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5 Cyber Security Trends to Know in 2023

The number of hacker attacks is growing rapidly with the development of new technologies and places from where they can steal data and finances....

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What is Software Engineering? Definition, Basics, Characteristics

The process of evaluating user needs, then developing, implementing, and testing software that meets those requirements is known as software engineering. Today, many companies...

Don’t hire a financial adviser without reading this first

Inflation, wily stock values, and increasing headwinds in the real estate market have a lot of people taking a look at their finances as...

Lessons Learned About Bitcoin From A Canadian Trucker

Updates about the status of the Bitcoin that was donated to the Canadian trucker protests and how people can improve when facing attacks in the future.

The Weird Relationship Between Ethereum’s Price And Vitalik Buterin

As Ethereum saw a 16% increase from a rally that took the coin to $3,000 on Monday, someone might have spotted an unusual link between Ether’s highs and times where the Ethereum Founder’s name, Vitalik Buterin, was trending on Google Searches worldwide. Ethereum And Google Trends “The last time Vitalik surged on Google Trends, $ETH pumped 2x from April-May,” a Twitter user noted while showing a recent surge of the founder’s name: To see if this could actually be taken into account as a possible indicator, we compared different moments in time in which Vitalik Buterin has surged on Google Trends and the price action that followed. In the following chart we can see the most relevant moments during 2022: And tracing back to 2021, we can further see this price action (yellow arrows still point at moments in which ‘Vitalik Buterin’ surged on Google Trends): But does it really mean the price has increased after people get interested in googling Vitalik? The trending searches most likely followed these news: Buterin revealing he has burnt 505 trillion SHIB tokens in January 2022; similar SHIBA related news in October 2021; earlier in the same month he trended after calling El Salvador’s decision of making Bitcoin a legal tender “reckless”; then on August of the same year, it was the five-year anniversary of Ethereum and he addressed several issues and the complexity of Ethereum 2.0; on May 2021 Vitalik became a billionaire as Ether hit $3k. The most recent spike in searches is most likely due to the article on Vitalik released by TIME Magazine, which features the Ethereum founder on the cover and is titled “The Prince of Crypto Has Concerns.” The article’s writer, Andre Chow, called him “one of the most fascinating and arguably important people on earth,” and on Vitalik’s side, he expressed several concerns about the decentralized finances (DeFi) and NFTs spaces. “Ultimately, the goal of crypto is not to play games with million-dollar pictures of monkeys, it’s to do things that accomplish meaningful effects in the real world.” After comments such as this one and the intriguing public figure of Vitalik (often portrayed as a myth of a modern genius), it is only natural for a spike on Google Searches. Related Reading | What This Pattern Spells For Ethereum In The Coming Weeks, Pullback In The Cards? However, going back to the possibility of this to push Ether’s price up 2x, we further noticed that for the mentioned April-May case there do not seem to be any big surges for Vitalik’s name until May 13th, which was already after Ether hit an all-time high of $3,456.57 around May 4. Alongside this uptrend of May 2021, it would be more relevant to take into account Bitcoin’s upward movement at the moment and a growing institutional interest in Ethereum. But Will ETH Go Up? As NewsBTC reported before, ETH is currently outperforming, and this is probably linked to the upcoming updates of the network as the Mainnet is ready to perform The Merge after it was recently deployed on the last testnet, meaning an official switch to proof-of-stake consensus. There has been a lot of excitement about reaching the final phase of these updates, and it is clear that as the final phase is set to begin around mid-2022, many people are paying attention to the network and its coin. Related Reading | Vitalik Buterin On How To Eliminate Ethereum Network Congestion And High Fees A pseudonymous trader noted that “ETH is currently at the resistance of $3040 which is an important level for ETH to break in order to rally higher. A rejection will drop the price back to $2.9k to $2.8k.” Moreover, there seems to be an inverse head and shoulders forming, and as the coin approaches the neckline, it will need an uptrend next week to trigger the bullish pattern. A downtrend remains possible. BTC Takes A Tumble? On a similar note, Blockware Solutions recently shared a chart that showed Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ taking a tumble and tweeted: “While the rest of the world ignores Bitcoin, hodlers continue to stack the most scarce asset on the planet.” However, if we search ‘Bitcoin’ (the red line below) on the Google Trends analyzer and compare it to ‘Ethereum’ (the blue line), we see the following action:   And even if we add in ‘Vitalik Buterin’, ‘Bitcoin’ searches still seem to remain higher than anything Ethereum-related. Here we can see ‘Bitcoin’ represented by the blue line, ‘Ethereum’ by the yellow line, and ‘Vitalik Buterin’ by the red line.  

