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Digital Assets

If you ask most people in crypto what a digital asset is they usually reply that it covers everything in crypto. For over a...

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How Does Buying Property In Istanbul, Turkey, Help in getting Turkish Citizenship?

In several countries, you get citizenship to buy real estate. The Turkish government has created the Turkish Citizenship program. As per the latest version...

This is how you protect your personal data when you play online

The use of the Internet has undoubtedly made our lives easier in many ways. But the benefits it offers also come with some risks...

Blockchain Development: The Complete Guide to Getting Started

The majority of people link the term "blockchain" with cryptocurrencies. This is because the completely replicated distributed database that serves as the foundation of...

How to borrow from legal money lenders in Singapore?

Everyone has cash flow problems occasionally, especially when something beyond your control comes up and it is way above what you’ve budgeted. Some might...

Redefining the Food Supply Chain

Food industry has witnessed a number of environmental, social, and health issues, as well as persistent breaches of customer trust and fraud. Consumers now...

5 Common Types of IT Solutions that Every Business Requires

Image source Every business needs a network, an operating system, an email system and cloud storage. The use of IT solutions has increased exponentially in...
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Different kinds of best software for companies specializing in real estate

When organizing a business that involves starting a real estate company, there is a need to find the software that will be used to...

Understanding the main differences between SQL and NoSQL

When it comes to selecting what format of databases, practitioners are often faced with a choice between constructing using SQL or NoSQL. While both...

5 steps of high-risk credit card processing explained

Every business needs high-quality credit card processing and finance-related facilities to sustain itself. It is especially true for high-risk businesses that do not access...

March 2022 APR Rewards

I’ve just made the March 2022 rewards available for APR Patrons and Subscribers. This latest package includes: Art: A poster of the 1990’s German Sanger II two-stage-to-orbit spaceplane Document: Bell-Boeing “Pointer” brochure… full color brochure describing the proposed tiltrotor UAV Document: Cessna EV-37E STOL: 1964 presentation on battlefield recon/surveillance version of the T-37 Document: History [...]

The export of arms to Russia despite the embargo is a disgrace to the whole EU!

The export of arms to Russia despite the embargo is a disgrace to the whole EU! So far, four packages of sanctions have been approved at the EU level against Russia in response to the attack on Ukraine. What is less well known, however, is that some of the sanctions were already imposed after Russia’s […]

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Compass Cope/B-58A

The two aircraft are unrelated, apart from the fact that I have uploaded scans of each to the 2022-03 APR Extras folder on Dropbox for $4 and up patrons/Subscribers. The first is a brief magazine writeup showing illustrations of the Boeing and Ryan designs for the Compass Cope unmanned recon vehicles from the early 1970s; [...]
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