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Money is Power

The politician Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Money is power, and rare are the heads that can withstand the possession of great power.” Understanding that...

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Earnings roundup: Citizens, US Bank expand tech investments

Citizens saw increasing digital engagement during the second quarter as the bank boosted its technology investments. The Providence, R.I.-based bank spent $163 million on...

Civil Discourse|Expanding Understanding in Dialogue with Others

Are you looking for a way to engage with others with contrary opinions in a meaningful way? Then you should try civil discourse, a...

The best games for travel lovers in 2022

Best travel games Sometimes you wish you could drop everything and go on vacation. You want to take a couple of picnic items with you,...

Which countries are crypto-friendly, and which are skeptical?

If you pay any attention to cryptocurrencies, then you’ll know that one of the hot-button issues in the conversation is the enthusiasm, or lack...

The Future of NFT Art: A Review of 2022

The NFT market is a very broad concept, which includes not only art, but also collectible cards, game characters, tickets, celebrities, etc. Many believe...

Live coverage: Four private astronauts set for launch Friday

Four private citizens are gearing up to ride into orbit Friday aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft, taking aim on the International Space Station on the first all-commercial mission to visit the research complex. Liftoff from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida is set for 11:17 a.m. EDT (1517 GMT).
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SpaceX ready for launch of first all-commercial crew to space station

SpaceX and a Houston company are gearing up to launch four private citizens Friday on the first NASA-sanctioned, fully commercial flight to the International Space Station, a key step in a government push to encourage private-sector development on the high frontier.

Health Insurance – What Could Ever Happen?

It won't happen to me ... How many times have you heard this phrase said by anyone, or thought of? Well, not that it is...

NASA gives priority to Artemis ground test over commercial astronaut launch

NASA officials gave the green light Friday for the first all-commercial astronaut launch to the International Space Station on a SpaceX rocket as soon as April 3. But the astronaut launch could be delayed a day, or longer, to give priority to a countdown test for NASA's Space Launch System moon rocket on a neighboring launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center.

Bukele Slams The US Bill That Targeted His Bitcoin Law

Bukele slams the US bill that targeted his Bitcoin law while the US Senators try to understand the effects that the bill has on the country but also on the US dollar so let’s read more in today’s latest Bitcoin news. The US lawmakers introduced a new bill to examine and to develop a plan […]

Data Breach at French Public Health Insurer Exposes Personal Data of Over 500,000 Citizens

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Personally identifiable information of more than 500,000 French citizens was stolen from the Caisse Nationale de l’AssuranceMaladie (CNAM) after criminals gained access to the accounts of healthcare professionals. In a brief posted on March 17, the public health insurer said unknown attackers infiltrated its patient services, accessing information of 510,000 policyholders. At this point, the insurance […]

SpaceX’s new Dragon spaceship named ‘Freedom’

SpaceX's fourth human-rated Crew Dragon spacecraft has been named "Freedom" by the first team of astronauts who will ride it into orbit next month.
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