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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Will Receive VR Support This Fall, But There’s A Catch




Get your virtual barf bag ready.

Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed via a joint press briefing with developer Asobo Studio that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will in fact be receiving official VR support, beginning with the upcoming HP Reverb G2 later this year.

According to Microsoft, VR support will be free to all owners of the game. Support will arrive first on the upcoming 4K VR headset upon its launch this Fall, followed by additional VR devices sometime at a later date. According to video game publication Polygon, Asobo Studio is working on compatibility for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index.

“The very first piece of feedback that came out of [our announcement at E3 was], ‘Oh my God! This is going to be the best VR thing ever. They better have VR!’” said Microsoft Flight Simulator head, Jorg Neumann, during an interview with Polygon. “We immediately said, ‘Yep, we’ve got to do this now.’ We put a team on it, and and then partnered with HP.”

Arriving August 18th on Windows PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 offers players the chance to pilot dozens of real-world air crafts across a 3D simulation of the entire planet. The game uses a combination of artificial intelligence, photogrammetry, machine learning, procedural generation, and over two petabytes of Bing data to generate a near photo-realistic recreation of the Earth, including all of its 37,000 airports.

According to Asobo, each and every player will have access to all 37k airports, regardless of what version of the game they purchase. The only difference being that several of these airports will look better for Deluxe and Premium players.

Here’s a breakdown of all three versions and what they include:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator ($60) – 20 handcrafted planes and 30 handcrafted airports.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe ($90) – 25 handcrafted planes and 35 handcrafted airports.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator Premium ($120) – 30 handcrafted planes and 40 handcrafted airports.

“The premium build or deluxe build is not a barrier,” Sebastian Wloch, CEO of Asobo Studio, said. “People that have the standard are not going to be blocked; every airport in the world is there. Basically the entire planet is seamlessly present and you can fly, land on any airport on the planet. … The airports are all there, they have aerial photography from Bing, they’re all very realistic, but the buildings are automatically generated by AI and procedural building generation.”

As if that weren’t cool enough, Microsoft Flight Simulator is able to track real-world weather and air traffic data in real-time. This means virtual pilots can fly side-by-side with actual flights and through real storms as they’re happening.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launches August 18th on Windows PC. Those subscribed to the Xbox Games Pass will have day one access to the standard edition with an option to upgrade to Deluxe or Premium. Asobo will continue to support the game post-launch with a series of free and paid DLC. Smaller updates will be released every month, along with larger, game-changing updates every two to three months. One such update will see the introduction of helicopters, adding a whole new layer of gameplay to the experience.

Image Credit: Microsoft



The VR Job Hub: Asobo Studio, ARVI & Fun Train




Every weekend VRFocus gathers together vacancies from across the virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) industry, in locations around the globe to help make finding that ideal job easier. Below is a selection of roles that are currently accepting applications across a number of disciplines, all within departments and companies that focus on immersive entertainment.

Location Company Role Link
Bordeaux, France Asobo Studio Gameplay Animator Click Here to Apply
Bordeaux, France Asobo Studio Tools Programmer/MFS Click Here to Apply
Bordeaux, France Asobo Studio 3D Outsourcing Manager/MFS Click Here to Apply
Bordeaux, France Asobo Studio Associate Producer/MFS Click Here to Apply
Bordeaux, France Asobo Studio Producer/MFS Click Here to Apply
Bordeaux, France Asobo Studio Senior Gameplay Programmer Click Here to Apply
Bordeaux, France Asobo Studio Associate Producer Click Here to Apply
Bordeaux, France Asobo Studio UI Programmer HTML/MFS Click Here to Apply
Kyiv, Ukraine ARVI QA Tester Click Here to Apply
Kyiv, Ukraine ARVI Senior PM Click Here to Apply
Kyiv, Ukraine ARVI Senior Front End Developer Click Here to Apply
Kyiv, Ukraine ARVI UI/UX Design Click Here to Apply
Kyiv, Ukraine ARVI Senior Game Designer Click Here to Apply
Los Angeles, CA Fun Train PlayStation Developer Click Here to Apply
Los Angeles, CA Fun Train Capture Artist & Trailer Creator Click Here to Apply
Los Angeles, CA Fun Train Social Media & Advertising Manager Click Here to Apply

Don’t forget, if there wasn’t anything that took your fancy this week there’s always last week’s listings on The VR Job Hub to check as well.

If you are an employer looking for someone to fill an immersive technology related role – regardless of the industry – don’t forget you can send us the lowdown on the position and we’ll be sure to feature it in that following week’s feature. Details should be sent to Peter Graham (

We’ll see you next week on VRFocus at the usual time of 3PM (UK) for another selection of jobs from around the world.


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Virtual Reality: The Solution for the Present and Future of Events — Simlab IT




Simlab IT

Simlab IT

1. How to use subtle AR filters to survive your Zoom meetings?

2. The First No-Headset Virtual Monitor

3. Augmented reality (AR) is the future of Restaurant Menu?

4. Creating remote MR productions

– For product or service demonstrations at trade shows and conferences.

– To generate greater engagement through gamification.

– For a post-event.

– In a street marketing action.


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VR Escape Room Specialist ARVI Partners With HTC Vive to Expand Global Deployment




In the last couple of months, there’s been a concentrated effort to restart the virtual reality (VR) side of the location-based entertainment (LBE) industry. The latest comes from HTC Vive and ARVI VR, who have partnered up in an effort to bring the latter’s escape room experiences to a wider audience.

ARVI Mission Sigma

The collaboration will see the pair introduce VR escape rooms like Sanctum, Christmas, Mission Sigma and Cyberpunk to locations in China, India and Taiwan to begin with. Those locations will then be followed by Egypt, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Vietnam, and Kuwait at a later date.

Over the next three years, hundreds of VR arcade locations will receive ARVI VR’s content which is already used in HTC’s flagship VR park, Viveland. Kevin Williams, who covers LBE for VRFocus in The Virtual Arena has also learnt: “ARVI VR content currently targets the HTC Vive Pro platform and is expected to be converted to work on the successor hardware (the HTC Vive Cosmos).”

“Since 2019, HTC Vive has worked closely with ARVI VR to implement their popular escape room content for our customers at Viveland,” said Plutarch Lee, Associate Vice President, VR Enterprise Solutions at HTC Vive in a statement. “We’re excited to leverage their escape room content in even more arcades globally and look forward to adding more great multiplayer content later this year.”

ARVI Jungle Quest

“We’re thrilled to work with HTC Vive to bring our exciting and adventurous content to new audiences around the world,” said Michael Dementii, CEO of ARVI VR. “At present, we view this as a long-term and fruitful partnership with the possibility of broadening cooperation opportunities in the LBE industry.”

ARVI VR has been creating VR escape room games since 2016, partnering with numerous companies and deploying its tech across 250+ locations worldwide. Its latest title is Chernobyl which launches this month, where up to six players travel back in time to that fateful day.

As the LBE industry gets back on its feet and more content is announced, VRFocus will keep you updated.


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