rolaz team plans to have it fully functional by the end of this year. This protocol will be essential for everything that works within the Rolaz Ecosystem. It will be designed and developed in a way that will allow it to orderly tokenize different investment assets to allow investors to navigate through different investment markets, including the gold market, real estate, fintech, and more.

The Rolaz project was born based on the idea to create an ecosystem that can protect the assets of the users. To help get the technological wheels rolling in the hedge fund industry, Rolaz introduced the revolutionary rGLD—the first asset issued by the Rolaz hedge fund, tokenizing the already operational gold mining projects.

The Rolaz Gold (rGLD) Token

rGLD is a token that's used to power the Rolaz Group ecosystem. This asset-backed token was developed in September 2021 to deepen Rolaz Group.

Gold NFT Marketplace

The team at Rolaz is also working towards the development of a Gold NFT Marketplace, it will be the FIRST of its kind and will open up various opportunities for the users.

The features of rGLD token

The Rolaz Group token comes with the following features:

ROI From Different Investments

Stakers, those who commit their tokens to a liquidity pool for a specific period, will generate revenue from multiple investments. rGLD offers several staking opportunities, including the ability to tailor their portfolios based on their risk appetite.

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/rolaz-gold/


P2PB2B: https://p2pb2b.com/token-sale/392


P2PB2B: https://p2pb2b.com

COINSBIT: https://coinsbit.io

Social links

Telegram: http://t.me/rgldcommunity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rolaz-Hedge-Fund-108899818093256
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/74515823/

Media contact

Company: Rolaz Group
E-mail: support@rolaz.io
Website: https://rolaz.io/

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In operation, Mercedes’ new Drive Pilot appears to be similar to many other “traffic jam assistant” solutions available on the market. A Drive Pilot-equipped S-Class or EQS will assume command of the car’s speed, steering, and brakes on specific highways below 40 mph to move you forward in traffic. However, there is one significant difference: […]

The Star Sydney Casino CCTV Footage Shows Junket Operators Putting Stacks of Cash Into Bags

CCTV footage from 2018 raises concerns of potential money laundering involving a junket operator taking place at The Star Sydney casino.

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5 Reasons to Use a Payment Gateway with Sophisticated AI Infrastructure

Payment gateway solutions are investing more heavily in AI technology these days. Some of the leading companies like PayPal have discovered that payment AI technology can be tremendously useful. PayPal has consistently actually been 10-20% more effective at preventing fraud in real-time through the use of AI. There are many other reasons that AI technology […]

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A playbook for fighting patent trolls

By Paul Grewal, Chief Legal OfficerCoinbase recently won a case against a particularly aggressive patent troll. Today, we want to share some of what...
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Creating a Compelling IoT Value Proposition and Business Model

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How to make money and how to find an IoT product-market fit by outlining the value proposition and the business model.

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When Should a Startup Consider Fundraising?

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Income-Share Agreements Aren’t the Revolution We Thought They’d Be

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10 Earned Wage Access Providers Across the Globe

Earned wage access (EWA) has seen rising popularity in the past couple of years. These tools, which help businesses send their employees wages as they earn them, instead of on a bi-weekly basis, benefit both businesses and their employees. In today’s era of the Great Resignation, businesses across all sectors are struggling with employee retention. Read more...

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Bean Chart Token presale on March 22nd

The Bake-House team, responsible for the Baked Beans DeFi rewards pool, are thrilled to announce presale and launch of their token— Scheduled for March 22nd, 2022.

Baked Beans is a common DeFi protocol that has been seen before. Yet, Beans is unique in its implementation, as they use a strategically planned business model designed to assure the longevity and safety of the Baked Beans venture. 

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The team aims at constant pushing of their visions further and strive to create one of the very best rewards pool and token platforms on the Binance Smart Chain.

The reason their team has chosen to use Binance Smart chain for this platform is due to Binance's efficiency and affordable gas fees, in comparison to other blockchains like Ethereum.

This token is designed to partner with a larger rewards pool protocol but can also stand alone with a staking DApp (released near the time of launch), plans to expand into the NFT realm, and potential for other blockchain integration.

As they plan to release their Merchandise store and NFT collections, it will allow users to purchase goods with both $BCT and $BNB. It will help reduce the number of tokens in circulation while also compelling users to do the same.


The Bean Chart Token will support the miner simply through its tax structure, as used by most tokens. 5% of each transaction will be directly converted and transferred to the Baked Beans contract, adding liquidity and stabilizing the TVL as needed. This will ensure the longevity of the project and offer the users another layer of security.

Baked Beans: 5% is allocated to the Baked Beans rewards pool, every buy and sell will provide liquidity that will help create stability for the rewards pool.

Marketing and Development: 4% is allocated to marketing and development to ensure the continual growth of our investors and community members.

Liquidity: 3% of every buy and sell will automatically be added to the locked liquidity to help stabilize the charts and keep them green.

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeanChartToken

Telegram: https://t.me/BeanChartToken

Contact Info: 

Organization: Bake-House (Baked Beans Project)

Name: Kthnxbye

Email: contact@bakedbeansproject.com

Website: https://bakedbeansproject.com/ 

U.K.-Based ClearBank Raises $230 Million

ClearBank raised $230 million (£175 million). The investment was led by private equity advisory firm Apax Digital and brings ClearBank’s total funding to $627 million. ClearBank will use the funds to expand internationally, first in Europe, then into North America and Asia Pacific. Clearing and embedded banking technology company ClearBank raised $230 million (£175 million) this Read more...

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