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What is a Mobile Wallet?

A mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that stores your credit or debit card information and cash balances. It is accessible through a mobile...

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US Senate Wants to Know Why Google and Apple REPEATEDLY FAILED to Stop Crypto-Stealing FAKE Apps of their App Stores… | Crypto News Live...

Sherrod Brown, chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, has requested Apple and Google CEOs Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai to clarify why bitcoin...

The Top Seven Reasons Why Crypto is Better Than the Canadian Dollar

In recent years, the crypto exchange market has boomed. Well-established crypto brands and newer coins are emerging every day. The market has met consumer...

What are blockchain layers? A beginner’s guide

A lot of questions are in the minds of people about what blockchain layers are, what they mean and why they are important. In...

Web 3 Privacy Service, ShareRing, Boost User Data Sovereignty

ShareRing, a decentralized platform aiming to promote privacy and sovereignty of data, launched its new website. The new reimagined website provides users with frictionless...

Different options to choose from For Buying CVV Online

If you are looking to buy CVV online, you have a few different options to choose from. You can save both money and time...

13 Best Web Scraping Tools

More than 5 billion users generate an enormous amount of data every second, with almost 90% of the data being unstructured. Web intelligence is...
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Functionality Review of Gem4me Application

The recent political events introduced significant adjustments to our lives. As of today, it is ever so crucial to follow the latest news and...

Everything you need to know about Neosurf

If you have not heard of Neosurf before, this is an article you should definitely read. Neosurf is an online payment service that allows...

A U.S. CBDC: Disaster, or An Idea Who’s Time Has Come?

The notion of a digital dollar for the United States has been increasingly in the news over the last month. Research into a potential Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) was called for by an executive order from President Biden in March, and it’s easy to see why: between efforts abroad from China to make moves in the space, to the increasing adoption rate of cryptocurrencies and other faster payments technologies, it’s clear to see that the technology has caught up to the vision, and implementation could offer significant advantages. However, not everyone thinks that a Federal Reserve-backed digital currency is

The post A U.S. CBDC: Disaster, or An Idea Who’s Time Has Come? first appeared on FinTech Rising.

State: Moldy products recalled from Sacred Garden cannabis stores | Local News

The state agency overseeing New Mexico’s cannabis industry announced it has recalled moldy products found on the shelves of a ... Read More

Premier Hemp Labs and Leading CBD Retailer Call for Industry Reform and Standardized Testing

LAS VEGAS — As cannabinoids become more mainstream and the hemp and cannabis industries evolve, it should be commonplace for consumers to find high-quality options based on their product labels. […]

Releaf Group announces partnership with iconic US cannabis lifestyle brand Cookies

MELBOURNE, Australia — Australia’s leading cannabis franchise group, Releaf Group, has just announced its new partnership with North American cannabis lifestyle brand Cookies. As part of the agreement, Cookies’ world-renowned […]
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