Sony Is Showing PSVR 2 To Developers At GDC
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Sony Is Showing PSVR 2 To Developers At GDC

Sony is showing PSVR 2 to developers behind closed doors at GDC, a tweet confirms.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a full PSVR 2 reveal at GDC 2022 this week, but Sony is definitely showing the new headset to developers.

That much was confirmed when StrayBombay CEO and former Valve VR figurehead Chet Faliszek tweeted about seeing the device, noting the experience was, in his words “Sooooo good.”

Faliszek’s other tweets confirm he’s at GDC and, just in case there was any doubt, Sony’s own Shuhei Yoshida thanked the developer for coming to try the kit.

We had hoped that Sony would host a much more public-facing event for PSVR 2 at GDC this year, as it had done in the build up to the launch of the original PSVR. But with the world still facing a problematic component shortage that’s hampering sales of even the PS5 console, there’s speculation that the headset’s release might miss a 2022 window and arrive sometime in 2023.

We previously reported that Sony was shipping out thousands of developer kits to studios, which is likely to be PSVR 2 headsets and controllers reaching teams making games for the new platform.

There will be at least some more PSVR 2 talk at GDC this week, though. Unity is hosting a session talking about development of the headset later today. But with so much still unknown about the headset, it’s not clear when we could hear more official release details. For now, you can keep up with everything we know about the device right here.

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