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8 Benefits Of Mid-Size Business Insurance

Mid-size businesses are setting high standards in recent years and are expected to hit new heights. The complexity of the market is only getting...

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The Broad Benefits Of Coding You Never Knew

Image Source Programming languages have revolutionized the world since the first software, or code-based project, was developed. It has opened doors to innovations in every...

TrueFi powers WOO X’s institutional services through decentralized loans to verified clients

The DeFi credit protocol launches its first non-stablecoin portfolio, with loans managed by WOO X San Francisco, California, July 2022 — TrustToken, the core team...

Solving Developer Burnout in Your Company

​​Image by Tim Gouw on Unsplash ​​The tech industry is full of of exciting opportunities and fast-paced development cycles. These can be fun, but can also cause burnout...

Catalyst Blockchain Platform launches on Corda

Build enterprise-grade blockchain networks with high automation and guaranteed uptimes  Wednesday 8th June 2022 — Catalyst Blockchain Platform is now available on Corda, the leading...

The future of Hybrid Working in Supply Chain

Since the pandemic started, hybrid work models had to be adopted by companies in all kinds of industries. As things are starting to wind...

Mushe’s (XMU) Independence Day Launch is a Cause for Celebration

With the launch of Mushe (XMU) tokens on July 4, Independence Day for Americans is also the perfect day for you to kickstart your...
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What is SaaS?

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs still walked this earth... Oops, no. When people, like in ancient times, hunted for discs with programs...

TUNGSRAM: innovation is in our bloodstream

Tungsram – an iconic name – returned to the global market in 2018 as an innovative, premium European brand with the acquisition of GE Lighting’s Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey general lighting business along with the global automotive operation. Tungsram, originally established in 1896, is a brainchild of the 2nd industrial revolution – resulting […]

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Amazon books up to 83 launches with ULA, Arianespace, and Blue Origin

Amazon announced the largest commercial launch deal in history Tuesday, revealing agreements for up to 83 missions to deploy thousands of internet satellites on United Launch Alliance's Vulcan Centaur rocket, Arianespace's Ariane 6, and Blue Origin's New Glenn vehicle.

Offshore Company Formation Guide: Blockchain Business

The rise of offshore companies is difficult to ignore in a globalized world. As business becomes more globalized, business owners and individuals are no...

Why Data Scientists Are Using BI Tools

Data scientists who haven’t used BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik Sense often say that these tools simply aren’t needed. They already...

Alaska Air Group provides update on long-term growth strategy

Alaska Air Group Inc. , the parent company of Alaska Airlines Inc. and Horizon Air Industries Inc., today will host its Investor Day at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time. During the event, Alaska Air Group will provide an update on its business performance and growth strategy, including successful pandemic recovery, industry outperformance in guest experience and […]
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