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Target Data Breach: Should You Panic?




Reading Time: 2 minutes

Target data breach If you used a credit or debit card at a Target department store between November 27th and December 15th, your card data may have been stolen by hackers who accessed the store’s point of sale system, aka checkout. The Target data breach is one of the largest ever, compromising the credit card data of 40 million customers. The company is urging customers not to panic and wants you to know that the exposure to the hackers is not as great as many people think.

Well, yes. Target is correct about what the hackers can’t do with the data. However, as a Target customer who is a potential victim of this breach myself, I am more concerned about what the bad guys CAN do with the data. They can make duplicates of my cards that can be used to make purchases at retail stores.

Fortunately, they do not have my pin number required for ATM withdrawals and for debit card transactions. They do not have the unencoded version of the 3 or 4 digit CV code needed to use the card in most online transactions. Target is asserting that the data breach is limited to the card data, which means the hackers won’t be able to commit non-card related identity threat fraud, such as fraudulent loan and credit applications.

I also know from personal experience that my bank is vigilant. When I made a purchase from a Canadian web site last year I received a potential fraud warning and a follow-up phone call from fraud prevention. I had the same response from them once when I made some cash withdrawals that they thought looked suspicious.

I have no problem with this. I’m glad they are on top of it.

However, if cancelling the cards you have used at their store is “panicking” then I for one have panicked. And why not? I walked into branches of my banks and in a few minutes got my cards replaced. There is a huge market for fake credit cards, conducted on web sites in a private portion of the internet referred to as the Darknet. Why wait until you’re a victim of the Target data breach to take action?


Cyber Security

Start Your Cyber Security Career with CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification – Train Yourself Online




CompTIA Security+ Certification

The CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-501 an examination course which is globally accepted for security aspects in the field of IT.

It helps in getting complete skills and knowledge for security grounds covering essential aspects like risk management and network security.

This globally-recognized CompTIA Security+ course helps in getting complete knowledge regarding application security, devices, network, mitigation techniques, policies, regulations, laws, and much more that is helpful in obtaining the certification.

What you will learn:

The CompTIA Security+ certification training and examination comes with topics that include detailed knowledge from the basics to the advanced level, CompTIA Security+ syllabus include:

  • Implementing security configuration parameters
  • Use secure network administration principles
  • Network design elements and components
  • Implementing common protocols and services
  • Troubleshoot security issues
  • Introduction to the importance of risk
  • Security implications
  • Implementing appropriate risk mitigation strategies
  • Implementation of basics of the forensic procedure
  • Details of incident response procedures
  • Importance of security-related awareness and training
  • Compare and contrast physical security and environment
  • Risk management and best practices
  • Selection of appropriate control
  • Explanation of types of malware
  • Various types of attack
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Types of wireless attacks
  • Types of application attacks
  • An appropriate type of mitigation
  • Tools and techniques for discovering security threats
  • Explanation of proper use of penetration testing
  • Importance of application security controls
  • Mobile security concepts and technology
  • Selection of appropriate solution

You can also download the syllabus of complete comptia security+ pdf.

The CompTIA Security+ Certification examination comes with around 90 questions that need to be answered in 90 minutes.

The question format covers multiple-choice and performance-based questions that are slightly hard to complete.

Comptia security+ certification
Study Path (click to Zoom)

CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-501 Exam: Tips for Passing

The CompTIA Security+ study guide will helps for the certification examination and it is one of the internationally accepted exams, and hence, it also comes with new levels of difficulty.

Here are some effective tips that would help in clearing the examination with ease.

Arriving early to the examination center

Yes, it is important to arrive early to the examination center. This would help in reducing the stress levels, especially for those who are very stressed with the exam tension.

Arriving early to the test centers would also be helpful in the allocation of seats, and the earlier you arrive, it would be more helpful.

In short, it would help an individual in reducing the stress levels, beginning the test on time, reduce the stress of writing the paper properly, etc.

