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Cookie3: The Google Analytics of the Metaverse and Web3



The lifeblood of any business is marketing and advertising is a key component of this process. To have your business, product or service known and on the lips of a lot of people, you have to dedicate time to carry out some form of advertising. Advertising is just one aspect of marketing — which is the overall approach of talking to potential customers about your brand. Advertising helps you achieve your marketing goals faster as it is usually a paid form of messaging which gets your business in the eyes of more people and a lot faster. While advertising can be a short-term special promotion or an ongoing process, you’re only required to pay to accelerate the process.  An example of an advertising service is Google Analytics. This is a web analytics service that is offered by Google. Google Analytics is a tool that helps its users track and report website traffic, and it is a platform inside the suite of Google Marketing platforms. The Google Analytics tool lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your video, Flash, and other social networking sites and applications. As the world pushes towards Web3 products and services, there is a case to have an advertising service for Web3 businesses.  Currently, the Web2 digital advertising market is worth $400 billion and the Web3 marketing market is worth only $166 million. The blockchain marketing industry’s average yearly growth is at 71.4% while marketing executives who are looking to increase their blockchain investments are at 83%. These statistics show that there is an obvious market to be stepped into and this is where the team at Cookie3 have built a solution.  Cookie3  Cookie3 is to the Metaverse and Web3 what Google Analytics is to Web2 businesses. Cookie3 is the first analytics platform that translates on-chain data of the entire Metaverse and Web3 ecosystems into behavioural profiles of individuals. Cookie3’s first implementation will be ads targeting in the Metaverse with their strategic partner. With the advent of the Metaverse and Web3 industries, there is sure to be plenty of business services that will be provided and all of them will be handled by blockchain transactions. Cookie3 is positioning itself to be the leader of smart analytics. They will translate transactions between users in the Metaverse and this will enable the understanding of audiences, marketing strategies, ad targeting and much more.  Cookie3 will be the data engine that will aggregate, process and interpret smart contracts, NFTs and tokens on different blockchains for one purpose —to understand the behaviors of individuals in the Web3 space. And thanks to Cookie3’s innovative AI and ML solutions, this will be done with laser-point accuracy. Cookie3 Core Products Web3 Personalization — Personalization in Web3 platforms is a revolutionary shift of the next-level user experience we are going to experience in all Web3 dApps, and Cookie3 will enable this.  Behavioral Reverse Oracle — Brands and businesses will know their competitors and their customers’ preferences and segmentation with Cookie3. Web2 & Web3 Link — Business owners can match their on-chain data with their off-chain ones without losing the privacy of the individuals. Behavioral Scoring — With Cookie3, businesses can understand the behaviors of their target audience, and this will help them separate valuable investors from weak hands. With this tool, they can always reach their desired target groups. Precise Targeting — Cookie3 provides the opportunity for businesses to reach their audiences with laser-target precision in Metaverse platforms & dApps. Wallet book — More details will be released about this exciting product soon.  Token Utility  The $COOKIE token is the native utility token of the Cookie3 platform. It is an aggressively deflationary token that will have 30% of the company revenue burn-in buybacks. It will serve as  Currency for all Cookie3 services NFT drops for the best holders (diamond hands)  Access to premium products  Limited governance of the platform development, advisors, partnerships and co-operations Discounts on services and products  Full governance of the DAO fund Rewards for the additional data sharing Reward for stakers Exclusive access to the first Web3 Marketing Community  Revenue Streams Single services purchase Smart analytics subscriptions (Basic/Premium/Enterprise)  Fees for the integrations with dApp and Apps $COOKIE Tokenomics Initial Market Cap — $252,000 Total Token Supply — 100,000,000 Supply for Community — 10% Token Types — ERC20, BEP20 Listing date — Apr/May 2022 Token Allocation and Vesting Schedule  Seed Sale (12%) — 6% released at TGE with a vesting period of 10 months  Private Sale (8%) — 8% released at TGE with a vesting period of 8 months Strategic Round (4%) — 4% released at TGE with a vesting period of 12 months  Launchpads (3%) — 10% released at TGE with a vesting period of 6 months  Team (14%) — Cliff period of 6 months and a vesting period after … Continued

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