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How AI Will Assist Referees At FIFA World Cup 2022

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup on the horizon, there will be plenty of anticipation for the upcoming tournament, with a whole load of...

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Pro Apex Legends player holds back from shooting disconnected opponent in $2m Global Series

Professional gamer Philip "ImperialHal" Dosen hit the headlines this weekend after he held off from shooting an opponent in a competitive match when he...

Best Casino Promo Codes 2022

You can get in on new online slots by taking advantage of their casino bonus and winning big for yourself. Check out our updated...

ESTN Launches World’s First Player-Owned Esports Metaverse Arena Featuring Universal Player Ranking Engine

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL – June 4, 2022 -- ESTN announced the official launch of the Electronic Sports Tournament Network™ - a global blockchain-powered metaverse...

College Esports Commissioners Cup for GGDA Members May 7-8

Thanks to Skillshot Media for hosting us earlier this month. They have offered GGDA members free passes to the Collegiate Esports Commissioners Cup May...

ENCE knocks out Heroic out of the BLAST Premier Showdown

While PGL Major Antwerp 2022 comes closer and closer, we can still enjoy some good CSGO at the BLAST Premier Spring European Showdown tournament. A couple of days ago we got to watch ENCE take down Copenhagen Flames in a close series, while Heroic was doing the same against Team NKT. Both teams got themselves into the first semi-finals of the tournament, the other being Astralis vs Ninjas in Pyjamas, which we are still waiting to watch.

DPC EEU Tour 2 Playoffs: Outsiders Disqualified, Mind Games to finals, and more

The Virtus.pro (Outsiders) roster was disqualified before their match against BetBoom Team in the upper bracket semifinals. This means that Mind Games will receive a retroactive forfeit win for their match earlier today and all future Outsiders would have played are forfeit as well.
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Cal’s DI Overwatch team puts down SFSU Gators in Bay Area tournament

Cal’s DI Overwatch team puts down SFSU Gators in Bay Area tournament

Cal’s D1 and D2 Overwatch team’s went up against Stanford and San Francisco State University, with D2 going 0-3 against Stanford and D1 at 3-0 against SFSU.
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Compete at GGBet and win up to €1500

If you like to take part in competitions, you should definitely check out the Spring Tournament at GGBet. The total prize pool is €6000 with a first prize of €1500. The bettors that finish top 40 at the end of the tournament will receive a prize of at least €20. Start betting on GG.bet sportsbook […]

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Ace X 2022 Circuit to be played on Challengermode

Danish nicotine pouch brand Ace X has chosen Challengermode as the official platform to host their Ace X 2022 Circuit on.Supporting grassroots esports initiatives...

Rocket League’s race to become a Tier 1 esport

For a game where flying rocket-powered battle cars slam oversized low-gravity footballs into virtual nets, Rocket League is surprisingly skillful. Like any skill-based competitive pursuit, setting is largely irrelevant — winning requires mastery, and mastery warrants practice. Like all esports titles, Rocket League requires thousands of hours spent training and refining intricate mechanical movements, the […]

COD League Announce Rebirth Resurgence in-game Warzone Tournament

Players can compete against the pros in this new Warzone Rebirth Island playlist in the COD League Rebirth Resurgence Tournament.…

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