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California Cannabis: Analyzing Shifting Consumer Trends In The Golden State

Each year, the cannabis industry attracts new entrepreneurs and businesses because of its immense potential for growth. By 2025, the total annual United States...

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Creatures of Habit: Examining Repeat Purchase Trends in Washington

It is no secret that cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the marketplace today. Each day, new brands are being launched and...

Post-420 Retail Analysis: Dispensary Successes and Lessons

April 20, or 420, is a yearly event celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts. For members of the cannabis industry, 420 is a day where businesses...

Varjo Launches Its XR Cloud Streaming Platform, Support for Unity & Unreal Planned

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Varjo today announced the launch of Varjo Reality Cloud, the company’s XR cloud streaming platform that’s aimed at making XR more scalable in enterprise settings by doing the heavy lifting of rendering in the cloud. At the outset the company is targeting the automotive industry, but plans to enable enterprises more broadly with support for […]

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The coolest thing I saw at GDC: software that animates anything

Tell Anything World what you want, and it tries to make it happen using machine learning and over 500,000 3D models.

PianoVision: Practicing Piano On Quest With AR, MIDI And A Real Instrument

PianoVision teaches you piano songs in AR using passthrough on Quest. When connected to a MIDI keyboard, it can even respond to what you play in real time.
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Will Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses Lead the Way to the Metaverse?

Magic Leap released a preview of its new AR glasses, Magic Leap 2. Will this attract consumers to the metaverse?

Survios Virtual Fact Gaming Demo

Correct now, virtual reality is pretty stationary: you sit there, place on a headset and are transported to an totally new planet. But with … resource

GDC Day 3: Cosmonious High, Lynx Mixed Reality Headset & More

It's another day of GDC 2022 coverage! Today the Between Realities crew checked out Cosmonious High, Lynx's upcoming mixed reality headset and more.

Meta Aims To Improve Quest Video Recording Features In April Or May

Meta is aiming to improve Quest's video recording features by May, a longstanding request of YouTube content creators.

Sony Extremely Deliberate with PSVR2’s Design, Immersion Goes Beyond Resolution

More positive feedback on Sony's headset.

There’s a tidal-wave of optimism about PSVR2 emerging from GDC, where Sony is showcasing its new hardware in private to industry professionals. Earlier today, Chet Faliszek, a Valve veteran, described a tech demo he was treated to as “so good” and added: “You know where the world just feels different when you return?”

Since, a developer at Truant Pixel – the team making PSVR2 motorcycle title RUNNER – has weighed in on the hardware on the ResetEra forum. One poster pointed out that Faliszek’s comments sounded “hyperbolic”, a point which he denied. “Sony has been extremely deliberate with a lot of their choices about this thing,” he said. “They’ve been reading the room for a long time now.”

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33% Off Flowers, Prerolls, Cannagars, Moon Rocks, and more! – The THC Weekly Smokables Edition

Point blank, flower remains king when it comes to the most popular cannabis products. It’s included in nearly half of all dispensary transactions and makes up a large portion of online sales as well. Also popular are pre-rolled joints, blunts, and cigars, and concentrates like hash and moon rocks. Learn more below and check out […]

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