Mortgage Underwriting: What You Need to Know

Mortgage underwriting is when the lender’s underwriter examines the loan application to assess if the borrower can pay back the mortgage.

The post Mortgage Underwriting: What You Need to Know appeared first on Redfin | Real Estate Tips for Home Buying, Selling & More.

NZD soars despite drop in confidence

The New Zealand dollar is up sharply on Tuesday. In the North American session, NZD/USD is trading at 0.6943, up 0.83% on the day. NZ consumer sentiment falls sharply Westpac Consumer sentiment slowed for a third straight quarter, and the Q1 release showed a sharp drop, falling from 99.1 to 92.1. The 100-level separates optimism […]
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Everything Brands Need to Know About the Metaverse

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the internet and social media helped us connect with our coworkers, friends, and loved ones during times of extreme isolation.

Interest Rates rise to 0.75%

Last week, the Bank of England voted to approve an interest rates rise from 0.5% to 0.75%, the third time an interest rate rise has take place within months. This is bad news for those with a mortgage but will also impact business borrowing but there are two important things to note. Firstly, 0.75% is […]

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Validus Inks Deal to Acquire CitiBusiness’ Loan Portfolio in Singapore

Southeast Asian SME growth financing platform Validus announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire CitiBusiness’ loan portfolio in Singapore. The move is set to bolster Validus’ revenue,

The post Validus Inks Deal to Acquire CitiBusiness’ Loan Portfolio in Singapore appeared first on Fintech Singapore.

Introducing Learn With Evan: The Company That is Destroying Barriers to Learning Crypto

In a digital world full of crypto enthusiasts and digital currency creators, one company is standing out as the destroyer of barriers to learning about blockchain technology – LearnWithEvan.

Evan Robles, Founder and CEO of Learn With Evan, is a trending cryptocurrency educator in spaces such as Decentralized Finance, Smart Contracts, Market Trends, NFTs, Alts, crypto news, and other tech/finance-related topics. A self-professed natural-born digital creator and cryptocurrency analyst, Robles boasts years of experience in various related fields, including working as a Mortgage Loan Officer and Cryptocurrency/Stock-Options Digital Creator & Investor.

Recently, Robles made the decision to address and banish the barriers people face when attempting to learn about cryptocurrency through the creation of his own education platform! According to Robles, many of the resources online are geared towards those who have in-depth experience in the world of finance, crypto, and blockchain – a fact that simply cannot be ignored.

“The crypto industry has, up until now, been a mystery to anyone who has no background knowledge of online currencies,” Robles says.  “Many of the online tutorials are very technical and difficult to grasp which, in turn, leads to disinterest, frustration, and fear for potential investors.  Because I believe that blockchain technology will soon revolutionize our world in many ways, this simply cannot continue – and I am leading the way to create such an imperative change in crypto culture.”

One of the things Robles is doing to support this mission is through the services and products sold fr his business, Learn with Evan LLC, and his popular YouTube crypto education channel.  Both resources target audiences who are looking to take control of their finances and earn more than what they are getting now through crypto products.  Via online videos, Robles teaches people to understand the crypto industry/products by breaking it all down into easy-to-digest lessons and tutorials.

