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Warzone Season 6: What We Know So Far

Call of Duty

Warzone Season 6: What We Know So Far

Photo courtesy of Activision

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, Activision dropped the trailer for Season 6 of Warzone and announced its release for Oct. 7. Season 6 is expected to be the final major change before Call of Duty: Vanguard’s release changes the game, quite literally.

The trailer was action-packed and packed with teases for what to expect in Warzone’s latest season. Between Acitvision’s announcements and the trailer there’s already tons of information out there, here’s everything players should know:

Around halfway through the trailer Activision drops a bomb on players by unveiling a huge map change. In the trailer, it is revealed that Adler set up various explosive devices throughout Verdansk. At around the 1:27 mark of the video, an explosion shakes the screen. The video then cuts to show Stadium and the area surrounding it is leveled. Though, the trailer is careful not to showcase the explosion’s aftermath, thus leaving players wondering what the area will look like in Season 6.

With the promotional material centered around Alex Mason of the Black Ops franchise, it is likely that he will be an unlockable operator in the Season 6 Battle Pass. Based on the trailer, he is no doubt integral to the Season 6 storyline

It also appears that three will weapons could be entering Verdansk during its final season, as three new guns are seen in the hands of Adler and his team. The new weapons are the Galil, LAPA SM-03, and Lever Action.

The Galil and Lever Action are both guns with a history in the Call of Duty franchise. The Galil is an AR that has been a part of every Black Ops game released so far, so its potential integration to Warzone should come as no surprise to fans. The LAPA SM-03 will add another SMG into the mix, so will primarily be used at close range. The Lever Action has appeared before as both an AR and Marksman Rifle so it will almost certainly be another long-range weapon for players to use. Based on the trailer, it looks like fans should expect the gun to fall into the Marksman Rifle category.

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