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What New World server is Asmongold in

New World is almost here and players will be looking to decide on the right server for them and their friends to group up and adventure together. When making this decision you’ll likely want to know what the server population will look like or if there are any large streamers joining in on the action.

One of the biggest names on Twitch when it comes to MMOs is Asmongold. The streamer has amassed a huge following both on Twitch and YouTube which will surely become an army to reckon with in New World.

If you’re a fan of the streamer you may want to join in as part of his faction and server to help spread the streamer’s rule over the map. Alternatively, you may be looking to avoid huge streamer-dominated servers so that you can have a better chance of capturing territories for yourself.

Nonetheless, if you’re in North America you’ll want to know where Asmongold is playing, and here is that info courtesy of

What New World server is Asmongold playing on?

What New World server is Asmongold in
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Asmongold will be playing on the NA East server Olympus which can be found within the Arkadia Lambda world set.

According to, Asmongold will be joining the Syndicate faction during his first run, however, this could potentially change once the streamer hops into the game.

With Asmongold announcing his intentions to play on Olympus when the game launches later today there is most definitely going to be quite the high population on this server. Hopefully, this information can help to decide whether you’d like to be a part of the action or would rather seek out a lower population server to play on.

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