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While Bitcoin and Ethereum Dominance Slides, Stablecoin Market Caps Reap the Rewards

During the past 30 days, $285 billion has left the crypto economy and bitcoin’s USD value hit a 2022 low at $17,593 per unit...

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What Makes Alpaca BSC’s 3rd Biggest Protocol?

Alpaca Fiance, is an all-in-one lending, liquidity mining, and stablecoin project that has become the third-largest BSC protocol by TVL.

Mech Master Announces the Launch of Public Testnet and the Opening of Whitelist

Mech Master, a first-ever 3D Turn-based Mecha Blockchain game announced the launch of its public testnet and also, the opening of whitelist. With this, Mecha fans will be able to experience first-hand the attractive gameplay and top-notch graphics of the Mech Master game through its Public Testnet. This is expected to be a boom in GameFi.

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What's so great about the upcoming Mech Master Public Testnet?

Led and operated by a team of the most elite in the fields of gaming, art, and technology, Mech Master is currently in the stage of releasing the first brainchild to the public.

This is a significant milestone to help the project gain its well-deserved reputation, and collect feedback and suggestions to improve product quality.

Besides the thorough preparation from the development team, what makes the Public Testnet of the game so attractive is the character NFT set, and the in-game equipment. These premium digital assets are distributed for free to players so they can effortlessly take part in the test, and enjoy the in-game rewards thereafter.

Last February, Mech Master sold out all 400 NFT tickets on the prestigious NFT exchange Binance NFT, with the highest price ticket sold at 400,000 BUSD. That is to say the liquidity and in-game value of the Public Testnet rewards is extremely large.

How to be whitelisted for Mech Master Public Testnet?

• Registration time: from 12PM UTC March 21, 2022 to 12PM UTC March 27, 2022
• Event duration: 2 weeks - from 12PM UTC March 30, 2022 to 12PM UTC April 13, 2022
• Number of slots: 300
• Joining conditions: Holding at least 1 Mech Master Mecha; or being KOLs, game streamers, or blockchain enthusiasts with a large audience. All interested players need to submit the registration form before the deadline.

About Mech Master game: The first-ever game to be published in its Metaverse ecosystem

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As the leading project in its ecosystem, the Mech Master game is a combination of turn-based strategy and card game, allowing players to plan the tactics to win the intense PvP battles. Each mortal combat takes place in approximately 20 minutes, with each turn lasting 15 seconds. Mech Master showcases its massive asset libraries in the game, facilitating its players to assemble the best Mecha lineup.  To start battling, players just need to assemble a squad of 3-5 Mechas, equip them with the most advanced weapons, and bring in talented pilots to control them.

Mech Master is considered one of the best games in the P2E NFT space, with unique gameplay and lucrative earning potential. The project is on its way to releasing new game modes, features, as well as special events for obtaining rare in-game items. The development team's effort and proficiency will be illustrated in the upcoming Public Testnet.

To know more about Mech Master visit www.mechmaster.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MechMaster_IO

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/MechMaster_ANN

Telegram Global: https://t.me/MechMaster_Official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mechmaster.io

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mechmaster_io

Discord: https://discord.gg/xs8MDRvbaF

Medium: https://mechmaster.medium.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4syNhfjzAxB7Uf6bguItLQ/featured

Media Contact:

Contact Person: Ron Nguyen

Company: Mirai Studio

Email: contact@mechmaster.io

Website: https://mechmaster.io/

The Number of SHIB Holders Shudders in 3 Days, Shiba Inu Slid 17% in Value Last Month


While most digital currencies have seen gains during the last month, the meme token called shiba inu has lost more than 17% during the last 30 days. Despite the fact that shiba inu is down 72% from the crypto asset’s all-time high, shiba inu is still up 37,130% against the U.S. dollar over the last…

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Stablecoins Now At $187 Billion, UST And USDN Volume On The Rise


There has been fast growth in the stablecoin economy, with a recent total of $187 billion, which is quite near the $200 billion thresholds. Stablecoins like Terra’s UST and Neutrino Protocol’s USDN are gaining popularity even as Tether remains the most widely used. They experienced a nearly 30% and a 44% rise in issuance in…