Skip the Questions You Are Not Sure About

As soon as you receive the paper, begin with the questions you are sure about. This means, skipping the questions that don’t make any kind of sense to you, or you find it difficult.

It is also possible you would come to know the correct answer to the question once you complete the rest and come back to the question again.

You need to speed up for the first 45 minutes in answering a maximum number of questions, and hence, it is better to skip the questions you are not sure about.

Avoiding doing so might lead you out of time before completing the multiple-choice questions.

Give Proper Focus on The Confusing Words

Yes, it is important to read the question properly before you begin with answering.

The questions come with confusing words like best, most, least, etc. which might confuse you and get you to an incorrect answer.

The numerical digits can also lead to confusion that might lead you to incorrect answers.

Thus, it is important to read the question properly, understand them well, and then answer them to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Make sure you completely focus on the paper rather than looking here and there while attending the paper.

This might distract you from your dedication to the examination.

Go Through the Questions Properly

The questions hold a vital role in the paper, and hence, it is also important to read them properly before beginning the answer.

The papers might come with twisted questions that would bring you in dilemma on what to write.

It is also important to keep a watch on the keywords and the questions to give proper answers.

The keywords might also mislead you to a wrong answer. So, go twice through the question, understand the words of the question and then write an answer to get a positive mark.

Also, the question sometimes comes with the answer hidden in itself. So, read the questions properly before you think of answering them.

Other Effective Ways

Before you write any answer, make sure you think of it twice and then begin. Eliminate the two answers that you think are incorrect.

Doing so would bring you out of the confusion after writing the correct one. Read the question very well as this would drive you to the clues of writing correct answers.

Look after the negative words that change the meaning of the question leading you to confusion.

Along with negative words, there are chances the question might come with double negative words and you might get confused.

Make sure you think well before writing the answer, changing it would lead to confusions.

Make sure you mark the correct answer properly as simply putting a mark over it may provide you with negative marking.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam: Training Course

The training course for the SY0-051 examination comes with sections that cover:

  • Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Architecture and Design
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Risk Management
  • Cryptography and PKI
  • Acing the Exam

The course comes with complete knowledge and skill development aid for getting total hold over the concepts and the certification with complete indepth training.

How to Get This Course

  • Ethical Hackers Academy assists you with the Simple way to enroll the course. Please check here for How to enroll?.
  • Once you complete the enrollment process, the course access dashboard credentials will be sent to the registered email ID within 5 min.
  • You will also get lifetime access, so you no need to worry about the time frame. you can free to access the enrolled course anytime.
  • For more details, you can visit the Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) page.
  • Once you complete the course, You will get the certificate within 24 hours via email.

About Ethical Hackers Academy

Ethical Hackers Academy is one of the worlds leading E-learning platforms which founded in the year 2012 by a team of expert security professionals to provide the best Cyber Security training online.

EHA platform offering more than 100 courses and severing more than 120 countries with 100,000+ active learners.

Ethical Hackers Academy expert instructors have more than a decade experience with respective courses and aiming to teach master level cybersecurity skills in industrial recognized and leading cybersecurity domains such as Penetration Testing, ethical hacking, Malware analysis, All the compTIA Security courses, bug bounty, Exploit development, Kali Linux training, Android Hacking, Vulnerability assessment, network hacking, GDPR, Python Programming, Threat analysis, Reverse Engineering, Cyber forensics, IoT Security, SOC operations training, Web hacking,100+ Hacking tools and more.

You can explore all the Courses in Ethical Hackers Academy here.

You can follow us on LinkedinTwitterFacebook for daily Cybersecurity and hacking news updates.


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Cyber Security

Mojo Installer




mojo installer

Mojo iOS Installer is Best Cydia App Alternative Application for iOS 12/11/10 iPhone , iPad and Android devices that are not jailbreak. To no-jailbreak iOS users, MojoInstaller provides lots of paid & Cranked tweaks, + + Apps and hack apps. This is one of the old third party App store that runs very close to installers in TweakBox, Emus4u and Appvalley. This is Free and Open Source third-party app store that provides cost-free software from various categories.

