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eBRO Gaming will represent Latin America in the Wild Rift: Horizon Cup

eBRO Gaming will represent Latin America in the Wild Rift: Horizon Cup

eBRO Gaming has been crowned the champions of the Lolcito Salvaje Abierto 2021 Finals. Despite being the number three seed from South LATAM, the team cruised through the competition to take first place and earn a spot at the League of Legends: Wild Rift Horizon Cup.

eBRO, which comprises players from Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina, have now become the fifth team to qualify for Wild Rift’s first global esports event, the Horizon Cup. The other four teams are China’s Da Kun Gaming (DKG), South Korea’s KT Rolster, Japan’s Sengoku Gaming, and Europe’s Team Queso.

A total of 10 teams will be competing in the Horizon Cup, which will happen from Nov. 13 to 21. The teams will be traveling to Singapore to compete in the offline event.

The Horizon Cup will mark the end of the game’s preseason. Wild Rift is currently in its first year of release in most regions and still hasn’t been released in South Asia. Riot has committed to building an esports scene for the game early on, however, and the Horizon Cup is a testament to that.

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The Lolcito Salvaje Abierto was the debut esports event for Wild Rift in Latin America. It featured open-for-all qualifiers across North and South LATAM, with the top four from each region making it to the finals. The finals were played in the Artz Pedegral, Mexico City with a prize pool of $50,000.

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