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BODASWAP: The First Decentralized Exchange Removing Slippage for Binance Chain Tokens

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BRISBANE, AUS, Mar 15, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - The Decentralized Finance space has boomed from success stories like DOGECOIN, SAFEMOON, SHIBA INU, BABY DOGE, KISHU INU and more who are bringing users to Decentralized Exchanges like PANCAKSWAP, MDEX, UNISWAP, SPOOKYSWAP, QUICKSWAP, and more, to trade their tokens. In just 24 hours PANCAKESWAP receives an average of $828,389,383 USD in Trading Volume. Followed closely by SPOOKYSWAP receiving an average of $510,961,838 USD in Trading Volume in 24 hours.

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While everyone is scrambling to find the next big thing in DeFi, BODA Token has been working hard to build a unique and first-of-its-kind product for the DeFi sector. Boda Token is proud to announce its successful launch of BodaSwap! The First Decentralized Exchange to eliminate Slippage requirements when trading Binance Chain tokens. Unlike other DEX platforms like Pancakeswap, MDEX, UniSwap, SpookySwap, Quickswap, and many more, which require a minimum slippage input to trade tokens, BodaSwap is free from slippage. Slippage is often used to create a buffer when swapping two tokens on a Decentralized Exchange, and while not always charged as a fee, sometimes the slippage can cost the user a small number of tokens in the trade. By eliminating the slippage requirement, tokens traded on the BodaSwap DEX give the user more value for their swap. A DeFi trader who utilized Pancakeswap and BodaSwap, where two identical trades were made, was able to demonstrate that the gas fee on Pancakeswap cost the user $2.28 and the gas fee on BodaSwap only cost $1.69. Saving the user 59 cents in gas fees by using BodaSwap.

BodaSwap is a utility product that will provide added value to the native BODAV2 token, which is part of the Boda Company. Revenue generated from trades on BodaSwap will be utilized for buyback and burns of BODAV2 tokens. This process will help to increase the value of BODAV2 tokens and provide more BUSD Rewards to existing holders of BODAV2 Tokens.

Based on the average daily volume received on Pancakeswap at over $800 Million USD, the 0.2% fee per trade on BodaSwap could potentially generate $1.6 Million USD per day for BODAV2 Tokens. With 6% of that $1.6 Million USD, $96,000 USD, converted to BUSD rewards for token holders.

BODAV2 Token is the highest paying reward token on Binance Smart Chain, automatically rewarding its holders in the form of Binance Pegged BUSD. Since BUSD is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar it will never shift in price, making it a great choice for passive income. As a DeFi token that automatically rewards investors with a stable passive income for holding, BODAV2 helps to reduce the risks involved with cryptocurrency market volatility. Holders can keep earning during a crypto bear market as token price does not affect the BUSD rewards. Over time, holders can earn enough BUSD rewards to cover their initial investment, turning their investment into a cost-free asset.

No other smart contract is like BODAV2 as it has been built from scratch. An anti-whale and anti-dumping mechanism help to protect investors from heavy losses. BODAV2 has been audited by Certik, the leading Smart Contract Auditing Company in the world, which provides much greater security and peace of mind for BODAV2 holders.

BodaSwap is a real contender in the Decentralized Exchange sector as the first DEX to facilitate trades without slippage and with lower gas fees. Many users will find themselves turning to BodaSwap over other DEXs like Pancakeswap with the ease of trading tokens and paying less in fees.

In addition, BodaSwap is providing a Fiat On-ramp for customers to purchase cryptocurrency with Visa or Mastercard. This Fiat-to-Crypto feature is ideal for customers in locations such as America where purchasing crypto tokens such as BNB can be difficult.

With companies like Binance pushing crypto further into the mainstream audience, people finally realize the true potential of Crypto Currencies. It is this sentiment that will continue to bring BodaSwap & BODAV2 and its community to new and even greater heights.

Media Contact:
Company: BODA Token
Website: https://bodatoken.app/
Discord: https://discord.gg/XMF4UctSnv
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BodaToken
Email: billy@bodatoken.org


Copyright 2022 ACN Newswire. All rights reserved. www.acnnewswire.comBoda Token is proud to announce its successful launch of BodaSwap! The First Decentralized Exchange to eliminate Slippage requirements when trading Binance Chain tokens.