    1. Best Alternative Cydia for iOS users.
    2. Offers to non-jailbreak users Cydia store cranked Downloads.
    3. Offers Applications from Different categories.
    4. Perfect option to the Appvalley and TweakBox.
    5. Cracked programs run without Screen.
    6. System Installer which is open source.
    7. Does not require a download of Payment for Applications.

Table of Contents

Install Mojo Installer

Step.1) From the iPhone or iPad device Safari browser, tap the Download button or the direct installation App icon on the Mojo Installer.

Step.2) Instead, a pop-up message like “Open this app in itunes” will appear. So just tap the Off button.

Step.3) Press Download button on next pad.

Step.4) Now a pop-up alert will be triggered, so press the Install button again.

Step.5) That’s it boys, finally press the Finished and Open MojoInstaller App store for free on your iOS device and get paid apps & + + tweaks.

Download Mojo Installer For iPhone/iPad | Install Mojo Installer on iOS

If you want to get Mojo Installer Update on iOS and want to get Mojo Installer Install on iPhone / iPad that too without jailbreaking, then you’re in the right place to get one of the most popular apps that lets you get hacked apps, games, modifications free of charge. Alternatives to the Mojo app include iOSEmus and IndigoHub.

Hi peeps, I ‘m back with the boom, I’m going to send you today the most anticipated software that lets you get some fantastic tweaks and games, that’s just “Mojo Installer.” If you are still waiting for the newly released iOS version of Jailbreak software, then wait as long as you can, but take a look at some other software which are alternatives to Cydia. Basically, Cydia is an AppStore that you’ll get after your iDevice has been Jailbreaking.

Note: Mojo Installer isn’t currently available in Apple AppStore, you need to download it from third-party websites, but don’t worry about that here in this article I’ll send you the direct link to Download Mojo Installer iOS!

But occasionally jailbreaking can cause some serious problems for your iDevices, so people nowadays tend to use the devices that allow them to access the premium and paid software, modifications, and games free of charge without jailbreaking. In those instances, Mojo Software comes into play to help non-jailbreak users have unlimited fun with revoked Devices from the AppStore. Learn all about installing Mojo Installer on iOS 12, 11 +, 10 +, 9 +, 8 +, 7 + Sans Jailbreak. Yeah, try iAP Free as an alternative to the Mojo App on iPhone / iPad.

What is Mojo Installer?

Mojo App is one of the best AppStore that gives you Cydia Apps & Emulators as well as your iDevices without jailbreaking. I can easily say that Mojo Installer is one of the Best Cydia Alternatives, with the latest Apps and Games always being updated. The best part is that you can get premium and paid apps free of charge without payment . In addition, many of the apps and games are unfortunately not available on the AppStore.

Disclaimer: The only reason we are publishing this guide (How to install Mojo Installer) is to help users test expensive devices before they decide to buy them.

Mojo Installer is actually a special type of AppStore that lets users download Apps and Games with additional features. The iPad will enhance the standard features of your iOS versions after downloading and installing Mojo Installer on your iPhone, which means it will boost your iDevice performance. Mojo also helps you to access additional functions to boost the functionality of your iOS system.

About Installer Mojo:

Name: Mojo App Installer
Source: Web site for third parties

Type: AppStore, Alternative to Cydia

Compatibility with:

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 +, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch Mini, iPod Touch

iOS Versions

iOS 13.1, iOS 13 Beta, iOS 12, iOS 12 Beta, iOS 11, iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.1.1, iOS 11.1.1, iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.2.2, iOS 11.2.1, iOS 11.2.2, iOS 11.2.5, iOS 11.2.6, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.3.1, iOS 10.0, iOS 10.0.1, iOS 10.0.2, iOS 10.0.3, iOS 10.0, iOS 10.0, iOS 90.1, iOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.3.1, iOS 10.3.2,


