Rioter Stands up for Ability Haste in League of Legends


League of Legends players, as usual, have been complaining about the state of the game. Previously, they complained about the constant existence of Ability Haste — creating a meta where it seems champions constantly spam abilities.

According to Riot Phroxzon, the lead gameplay designer for League of Legends, this is an intended gameplay design. The main goal is to stray away from one shots for assassins, and instead allow them to have easier access to their abilities.

“We’ve been trying to move certain classes away from damage and into other outputs (eg. Assassins using Haste instead of damage to make them more about repeatability and less about one-shotting),” he stated on Twitter.

Phroxzon also admitted to the need for improvement, which will be addressed in the preseason:

“Preseason will make it better when items like Goredrinker & Duskblade no longer give 35-45 Haste by themselves.” For those unaware, Riot intends on eliminating the existence of Mythic Items. Therefore, the plethora of ability haste is in preparation for a meta where they don’t exist.

“A lot of this haste creep gets solved when Mythics are no longer contributing 35-45 haste by themselves and the power of items is reduced by some amount,” Phroxzon stated.

For more input on the future game direction, check out Riot Phroxzon’s full Twitter post, linked above.

It appears Riot Phroxzon has a solid idea of where to direct the future of the gameplay state for League of Legends. But of course, players are split on the direction. Only time will truly tell what specific implications these changes will have on the game’s state in the future.

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