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Landlord Studio launches Partner Program for Tax Pros

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Landlord Studio simplifies rental accounting and management for Schedule E rental owners.

Landlord Studio has introduced Landlord Studio for Partners, a newly designed partner program aimed at helping Schedule E rental owners find high-quality accountants and tax professionals in their area.

Landlord Studio is an industry-leading property management software for Schedule E rental owners. The new partner program allows partner accountants to better collaborate with their clients outside of tax season by giving them easy access to all the information they need from their Schedule E clients including access to digital source documents.

The software simplifies accounting, financial planning, and analysis for Schedule E rental owners with an easy-to-use dashboard and in-depth reporting paired with time-saving automation features. These features empower rental owners to gain a nuanced understanding of their finances and stay on top of their income and expense tracking in real-time.

“This accountant partner program aims to make tax season less of a burden for accountants and their Schedule E clients by helping them streamline their financial tracking and reporting processes. It also offers Schedule E clients the ability to share their information easily and securely with their accountant giving them access to vital data enabling them to take on the trusted advisor role for their client base,” says Logan Ransley, Co-Founder of Landlord Studio.

“By making it easy for Schedule E rental owners to keep accurate up-to-date records throughout the tax year, we’re enabling accountants to save their clients thousands of dollars in tax deductions, while reducing the manual overhead of compiling all documentation required for tax season.”

Accountants that join up to Landlord Studio’s partner program are able to provide an exclusive discount to their clients and also get a regional-based business listing on the partner’s page that is promoted to over 5,000 landlords. This is just one example of Landlord Studio working hard to connect landlords with proactive tax professionals while at the same time unlocking revenue potential for partner program members through the referral network.

There is no cost for accountant partners to join the partner program.

You can learn more about Landlord Studio for Partners here.

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