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Activision Announces Call of Duty: Next, A Livestream Event Showcasing The Future of COD And More

Leading up to the release of the much anticipated Call of Duty sequel, Activision and Infinity Ward have announced that they are hosting a...

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Overwatch 2 Next PVP Beta Coming June 28

Activision has announced that the next round of close beta for the upcoming competitive shooter, Overwatch 2, is coming in two weeks time. This...

Modern Warfare 2 artwork hints that Call of Duty may be coming back to Steam

Artwork for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - yes, the new one - has popped up on Steam. The discovery has fans speculating -...

Microsoft ‘will not stand in the way’ of potential Activision Blizzard union

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Union efforts from Activision Blizzard teams won't be hindered by Microsoft.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 3 is called Radical Raid

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Snoop Dogg is coming to the game.

If Activision Blizzard recognizes a union, Microsoft ‘will not stand in the way’

Staff at Raven Software are fighting for recognition of the Game Workers Alliance.

Activision Blizzard faces fresh allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination in new lawsuit

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A new lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court on behalf of a current Activision Blizzard employee has raised fresh allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination at the publisher, also accusing it of retaliation after the employee publicly spoke out about her experiences at the company in December.

According to the lawsuit, as reported by Bloomberg Law, the employee - referred to only as Jane Doe - started work as a senior administrative assistant to executives in Activision Blizzard's IT department in 2017. It's claimed Doe was often pressured to drink alcohol at the company, was subjected to sexual comments about her appearance and clothing, was subjected unwelcome physical touching and attempts to kiss her, and that women were routinely made to participate in "cube crawls" where they experienced sexual comments and groping.

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COD Mobile Fans Angered Over Snoop Dogg Unlock Method

Fans have accused Activision of "scam" tactics over the new Snoop Dogg cosmetics in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Friday ‘Nite: Fortnite Season 2 May Awkwardly Launch Amid Real-Life War

Friday 'Nite is a weekly Fortnite column that takes a closer look at current events in the wide world of Fortnite, with a special emphasis on the game's plot, characters, and lore.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 is launching this weekend. Probably. Maybe. We'll see. While in-game signs point to this being the case, there's nothing typical about this upcoming new season, so much so that we can't confirm it's even really happening.

It's never been like this before for one of the biggest games in the world. Sure, two Fortnite seasons in 2020 were each extended by several weeks due to COVID, but those delays were communicated to players and press well in advance. Much of the world shut down in the early spring and summer months of the pandemic, and video games took a more public hit than many other industries as studios scrambled to adjust to at-home game dev. But today, a different struggle affects a small but specific set of games: Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

While the war's most devastating effects include human rights violations too numerous to count, we're also seeing how the conflict disrupts the lives of people not fighting in the war--or, in some cases, people not even near the conflict geographically.

Some studios in Ukraine have had to relocate developers and alert players to delays while their devs quite literally fight for their lives. Nintendo's Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp has been delayed for what seems like obvious reasons--the game's depiction of military combat--despite the game's rather lighthearted tone, even if Nintendo is toothless to say that's really why the game was pushed back.

One can safely assume Activision, which was reportedly eager to reveal the next Call of Duty sooner than its usual marketing cycle would suggest, is now carefully watching the news in the hopes of not coming off as insensitive to those affected directly or indirectly by the war in Ukraine. When things like games, movies, and TV depict war against the backdrop of real-life war, things get messy.

The best intentions can come off as tone-deaf and ill-advised, and for Epic, the issue demands an immediate answer, but is without much of a roadmap.

A season focused on the all-out war between Fortnite's major factions has been in the works for months, if not years, but now may arrive just as players, or at least onlookers, find the whole storyline wrong-headed. Should Epic delay the season? My guess is that's exactly the question its developers are asking themselves and each other right now, even just a day before the current season is meant to end.

Speaking to popular Fortnite content insiders, the vibe they've gotten is as you might expect if you've been tracking this lead-up to Season 2. Epic has not just been silent in a public-facing way, but even the game's bustling Discord server has recently lacked regular engagement from the Epic devs who are normally seen popping in and out to chat with players and fans. Are they heads-down on altering the game's content, their own messaging, both, or neither?

In my view, one of a few things is about to happen, and I genuinely don't know which one we'll see this weekend:

The first outcome: Epic quietly delays the season and the game gets no update this weekend. Never having truly announced the end date of Season 1, this would technically be an "internal" delay, even as fans know the season was set to end on March 19 thanks to the battle pass end date shown in-game, which has historically always told players the season finale date months before Epic says so.

The second outcome: Epic launches the season exactly as planned, with the exception that the hype cycle that normally surrounds the final days of a season is now absent. Without any teases for an event or the end of a season, Epic may simply kick off the new season and tell virtually no one it's coming.

This outcome would indicate Epic thinks its in-game content isn't problematic amid the news cycle, but that marketing the in-game war as the same colorful fun Fortnite is known for would be in bad taste. As much as one of the world's biggest video games could possibly be stealth-launch, this would be Epic going for it.

The third outcome: Epic launches a heavily revised, but not delayed Season 2, with some would-be fascinating last-minute changes to which we may never be privy. This would be the most intensive outcome, but is perhaps also the most likely. If it's too late to change the bulk of the content of the season--and let's assume it is--then you either have to erase the messaging (outcome two) or radically revise it.

With Fortnite Season 2, Epic may be seeking an impossible tact for its war story.

I could see Epic scrambling to completely re-imagine its themes, title, trailers, and maybe even some dialogue for Season 2, in the hopes of painting it all in a less militaristic light. That's going to be very hard to do when credible leaks suggest things like tanks and DIY armored cars are coming to the island for the first time ever, but maybe if those militaristic additions are later-season additions and not there at launch, Epic's hope is that they won't seem so poorly timed when it's time to add them to the game.

Imagine the undertaking of re-rendering and rewriting its launch trailers in the dozens of languages they launch in each season. On top of that, the studio would need to find the right tact when doing so. How do you hype up your fans with a war-themed trailer without also inviting criticism from people who find it all sort of gross? It's an unenviable balancing act, and come this weekend, we'll learn whether Epic walks that tightrope, falls to the ground, or cuts the rope entirely.

Ori Developer’s Culture Reportedly ‘Oppressive,’ No Longer Working With Xbox

A new report alleges that Ori and the Blind Forest developer Moon Studios had issues with crunch and abuse as well as a difficult relationship with Xbox.

Intellectual Property Rights and Esports — Sheppard Mullin

Daniel Schnapp and Samuel Cohen, from law firm Sheppard Mullin‘s Esports & Games Industry Team, write for Esports Insider to discuss how intellectual property rights work in esports. Global esports revenue surpassed $1 billion and the worldwide esports live streaming audience grew 12.7% year on year to 747 million people in 2021, according to Newzoo. […]

Nevada Regulator Delays Licensing of Major MGM Shareholder Amid Insider Trading Probe

The Nevada Gaming Commission has delayed a decision on MGM shareholder Barry Diller’s casino license application due to an ongoing insider trading probe.

The post Nevada Regulator Delays Licensing of Major MGM Shareholder Amid Insider Trading Probe appeared first on VegasSlotsOnline News.

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