  • Cellular Fast Wi-Fi connection.
  • iOS versions older than iOS 7 +.
  • The iDevices for iPhone 5.
  • No need for iDevices to Jailbreak.
  • Need some room to Install this app on your iDevices.
  • Install Delta iPA emulator

Mojo Installer update For iOS 13 +, 12, 11 +, 10 +, 9 +, 8 +, 7 +:

After launching iOS 9 + versions, there are no major improvements in new Jailbreak tools, every tool is failing since Apple Company quickly fixed most of the vulnerabilities that were identified or used in previous jailbreak tools like Pangu, in that case you can’t access the Cydia software. I assume you already know about this already, Cydia is a built-in AppStore that is only available after Jailbreaking your computer, but Mojo Installer can help you get all the software, modifications, and games that are available in Cydia without breaking your iDevices as well.

Warning: According to Apple ‘s rules, jailbreaking is illegal, you can lose your system warranty, but you get premium apps and games that’s not a problem at all, the issue is that you lose warranty, so my advice to all my users is to use such types of third-party app stores, but be sure to use this knowledge for educational purposes only.

After downloading and installing the Mojo Installer App, you can download updated + + applications such as Pokémon Go++, Snapchat++, and Spotify++, along with loads of paid content from the app store. A lot of emulators and games are also included in this app, and you can download and install them without a Wi-Fi link, which means that the device also takes prehistory. Let’s learn all about Mojo Installer ‘s Features and Installation Measures. iPABox Also available here for iOS.

Mojo Installer Functions:

  • To download and install the software, you don’t need any coding skills.
  • Simple to navigate, and easy to use software.
  • No Jailbreak required.
  • Track downloads using the built-in Package History feature
  • You may also connect other hosts to get your packages downloaded at their edge.
  • 5 Languages that can be translated, meaning you can download them in a variety of languages.
  • No need to have Wifi or Internet access to download Mojo Builder software and games.
  • The pre-made quick search tool lets you find out the app you need.
  • There are several inbuilt features in this app.
  • From here you can free download Hackz4iOS.

Using Mojo Installer Without Jailbreak on iPhone / iPad:

Step 1) First of all, copy and paste the link below on your Safari tab, and scan or import it from the page below.

Assad Download:

Step 2) You can now automatically navigate to the official Mojo Installer website by simply clicking on the blue color option “Install Directly from your iDevice.”

Tap Download Option Directly from your iDevice

Step 3) Now you’ll see a specific page containing data on “What’s that doing? “Read that, and press” Form custom profile

Tap Build Custom Profile Get Installer Mojo

Step 4) Navigate to the Install Profile page automatically and check whether your iOS version is compatible with your iDevice, which means that it is either verified or unverified with the Mojo App or Not. If “Press Install” is checked then

Click Update Mojo Setup

Step 5) Just click on “Download Now” to get a pop-up that is like a checked profile.

Click Download Now Start Installing Mojo App

Step 6) “Tap on Install Mojo” again, which is the final step to get Mojo Install No Jailbreak installed successfully on your iPhone / iPad.

Click Downloading Mojo

Step 7) Here is a pop-up that asks you to install “Mojo,” only “Tap Install” to complete the installation process.

Then press Download

Step 8) Navigate to the Home screen, you can see Mojo Installer there.

Fix Mojo Installer Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error

I think you’ve got to trust the app because it’s AppStore third party that’s totally against Apple ‘s policies. If you trust the software, please follow the steps below to Trust the software and Correct Untrusted Enterprise User Error to use it with no problems.

    • Click Cancel if you get a pop-up of the untrusted enterprise creator.
    • Now follow the steps below to navigate to Profile Tab of the Settings.
    • Tap on “Trust,” < = iOS 9 “Settings” > > “General Settings” > > “Profile”
      iOS 9+>= “Settings” > > “General Settings” > > “Control of Applications” > > “Profile” press “Trust”

How to Replace Untrusted Entrepreneurs?

