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Shipsy’s ‘2nd Innings’ programme encourages diversity

Shipsy, the SaaS-based smart logistics management platform provider, has launched a programme called 2nd Innings, as part of its measures to promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace. This programme allows all professionals to get back to the active workforce, after a break or sabbatical, as full-time employees.

The programme also assures fair compensation and opportunity by ensuring that people are paid solely on the basis of their skillset and not their last-drawn salary.

As part of the programme, Shipsy is open to hiring people keen to restart their careers, irrespective of age and gender.

Soham Chokshi, CEO & co-founder, Shipsy, believes in celebrating and honouring people’s decisions and “commitment towards other important areas of life, be it a family, nation, health, exploring a different career choice, or pursuing a hobby”. The Company hopes to create “equal opportunity for all” through this initiative and ensure “broader and dynamic representation”.

Chokshi is of the opinion that on an average people spend more than 30 years of their lifetime working. Therefore, a break is “just a drop in the ocean”, which “cannot take away the experience/skills” the professionals have developed all their lives. And therefore, he believes that such breaks should not come in the way of professionals resuming their careers or negotiating their salaries.

Shipsy hopes to tap the “vast pool of highly-skilled people who want to return to work”, reveals Chokshi.

With the Company’s remote-first approach and virtual onboarding process, it is hoped that the candidates will be able to smoothly settle into their new roles.

Recently, Shipsy allowed its employees to work from anywhere, which has eliminated geographical restrictions of any kind when it comes to hiring the best talent across India. Having invested heavily on research and development, the Company is on the lookout for talent in new-age technologies, including blockchain, AI, and others.

Last year Shipsy managed to raise funding of about $6M in a Series A round. Though it was founded over five years ago in Gurugram, it now has its regional headquarters in Dubai.

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