The Solution To The Crypto Market Crash
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The solution to the crypto market crash

The current markets are worrying investors to the point where it may have long term effects on the crypto market. The abrupt emergence of…

The current markets are worrying investors to the point where it may have long term effects on the crypto market. The abrupt emergence of the crypto craze has unfortunately died off ever since the DogeCoin debacle. While this trend in the crypto market may have a negative impact on most of our cryptocurrency portfolios, there are still upsides to this bear market that most have not begun to take advantage of.

Dollar backed stable coins.

Most people don’t realize not only is the stable coin backed by the dollar so the value does not fluctuate compared to the USD, there are many opportunities that even in a bear market people can take advantage of.

So what are the most profitable of these opportunities while you wait years for some of your stocks and cryptos to climb back up? ROI Contracts.

What are ROI Contracts?

ROI Contracts are a new method of the crypto community pooling their tokens to gain a short term profit that can only take a couple days!

So, how does it work?

Levenue models the ideas of SSI (that tax that’s taken out of every one of your paychecks) but revamps it to create short term high interest profits. Investors pool their money together and get rewarded based on the lockup period of their investment. The smart contract creates a cyclical fluctuation of it’s liquidity relying on continuing investors and a steady growth of investors.

When is the perfect time to invest in these ROIs?

If you can catch a project on its first couple weeks of launch, you can almost always guarantee that you will keep making a short term investment income so as long as others do the same.

Are there any particular ROIs that will be smart to invest in soon?

Yes! On January 29, 2022 we will be launching the all new ROI contract:


The solution to the crypto market crash

Levenue is a smart contract that locks your BUSD for either 10, 20, or 30 days and lets you withdraw a certain percentage of interest. The three lock up periods differ in how much interest you will gain over time. The smart contract reads:

10 days = 141% of your investment

20 days = 191% of your investment

30 days = 241% of your investment

The smart contract will go public for all to verify on the day of the launch.

Let’s stop thinking about the tanking markets and invest in some stable returns!




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