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Outriders Inventory Wipe Restore to Include ‘God Roll’ Weapons

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Outriders' inventory wipe restoration will give players the best possible versions of any lost items.
Outriders’ inventory wipe restoration will give players the best possible versions of any lost items. | Photo courtesy of People Can Fly/Square Enix

Outriders’ inventory wipe bug is slowly being addressed by People Can Fly, as the studio rolls out a wave of item restorations to players. Now, People Can Fly says items restored in this wave will return those items with “god roll” values attached.

The items restored will have the same attribute combinations, but they’ll have the maximum possible values for each of those attributes — making them as good or better than any lost items. They’ll be granted to characters at those characters’ highest available equip levels when accounting for World Tiers and Challenge Tiers.

The studio has also put together a “Community Appreciation Package” including a level-appropriate legendary weapon; that’s set to be released once the restoration process has run its course. When will that be? People Can Fly isn’t sure yet.

“While we will try our hardest to make things right, we unfortunately cannot make guarantees for the specifics of the above or the timeline of this, as we may run into technical difficulties that delay our work,” the studio wrote earlier this month.

People Can Fly also plans to bring the Stadia version of Outriders into lockstep with the other versions of the game with a patch set for release April 26.

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