In addition to offering crypto education services to investors across the globe, Learn With Evan also runs a marketing agency for crypto projects and NFTs that are looking to increase their exposure and rate of success in the field of cryptocurrency.

For more information about Learn With Evan LLC, please visit http://LearnWithEvan.com/. 

About Evan Robles

Evan Robles is an established Digital Creator and Cryptocurrency Analyst from sunny Miami, Florida.  From an early age, Robles has developed a passion for a wide array of interests, including in the fields of marketing, finance, real estate, securities, and cryptocurrency.  Robles' business, Learn with Evan LLC, was founded in 2022, though he boasts almost three years as an established crypto expert.

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Evan Robles



Fiat – Not Crypto – Still The Top Choice For Financial Crimes, US Treasury Says

Fiat, a government-issued currency, is still the best choice of financial criminals. Concerns have always centered on the possibility of crypto assets being used for nefarious reasons, however the US Treasury department just released something that dispels these anxieties. Despite widespread fears that cryptocurrency could be used for criminal purposes, a newly published report by the US Treasury indicates that the bulk of financial crimes are still committed using fiat money. The US Treasury presented a three-year report on money laundering, proliferation financing, and terrorist financing early this month. And they were all based on digital assets. And crypto detractors may believe this is all about digital assets being widely employed in these sectors. Related Story | Shiba Inu Exodus: 32,000 Holders Lose Interest In The ‘Dogecoin Killer’ It’s Fiat, Not Crypto Nevertheless, fiat currencies and traditional money are still more often utilized in this circumstance, thus they are more likely to come into play. The Treasury’s findings include a detailed discussion of virtual currencies, stating that both their user base and market capitalization have expanded dramatically since the previous risk assessment in 2020. However, these reports found that criminal flows via fiat currency and established networks continue to outnumber those involving cryptocurrency. Crypto total market cap at $1.805 trillion on the daily chart | Source: TradingView.com The US Treasury disclosed the following: “The use of crypto assets for money laundering continues to be significantly less prevalent than the use of fiat cash and other more traditional means.” Crypto Still A Good Choice For Crime According to the National Money Laundering Risk Assessment, “virtual assets” are an ever-evolving domain within money launderers’ expanding armory for concealing their finances. It singled out DeFi and “anonymity augmenting technology” as possible perpetrators. Throughout the pandemic, virtual assets have apparently been used extensively in phishing assaults and ransomware scams. Related Article | Bitcoin Breaks Past The $40,000 Barrier Again – Can It Sustain The Momentum? Shady operators may use pledges of profit from the unpredictable cryptocurrency market to entice victims into disclosing personal information or infecting their devices with viruses. The attackers may then demand payment in crypto following the attack, which is both pseudonymous and irreversible. In a recent Chainalysis Crypto Crime Report, many criminals use over-the-counter brokers to launder their cryptocurrencies. OTC brokers are individuals or businesses that assist transactions between buyers and sellers who do not wish to (or are unable to) conduct business on a cryptocurrency exchange. A Staggering Amount Meanwhile, a United Nations report says that money laundering costs the global economy between $800 billion and $2 trillion per year. This equates to between 2% and 5% of gross domestic output. Today, almost 90% of money laundering remains undetected. However, technological advancements have led in the development of more effective tools. Criminals continue to use these advancements to move dirty money. Simultaneously, government agencies and fintech firms utilize technology to identify transaction characteristics and assist in exposing fraud. Featured image from India Today, chart from TradingView.com

Russian Banks Told to Track Crypto-Related Transactions Amid Currency Restrictions

Russian Banks Told to Track Crypto-Related Transactions Amid Currency RestrictionsBank of Russia has recommended commercial banks pay heightened attention to their clients’ transactions related to cryptocurrencies. The regulator requires the financial institutions to monitor such activity against the backdrop of restrictions on currency operations amid western sanctions. Monetary Authority Urges Banks to Control Spending Linked to Crypto Assets The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) […]
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