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The best games for travel lovers in 2022


Best travel games

Sometimes you wish you could drop everything and go on vacation. You want to take a couple of picnic items with you, your dog or cat, and forget about reports, phone calls, and reading messengers.
Unfortunately, life dictates its own rules. But that does not mean that you can not at least temporarily escape from your everyday reality. Thanks to video games, you have the opportunity to go on an adventure: in time and space. And if you prefer live games, you can visit the website of the online Indian casino for more choices.

Among these games are:

  • Kentucky Route Zero;
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla;
  • Outer Wilds.

The best games for travel lovers in 2022

Death Stranding

An outstanding game from the Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima, who has been called nothing short of a genius. In Death Stranding, you have to play as a courier, carry loads over long distances, rock a disturbed baby in a jar and do everything not to get stuck in the black sludge. Yes, it looks as weird as it sounds. But Death Stranding manages to immerse you in a state of calm or even trance. By the way, it’s perfect for listening to those podcasts you’ve been putting off for six months.

Kentucky Route Zero

A long-running and practically iconic game, coming out as a series from 2013 to 2020. To retell the plot is not an easy task; somewhat, it resembles an outlined dream, balancing between magical realism and the oneirological worlds of David Lynch.
Still, let’s try: Conway, an employee of a small antique shop, must deliver a specific package to a house on Dogwood Drive, Kentucky. The problem is that there is no such street on any known map, and the locals assure us that the only way to get there is via Route Zero.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The Vikings were pretty brutal comrades but free-spirited. So when they wanted to go to the British Isles and make them their own, they went! Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is almost a hundred hours of adventures in the IX century. You don’t just control a Viking; an assassin is solving the mysteries of a universal conspiracy. Storm the cities of pampered rulers, help ordinary citizens, roam the bush tracking unsuspecting targets, and help Norwegians build a new home in a foreign land. It’s a game where nothing is true, but everything is allowed.


It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate game for our adventure article than Hitchhiker. The developers offer you to look at the world philosophically through the eyes of the hero who has forgotten everything: who he is, why he is going, where he is going. You will meet a lot of exciting heroes with their destinies. And so that the virtual life did not seem to you, honey, the authors have prepared for your puzzles and dark stories.

Old Man’s Journey

It’s never too late for adventure, Old Man’s Journey tells us. An older man with a lush gray beard leaves his home behind to breathe life to the fullest. Along with him, you’ll walk a path full of pleasant memories and fun unobtrusive puzzles. The unafraid grandpa will fly in a balloon, take a train and a car ride, and walk for miles without complaining about his retirement age.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has undergone the fire of critics and is now the best space sandbox game imaginable. In front of you are hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of planets that are randomly generated. In this game, you can do everything: fly, study unusual flora and fauna of unseen worlds, communicate with people, build a cozy house in a godforsaken virtual galaxy, fight, and trade. It is easier to go into space this way than for tens of millions of dollars in a rocket, Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

Life is Strange 2

The adventures of two brothers, one of whom has supernatural powers. The guys will have to go through a lot of trouble, the consequences of which depend entirely on you. In Life is Strange two you need to make decisions that affect the fate of your characters and the outcome of the young guys’ adventure. The game raises many social issues and shows how important it is, especially nowadays, to bring up children correctly.


A criminally beautiful game whose events take place in the woods of Wyoming. The protagonist has decided that many of us don’t make it. So he left the hustle and bustle behind and went into the woods to work as a sentinel. He has to ensure that no one roasts barbecue in forbidden places and does not offend nature, our mother. On the radio, he meets a lady who becomes not only his friend but also his conscience, reminding him that some problems should not run away from. In Firewatch, you will find spectacular virtual nature and an exciting story.

Outer Wilds

Many people want to relive an event over and over again sometimes. True, we all hope to get into a pleasant time loop, not the one in Groundhog Day. Unfortunately, the hero of Outer Wilds is in just such a not-so-nice loop. He wakes up on one of several planets in a star system, lives for precisely 22 minutes, and then the big star explodes, turning into a supernova. And so it goes again and again. Each time your adventure begins on the same planet. Use the 22 minutes wisely – solve the mysteries of existence and, if possible, prevent a disaster.

Fallout 76

Like No Man’s Sky, Fallout 76 was one of the most criticized games of recent years at release. There was practically nothing to do in it. Yes, its events take place in a post-apocalypse world, but at least there was something the developers could have done to entertain gamers! It took a couple of years to fix Fallout 76, and now it is an exciting survival game. The developers added a story, factions, playable characters you can communicate with, lots of items to build your settlement, unusual activities, and more.

Call of the Sea

1930s American Nora comes to the islands of Polynesia to find an “old pal”-that’s how she refers to her husband, anthropologist Harry, in her letters. He has assembled an expedition to study the strange, as if outlandish writing of the islanders, and disappeared.
Nora falls into Howard Lovecraft’s tales: there is an otherworldly draft blowing on the island, citadels built by an alien civilization are towering everywhere, and Harry’s things are scattered here and there, leading to the chthonic heart of the island.
The game is reminiscent of other walking sims with a story like What Remains of Edith Finch or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: wander through locations, solve puzzles and collect memorials – audio diaries, notes, and photos – that explain where everyone went missing.
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The best games for travel lovers in 2022

Hollow Knight

A classic, medieval-inspired descent into hell: a nameless white bug with a nail instead of a sword descends into the insect kingdom of Hollowest, looking more and more like hell with each tier. The place used to thrive under the rule of the Pale King, but he has disappeared, and a mysterious collective mind has enslaved the inhabitants’ minds. It is up to Bug to discover the cause of the catastrophe and awaken the three guards who remember the history of Hollow Knight.
Hollow Knight boasts a simple but playful combat system with Dark Souls-inspired bosses and is considered an outstanding example of the metroidvania genre (in which the player is not guided in one way but is allowed to explore the world freely). Heterotopias, a magazine dedicated to game architecture, even noted the Kingdom of Hollow Knight as one of the most elaborate worlds.
Hollow Knight has virtually no dialogue – the main character is somehow mute – and only two or three-story clips. Nevertheless, it is one of the most complex stories in modern game building.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: PlatoData.io

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