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New Steam Deck client update and SteamOS 3.3 releases

This week, a  new build of the Steam Deck client and SteamOS 3.3 releases, bringing with it a bunch of new features and fixes.The...

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Team Fortress 2 gets another QoL update

Surprise! Valve has pushed out another update for its beleaguered bot-ladened shooter, Team Fortress 2. Whilst not quite as impactful as the last patch, the...

Steam’s 2022 summer sale has arrived!

It is that time of year again folks. You can now stock up that gaming library of yours for a fraction of the price,...

Next Steam Summer Sale Starts June 24, Will Run Till Early July

Get out your wallets because it’s coming. Valve has confirmed that the next highly anticipated Steam Sale is starting this Friday, June 24. And...

Modern Warfare 2 artwork hints that Call of Duty may be coming back to Steam

Artwork for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - yes, the new one - has popped up on Steam. The discovery has fans speculating -...

One Coder is Porting Portal To the Nintendo 64

When Portal came out in 2007, developers Valve chose not to release the groundbreaking title on an obsolete Nintendo console long out of production....
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Boeing’s Starliner crew capsule meets Atlas rocket for long-delayed test flight

Ready for another try at launching on a test flight to the International Space Station, Boeing rolled a repaired Starliner crew capsule to United Launch Alliance's seaside rocket hangar at Cape Canaveral Wednesday to prepare for a liftoff scheduled for May 19.

DPC EEU Tour 2 Playoffs: Outsiders Disqualified, Mind Games to finals, and more

The Virtus.pro (Outsiders) roster was disqualified before their match against BetBoom Team in the upper bracket semifinals. This means that Mind Games will receive a retroactive forfeit win for their match earlier today and all future Outsiders would have played are forfeit as well.

NASA restarts moon rocket wet dress rehearsal countdown

NASA restarted a two-day dress-rehearsal countdown Tuesday for the agency's new Space Launch System moon rocket after a series of unrelated glitches, mostly involving ground systems, blocked two earlier attempts to fully fuel the huge launcher to verify its readiness for flight.

First crew of private astronauts welcomed aboard International Space Station

A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft docked at the International Space Station on Saturday with four private astronauts, beginning a planned stay of at least eight days -- and maybe longer -- while becoming the first mission with an all-commercial crew to visit the orbiting research complex.

Citing valve problem, NASA will load only the SLS core stage in next countdown test

A problem with a helium valve on the Space Launch System moon rocket's upper stage will require ground teams to only partially load the giant launcher with cryogenic propellants during an upcoming countdown dress rehearsal, NASA officials said Saturday. NASA also confirmed teams now targeting Thursday for the next try to complete the test.

First-of-its-kind commercial astronaut mission heads for space station

Strapped in the seats of a SpaceX crew capsule, a retired NASA astronaut and three wealthy paying passengers rocketed into orbit Friday from the Kennedy Space Center on the first fully commercial mission to the International Space Station.
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