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The Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo Hero, Windwalker Echo, is Coming to Fortnite


The Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo Hero, Windwalker Echo, is Coming to Fortnite

Image courtesy of Epic Games

It turns out her name is Echo – and she’s coming to Fortnite.

Those who saw the Unreal Engine 5 reveal trailer last year might be familiar with this particular hero. At the time though, we didn’t know much about her – not even her name. Echo has appeared in a number of Epic’s UE5 tech demos, such as the playable Lumen in the Land of Nanite and Valley of the Ancient.

Her appearance in these demos left many players wondering if we might see Echo in her own game in the future. As it stands, though, it seems that Epic Games has no plans for one just yet. But that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of her; Echo is about to join Fortnite’s impressive roster of character skins, meaning she could be duking it out with the likes of Batman, Chun-Li, and Rick Sanchez.

Thanks to her addition to Fortnite, we now know a little bit more about her character. She’s called a “windwalker,” which makes a lot of sense given her gliding skill previously seen in the UE5 reveal trailer. A new animation by Mold3D Studio, titled “Slay,” has also been released, showing off some of her combat prowess.

The Windwalker Echo skin will be available from today in the Item Store for 800 V-Bucks. In regards to the cosmetic, only a skin is currently available. It’s unclear if Epic are planning to add in some additional themed cosmetics for this character.

Her addition to the game comes during the run-up to the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 finale taking place this Sunday on Sept. 12. Check out Operation: Sky Fire when it launches for a unique, one-time event.

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