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Video: device – HLTV MVP of IEM Fall Europe

Winning his first MVP of 2021, device put up an exceptional performance during NIP‘s path to victory at the final Regional Major Ranking event, IEM Fall Europe. Over the 15 maps he played during the event, device averaged a 1.35 rating, which was the second-highest overall, just behind Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut.

Video: device - HLTV MVP of IEM Fall Europe

device has won 19 MVPs in his career

While device sported the second highest rating during the tournament, he also had the highest K-D difference (+105), the highest impact rating (1.47), the most AWP kills (169), and the most overall kills (318).

He also placed in the top three for damage difference per round (+20.1, 2nd), kills per round (0.85, tied 2nd), deaths per round (0.57, 2nd), AWP kills per round (0.45, 3rd), and total opening kills (60, tied 2nd).

This is the first tournament win and MVP award that device has earned since joining NIP. The legendary Danish player has the most MVP awards won of any player in CS:GO, with IEM Fall being his 19th. The player coming in second is none other than Aleksandr “⁠s1mple⁠” Kostyliev, who has racked up a total of 16 MVPs during his career.

Play the video below, edited by Radosław “MAKKU” Makuch, to see the some of the plays that entrenched device as the HLTV x Bitskins MVP of IEM Fall Europe.

You can find other HLTV highlights as well as episodes of the HLTV Confirmed show on the official HLTV YouTube channel.

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