    • Click on the Mojo Installer file here, and then tap the Blue Link that appears in the image below.
    • Tap the Blue button
    • Now Click on Trust to use this program without any pop-up errors.
    • Press Trust

How to Fix Install Mojo Profile To Fail?

Often I think you may be wrong when installing Mojo Installer when installing Mojo User Profile. Yet here I send you the method of working to repair Profile Configuration Failure.

Step 1) Switch on Airplane Mode first and foremost on your iDevice.

Step 2) now go to “Setup” > > “Safari,” then “Press Simple History and Data on the Website.”

Step 3) Tap on Simple History and Info, again.

Step 4) Try restarting your iDevice and restarting the installation process, Switch Off Airplane Mode.

Mojo Vs Jailbreak Installer

The Mojo Installer isn’t just a kind of “jailbreak,” but instead a way to really make the most of Apple’s content and boost iOS’s basic features.

Mojo Vs Cydia Installer

Many specific device installers are out there including one of the industry’s most common names: Cydia. Cydia latter is considered to be a very great device, with the potential to have an impressive variety of features. However, Mojo is a great non-jailbreak option for those seeking less invasive ways to enhance their iOs device, without taking risks and without, for example, breaching their device’s warranty.

Installer with Mojo Ease of Use

The best thing about Mojo is it’s user friendly. In reality, some people are very afraid to use similar apps, because they don’t want to go through tough and complicated processes to hack their own iOS. However, there are several other ways to get your app to the next level, even if you’re not very tech savvy.

Mojo is certainly easier for all to use, as it helps users to find the apps they want and access them in a super easy way from inside Mojo.

The best thing is that in order to use Mojo and make the most of it you don’t need any specific technological knowledge or coding capabilities. Another advantage is that without the Wi-Fi link, mojo will still work, meaning you can still operate it offline.

Popular worldwide, Mojo is available in five different languages and provides the assistance of a very committed community. In case you find it hard to grasp what Mojo Installer is actually doing, let me try to make it a little easier for you. In short, Mojo Installer is an app …. that allows you to download from within other apps!

Why Use Installer Mojo?

“Why should I employ Mojo? “Could you ask. Can’t one simply download the same apps directly from Apple’s App Store? Yeah, there are still a wide variety of applications that aren’t currently available on iOS for one reason or another, meaning you can’t download them with your AppleID from your AppStore.


Mojo Installer is a great way to get access to all the apps you may want to download. Unfortunately all of these devices are not available on the AppStore. Mojo also helps you to access additional functionality that will boost your iOS device’s features. A lot of clever add-ons or other boosters are available so test them out with Mojo!

Frequently Questions Asked:

Question 1) Is Mojo-Installer safe to use?

Answer: Yes, it’s 100 % secure because it’s the one you can download from the encrypted SSL website, and I’m using it on my iDevices as well, it helps me a lot without making any mistakes.

Question 2) Why installer on Mojo?

Answer: Only purpose Non-Jailbroken Cydia Alternative, which also lets you access all software and games without jailbreaking free of charge.

Question 3) Was your permission revoked?

Answer: Yes, after 7 days of download, this app will be revoked so you need to use Anti Revoke Profile VPN to avoid revoking the data.


That’s it, I can certainly claim this app is one of the top non-jailbreak users Cydia Alternative. All Hacked Applications, Tweaked Apps , Games, and + + Apps are available for free. Mojo Installer is the best gate for accessing all the free and paid applications you would like to download. Now available here is Emus4U For iOS where you can use this as an alternative to the Mojo app.

For iOS 12, iOS 11 +, iOS 10 +, iOS 9 +, iOS 8 +, iOS 7 + on iPhone / iPad Without Jailbreak, this article mainly concludes you “How to Download Mojo Installer” & “How to Install Mojo Installer” If this article helps you download all of the apps and games you want, then share this article with your family and friends.