BitPay Brackets: Round 1 Voting Now Open

BitPay Brackets voting is open! Cast your vote and see if your favorite coins move onto the next round. Which will be the next cryptocurrency to explode? Find out with BitPay Brackets.
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Stablecoin Economy Nears $200B, UST Supply Jumps Higher, USDN Spikes 43% in 30 Days

Tag Template - News Hub PRODuring the last 12 months the stablecoin economy has grown massive and the current valuation today is only $13 billion away from tapping the $200 billion mark. This month, the two biggest gainers in terms of 30-day issuance include Terra’s UST jumping 29.9% and Neutrino Protocol’s USDN spiking 43.8%. Stablecoin Market Capitalization Continues to Swell, […]

BitPay Brackets Cryptocurrency Tournament

Introducing the first BitPay Brackets tournament. Vote for your favorite coin in these head-to-head match ups. Which will be the next cryptocurrency to explode? Find out with BitPay Brackets.

Cryptoday 074 – Cyball Income Calculations (Tagalog)

Tinalakay ni Luis Buenaventura kung paano kumikita sa NFT game na Cyball.

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Curve Protocol : Leading DEX for Stablecoins

Curve Protocol : Leading DEX for Stablecoins

USDC, USDT, BUSD, PAX, TrueUSD, and DAI are all examples of stablecoins that have recently gained popularity. They have an issue with price stability and liquidity (particularly decentralized stablecoins). When MakerDAO reduced its stability charge to 5.5 percent, many customers of Compound (which had an interest rate of 11 percent at the time) decided to stay because they had taken out a loan in DAI and changing DAI to USDC is a costly procedure.  At the same time, many DeFi users are eager to lend their stablecoins in exchange for a 5% APR, which is far higher than what traditional banking gives. Users would be hesitant to provide the same money to trading firms that guarantee profits. Curve Finance addresses the issue of lack of liquidity while trading Stablecoins and high costs.  Introduction Curve Finance uses liquidity pools and bonding curves to enable high-efficiency stablecoin trading and low-risk rewards for liquidity providers. When trading from one stablecoin to another on Curve, customers are not vulnerable to the price slippage on DEXs. Curve, unlike Uniswap, lends assets on Compound when they aren’t being traded and pays liquidity providers interest on those loans. Curve was created as an alternative to trading stablecoins on general-purpose DEXes like Uniswap, which have algorithms that aren’t designed for such transactions. Curve’s debut resulted in increased liquidity and more competitive prices for stablecoins. As interest rates in money markets changed, DeFi lenders might quickly and efficiently switch from  USDT to USDC or USDC to DAI etc. Curve is an Ethereum-based exchange liquidity pool. The Curve is built for incredibly efficient stablecoin trading and low-risk trading fees go to liquidity providers and veCRV holders. Curve currently offers over 40 distinct official liquidity pools, with the tricrypto2 (USDT / wBTC / WETH) and 3pool (DAI / USDC / USDT) being two of the most popular. However, it’s worth noting that pegged asset trading is still a big part of the market. CRV Token CRV is the Curve protocol’s governance token. It is primarily utilized to incentivize liquidity to the platform. The rise in capital benefits Curve users because it gives more trading liquidity and decreases slippage for end-users. Voting, staking, and raising rewards can be gained by using the CRV token. Users can participate in the community and can introduce or vote on proposals.  Depositors can obtain 50% of all trading fees generated by the protocol by staking their CRV tokens. Liquidity Providers can use boosting to increase their CRV awards by up to 2.5x. To access all of these features, token owners must lock their CRV in Curve for vote-escrowed CRV (veCRV) in exchange. The longer the CRV is locked in Curve, the more veCRV you received. For example, 1,000 CRV locked for a year produces 250 veCRV, but the exact amount locked for four years produces 1,000 veCRV. As a result, the longer the lock-up period, the greater the user’s voting power and incentives. This ensures that token holders are invested in the protocol’s long-term success. Curve Token Distribution The following groups received CRV tokens as part of the initial token distribution: 61% to pre-CRV liquidity providers with a one-year vesting period; 30% to shareholders (founders and investors) with a 2-4-year vesting period; 3% to team members with a two-year vesting period; and 5% to the community reserve. The remaining 57 % of the overall maximum supply will be given in stages to future liquidity providers as incentives. Despite the original supply of 1.3 billion, the effective circulating quantity of CRV was zero at launch, due to vesting schedules. Based on this timeline, the inflation of released CRV is expected to be large in the next few years. Only 11.2 percent of the supply is in circulation as of March 10, but that number is expected to rise to 3.37 billion in five years. How to Trade on Curve DEX? Similar to most DeFi applications, you have to allow Curve protocol on your wallet to interact with your DAI or USDC balance before you can trade. Select the asset you’d want to convert (for example, USDC) and the amount (for example, 1,000) on the exchange; the exchange rate and quantity you’ll receive (including all slippage and costs) will be displayed. Curve’s value is in its ability to surprise you with its exchange rate.  Fees Currently, all pools have a 0.04 percent fee, 50% of which goes entirely to liquidity providers and 50% to veCRV holders. There is no charge for administration. DAO members have power to determine fees and pool specifications. What are Liquidity Pools? Liquidity pools are a type of smart contract that contains a pool of tokens. If you were to make a pool of DAI and USDC, one DAI would equal one USDC. You would have the same number of tokens in the pool, … Continued

