What Is SaaS?
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What is SaaS?

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs still walked this earth… Oops, no. When people, like in ancient times, hunted for discs with programs and installed it on their computers, there were no such concepts as SaaS. All sorts of programs could only be installed by great sages who knew a lot about computers. But we do not live in the times of dark antiquity, and Saas has come to us. Today we will study what this concept means, what advantages it has.

Saas stands for Software as a service, that is, the software is provided on a subscription basis. It works according to such a simple model. Imagine a situation

You are an office worker and every day from your apartment you need to make a long way to your place of work. These journeys must be made daily and a large amount of time is spent traveling there and back. Naturally, a profitable decision is to purchase a car. Got a connection? If every day involves long trips, then it is profitable to buy a car. But suddenly the situation is different, long-distance trips are not a daily routine, but sometimes forced measures. In this case, it is beneficial to simply call a taxi. In this case, you pay only for the service.

SaaS also works according to this principle. Do you need any service? So invest your money in a subscription and start using it. No need for a service anymore? Great, unsubscribe and move on.

The main points that you need to understand about SaaS

SaaS works in subscription mode. That is, you get the software for a subscription. The client does not need to purchase a license. At any time, you can change the volume or variation of the lease. Hey, we got to know SaaS a little bit! This is a unique new and fashionable solution. This idea will still burn in the coming years, and that will definitely become the basis. The Saas market is growing rapidly, exceeding $140 billion already. That is, every year it began to bring at least 20 billion! It is also important to understand that SaaS development services are also growing and you need to turn your attention to a saas development company.

In general, this story began in 1999, but in the early years, of course, progress was very minimal. But now these systems have filled every sphere of life. For example entertainment. Netflix uses SaaS. Let’s also say finance, various online banks are also not far behind. Active growth is also due to the fact that the IT community provides great support for applications based on SaaS.

Benefits of SaaS and development companies
  • Availability

Cloud technology support ensures device access to all data at any time. You just need to have internet access and that’s it. Who needs one will be able to get all the necessary information

  • Integration

Staying competitive is no easy task, and how does integration help? The more integrations the better. Just the same integration and bring the business to the level.

  • Fragility

A solution such as Saas significantly reduces the company’s costs. By subscribing, you get rid of such expenses as: license, equipment, support and maintenance. All this is provided by a subscription, and if specifically, it is also provided by a SaaS type product development company.

  • Security

Along with access to data, the cloud also provides security. Just the same, this cloud security is the most secure and best way to protect data that is in demand all over the world.

  • Flexibility

Software as a service is now an integral part of the business. These solutions offer such unique tools that give flexibility and accompany high competitiveness.

Saas is important both for a sustainable business, but even more important for startups. Explore startup development stages to understand how to effectively develop an undertaking.
By the way, please note an important point. SaaS is really profitable for a startup. Examples of this are such successful projects as Amazon Web Services, which currently has a revenue of about $ 40 billion and is the most popular and widespread cloud platform.
You should also pay attention to Figma. This is a service for designers. Here you can discover your creative potential with your friend and partner, I work together on one creative project, and even online. There are paid subscriptions for companies, and for individual clients it is possible to use this tool for free.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence: PlatoData.io

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