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Cyber Security

Week in review: MacOS ransomware, attackers bypassing WAFs, how to select a SIEM solution




Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles and reviews:

Critical flaw opens Palo Alto Networks firewalls and VPN appliances to attack, patch ASAP!
Palo Alto Networks has patched a critical and easily exploitable vulnerability (CVE-2020-2021) affecting PAN-OS, the custom operating system running on its next generation firewalls and enterprise VPN appliances, and is urging users to update to a fixed version as soon as possible.

Does analyzing employee emails run afoul of the GDPR?
A desire to remain compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy laws has made HR leaders wary of any new technology that digs too deeply into employee emails. This is understandable, as GDPR non-compliance pay lead to stiff penalties.

40% of security pros say half of cyberattacks bypass their WAF
There are growing concerns around the number of businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks due to hackers’ ability to bypass their Web Application Firewall (WAF), Neustar reveals.

New technique keeps your online photos safe from facial recognition algorithms
Researchers have developed a technique that safeguards sensitive information in photos by making subtle changes that are almost imperceptible to humans but render selected features undetectable by known algorithms.

How do I select a SIEM solution for my business?
To select an appropriate SIEM solution for your business, you need to think about a variety of factors. We’ve talked to several industry professionals in order to get insight to help you get started.

New EvilQuest macOS ransomware is a smokescreen for other threats
A new piece of ransomware dubbed EvilQuest is being delivered bundled up with pirated versions of popular macOS software, researchers warned.

Magento 1 reaches EOL: Merchants urged to upgrade or risk breaches, falling out of PCI DSS compliance
When Adobe released security updates for Magento last week, it warned that the Magento 1.x branch is reaching end-of-life (EOL) and support (EOS) on June 30, 2020, and that those were the final security patches available for Magento Commerce 1.14 and Magento Open Source 1.

Ransomware attacks are increasing, do you have an emergency plan in place?
39% of organizations either have no ransomware emergency plan in place or are not aware if one exists. This is despite more ransomware attacks being recorded in the past 12 months than ever before, Ontrack reveals.

Microsoft fixes two RCE flaws affecting Windows 10 machines
Microsoft has released fixes for two remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows Codecs Library on Windows 10 machines.

Key cybersecurity industry challenges in the next five years
Pete Herzog, Managing Director at ISECOM, is so sure that artificial intelligence could be the biggest security problem to solve and the biggest answer to the privacy problem that he cofounded a company,, with an eclectic group of coders and scientists to explore this.

Fake “DNS Update” emails targeting site owners and admins
Attackers are trying to trick web administrators into sharing their admin account login credentials by urging them to activate DNSSEC for their domain.

200% increase in invoice and payment fraud BEC attacks
There has been a 200 percent increase in BEC attacks focused on invoice or payment fraud from April to May 2020, according to Abnormal Security. This sharp rise continues the trend.

Review: Qualys VMDR
It’s 2020 and the importance of vulnerability management should go without saying. In fact, knowing your assets and performing continuous vulnerability management are two of the Top 20 Critical Security Controls delineated by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

Remote employees encounter 59 risky URLs per week
Working remotely from home has become a reality for millions of people around the world, putting pressure on IT and security teams to ensure that remote employees not only remain as productive as possible, but also that they keep themselves and corporate data as secure as possible.

Data security matters more than ever in the new normal
A boom in remote access goes hand-in-hand with an increased risk to sensitive information. Verizon reports that 30 percent of recent data breaches were a direct result of the move to web applications and services.

New vulnerabilities in open source packages down 20% compared to last year
New vulnerabilities in open source packages were down 20% compared to last year suggesting security of open source packages and containers are heading in a positive direction, according to Snyk.

New privacy-preserving SSO algorithm hides user info from third parties
Associate Professor Satoshi Iriyama from Tokyo University of Science and his colleague Dr Maki Kihara have recently developed a new SSO algorithm that on principle prevents holistic information exchange.

