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Secure blockchain

Nowadays, cyber security is often on the surface, and for an ordinary network user, this can raise questions about how to protect one's own...

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Why IoT adoption needs Low-Code

The recent pandemic crisis has shaken many industries worldwide. With the rise of flexible work models and remote monitoring solutions, the pandemic accelerated the...

5 Common Types of IT Solutions that Every Business Requires

Image source Every business needs a network, an operating system, an email system and cloud storage. The use of IT solutions has increased exponentially in...

AI Server Provider Enginetech Completes Round-B Financing

AI server provider Enginetech announced on Monday that it has completed round-B financing totaling 100 million yuan ($14.92 million), with investors including SenseTime, Hanking...

How to Connect Nodejs API to MySQL Database

Introduction Connection Pooling is the mechanism that allows us to maintain a cache of database connections in order to ensure the reusability of the database...

The Most Common Causes of Database Failure

Databases are an ever-present and all-important component of the daily operations of any business, small or big. That is why a failure can have...

What to consider when migrating data warehouse to Amazon Redshift

Customers are migrating data warehouses to Amazon Redshift because it’s fast, scalable, and cost-effective. However, data warehouse migration projects can be complex and challenging. In this post, I help you understand the common drivers of data warehouse migration, migration strategies, and what tools and services are available to assist with your migration project. Let’s first […]
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UCIe: Marketing Ruins It Again

Product naming is often irrational, but when it comes to standards, extra care should be taken. It often isn't.

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Federated access to Amazon Redshift clusters in AWS China Regions with Active Directory Federation Services

Many customers already manage user identities through identity providers (IdPs) for single sign-on access. With an IdP such as Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), you can set up federated access to Amazon Redshift clusters as a mechanism to control permissions for the database objects by business groups. This provides a seamless user experience, and centralizes the governance […]

5 Reasons to Use a Payment Gateway with Sophisticated AI Infrastructure

Payment gateway solutions are investing more heavily in AI technology these days. Some of the leading companies like PayPal have discovered that payment AI technology can be tremendously useful. PayPal has consistently actually been 10-20% more effective at preventing fraud in real-time through the use of AI. There are many other reasons that AI technology […]

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Microsoft: Lapsus$ Used Employee Account to Steal Source Code

The data-extortion gang got at Microsoft's Azure DevOps server. Meanwhile, fellow Lapsus$ victim and authentication firm Okta said 2.5 percent of customers were affected in its own Lapsus$ attack.

The best VPN for gaming

Today’s Elden Ring Server Maintenance Will Be Prolonged On PlayStation and Steam

Bandai Namco and From Software have announced that today's Elden Ring server maintenance will take longer on PlayStation and Steam.
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