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Best DAO Coins To Invest and Trade Now March 2022

Coin prices are on the downtrend once more, despite the ensuing 24-hour gain. Still, investors remain confident – even with DAO tokens.  Decentralized Autonomous Organizations [...]

DeFiHorse Is Announcing Its IBCO Now

MAHE, Seychelles, Mar 10, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - DeFiHorse announces IBCO on 10th March 2022 at 1pm UTC time on their website. Millions of investors all over the world are waiting for this IBCO so that they can become the real investors of the top global project. With 6,680,000 Defihorse tokens for sale will be live soon. Investors can check here for more information: http://ibco.defihorse.com/ibco/

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DeFiHorse has raised $5 million in capital from several overseas ventures to produce a stunning horse metaverse project, in both gameplay and graphics, based on blockchain technology. It's been a tough ride but DeFiHorse definitely enjoyed it, also, very proud of it too. Together with 500.000+ members, 40+ backers, and trusted partners who are always ready to support no matter what.

This February, DeFiHorse successfully organized the INO event: 300 Heroic NFT Boxes with the price of 300.000 BUSD were sold out despite the current market.

DeFiHorse is a horse racing Metaverse e-sports game built on Blockchain technology and NFTs. Players will be able to experience and enjoy horse racing on a whole new level when players enter DeFiHorse. The game provides majestic legendary War Horses that players use to compete in infinite Cyberpunk horse races.

The TAP TO EARN system of DeFiHorse allows users to directly interact with the game, improving the character's experience. During the race, in addition to equipping items and breeding horses, players can interact with reality to help their steed outperform other competitors. There are also additional aspects in the game, such as the Horseverse, which lets users acquire land, buy stables, or choose and arrange their own horse races. Because this is a unique system that only DeFiHorse has, this game is projected to become the next big thing in the world of NFT horse racing games.

To participate in buying IBCO DeFiHorse, investors just need to follow a few steps:

  • Step 1: Access this website http://ibco.defihorse.com/ibco/
  • Step 2: Connect your Metamask and deposit quantity BUSD investors want to participate buy sale token. 6,680,000 tokens waiting for you.

Social Links:
Telegram Global Community: https://t.me/DefiHorse_community
Telegram News: https://t.me/DefiHorse_news
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Defi_Horse
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/DefiHorse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DefiHorse/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/DefiHorse
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ar/713556950015542/
Medium: https://defihorse.medium.com/
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@DefiHorse
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/defihorse
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DeFiHorseOfficial/

Media Contact
Brand: DefiHorse
Contact: Lily, CMO
Email: hello@DefiHorse.com
Website: https://defihorse.com/

SOURCE: DefiHorse

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