Using confidential computing to protect Function-as-a-Service data
Organizations are embracing the power of Function-as-a-Service (FaaS). FaaS can be viewed as a very positive and beneficial result coming from years of data successfully migrating and operating in public clouds. AWS Lambda, Azure Functions and Google Cloud are today’s market leading platforms for enterprises to realize the power and benefits of FaaS.

How data science delivers value in a post-pandemic world
While the primary focus must be on preserving cash flow, what many companies don’t realize is the power evolving data science applications have on business continuity and growth during these uncertain times, and the importance of shifting data science roles in implementing effective solutions.


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Yapeal ist Live und lanciert erste Visa Debit-Karte der Schweiz

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Sunrise and YAPEAL Agree Partnership for Mobile Digital Swiss Financial Services App

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Major banks take another step towards ‘truly European’ payment system

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Shanghai soars more than 5%, leading gains in Asia as ‘bull sentiment’ drives markets

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Singapore witnessed over 50% growth in the blockchain sector.

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Celsius Network Review

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Here’s an exclusive look at the pitch deck robot startup BotsAndUs used to raise $2.5 million

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Uber reportedly agrees to acquire Postmates for $2.65 billion

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Tron (TRX) Price Jumps 5% And Showing Early Signs of A Fresh Rally

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Germany Wants to Give BaFin More Responsibility Amid Wirecard Scandal

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Insights: After Reaching 4 Million Users, Luno Enters Kenya and Ghana Next

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Bitcoin News Summary – July 6, 2020

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Customer Service Is Key, According to OKEx’s CEO

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Uber will acquire food delivery startup Postmates in $2.6 billion all-stock deal, reports say

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Open banking’s first loan approved

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UK to phase out Huawei gear from 5G networks in a major policy U-turn after U.S. sanctions, reports say

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Astronomers find the first known exposed core of a gas giant

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SelfWealth (ASX:SWF) welcomes influx of active traders in June quarter

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Singapore’s Blockchain Landscape Has Grown More than 50% Since Last Year

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Lydia expands credit offering in partnership with Younited Credit

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illuminance Solutions partners with Microsoft Partner Wiise to offer significant software savings to NDIS providers

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Bitcoin at Potentially Significant Turning Point: $9,000 Holds The Key

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Oil prices mixed as coronavirus spike casts shadow over U.S. demand

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City in China’s Inner Mongolia warns after suspected bubonic plague case

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Remains of missing Texas soldier Vanessa Guillen have been identified, family lawyer says

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Kraken Daily Market Report for July 05 2020

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This Unexpected Metric Shows That Crypto Is in a Booming Bull Market

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Bitcoin Is the ‘New’ Apple — How BTC Price Could Reach $60,000 by 2023

CNBC4 hours ago

Hong Kong national security law may spook socially conscious investors, sparking outflows

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Investing in Basic Attention Token: Betting Against Facebook and Google

Blockchain4 hours ago

Quick Guide on Mechanics of Bitcoin Trade

Start Ups4 hours ago

We ignore indoor airborne spread of coronavirus at our peril: Over 200 scientists ask WHO and CDC to be more forthright and mitigate indoor airborne transmission

CNBC5 hours ago

Millennials are piling into stock trading in Asia. Here’s how to make the most of your money

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Expedia Partners With Crypto Service for Crypto Bookings

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AMTD Digital acquires FOMO Pay

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NBN says 80% of leftover 109,000 premises could connect in 2020

Blockchain6 hours ago

Bakkt volume soars by 17% as institutional interest in crypto flourishes

Start Ups6 hours ago

There is a positive correlation between levels of in-person restaurant spending in the last 3 weeks and the spread of coronavirus, JP Morgan finds

BBC6 hours ago

Brain-eating amoeba: Warning issued in Florida after rare infection case

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Peter Schiff Expects Bitcoin’s Pivotal $9,000 Support to “Give Way”