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How the public cloud benefits financial institutions

Cloud services are transforming business operations for financial institutions, providing a modern IT infrastructure while mitigating cyber risk. Referred to by IBM as “one...

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FinovateEurope 2022 Best of Show Winners Announced

Day One of FinovateEurope is in the books. The demos are done and, now that the votes of our attendees have been counted, we are happy to introduce the winners of Best of Show for FinovateEurope 2022. Dreams for its engagement banking platform, rooted in cognitive and behavioral science, that offers a unique way to Read more...

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The Best Stratis Casinos And Gambling Sites

It's always nice to see casinos accepting more cryptocurrencies and providing more ways for their players to gamble. Here are the top casinos that are accepting Stratis as a payment method.

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We May Soon Have Global Digital Identities – Part 1/2

The United Kingdom government has announced plans to establish new legislation to manage the advent of digital identities for use in modern society in a secure manner (1). While announcing the news last week, following a consultation period (2), the DCMS department for culture, media, and sports stated that digital identities might soon replace physical […]

How to Earn Rewards in the Metaverse and Play-To-Earn Games Through Guzzler

The cryptocurrency space has grown immensely throughout 2021. At the beginning of the year, NFTs were just a mere notion. However, as the year progressed, they picked up the pace. The OpenSea marketplace for NFTs saw vast volumes of over $3 billion as NFTs such as CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club sold for millions of dollars apiece. The Metaverse has also taken shape recently, as many giant corporations begin to be interested in this virtual world. There is a need for open-source NFTs that can be used in any Metaverse regardless of the chain. Guzzler is a project that has identified this niche and has rushed to fill this gap. This article will discuss the solutions that Guzzler is bringing to the metaverse and NFT spaces. What Is Guzzler.IO? Guzzler is a project that aims to build operable and customizable non-fungible tokens that will be able to operate across different open worlds or metaverses. This will save time, and it will save energy for these rapidly growing worlds. For instance, if you are an explorer of the metaverses and in need of transportation to tour the metaverses, Guzzler can help you have a custom NFT car to take you through the metaverses without needing to exchange or to buy new cars for every metaverse you join. Guzzler.IO Roadmap Guzzler project began in November of 2021 with a presale and a launch. The project has been listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. The project made a huge marketing push on the Twitch platform, which is mainly used by gamers. Phase one and phase two of the Guzzler project have been completed. By December 2021, the project had over 2000 token holders, and they introduced new racecourses and updates into the game. As of December 2021, Guzzler had over 50,000 players. Currently, the project is in phase three, where the developers aim to create an open world or a metaverse, a race track, and delve into Metaverse real estate. The development team also aims to create an in-game NFT marketplace for their cars and auto upgrades. One of the significant sell points of the Guzzler project is the cross-world integration where gamers and owners of car NFTs can use them in more than one metaverse. This will be a game-changer in the metaverse since Guzzler will be the engine for the car that the user will use across all the supported metaverses. Guzzler.IO Tokenomics The Guzzler project has a native token- the GZLR token. These tokens can be staked and allow users or holders to gain access to some of the performance auto parts. The native token of the Guzzler ecosystem is an ERC-20 token. The tokenomics of the GZLR token are simple yet effective. Every transaction involving the GZLR token will be charged a 7% tax. 3% will go to marketing while 3% will go to liquidity pools. The other 1% will be added to reflections for the holders and hence with the GZLR token, holding is benefiting. Users will be able to stake GZLR tokens and earn rewards. These rewards will provide the holders with access to premium NFTs that the general public will not be able to access. These exclusive NFTs will be available to users who compete in the Guzzler games in single-player mode. Alternatively, users who have completed all levels while in single-player mode can sell their NFT car parts and upgrades on the Guzzler NFT marketplace to other players. Team Behind Guzzler.IO The team behind Guzzler is more than qualified for the job. Joey Poareo is the founder and the CEO of the project, and he has been working overtime on his philanthropic efforts to help orphans in homeless children. Fury, who is the chief development officer, is a genius game developer and has extensive expertise in mobile game development and multi-player implementation. He also has experience with smart contracts and blockchain technology and will be a great help to the project. GZLR Token has a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens. The liquidity is locked, and there is a 7% tax. The Guzzler community can be found on most social media platforms on the internet, including Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and even Medium. On November 17, 2021, the Guzzler platform was approved to use the KYC identity verification process. This means that your credentials and personal details are safe with the Guzzler team. If you would like to buy some tokens to participate in this exciting ecosystem, you can get the tokens on Uniswap and LBank. The bottom line of the Guzzler ecosystem is to play games, stake tokens, and earn profits. The more you stake, the more parts and upgrades you have. You can sell these performance packs for a lucrative profit on the Guzzler in-game NFT marketplace. Conclusion Guzzler is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make handsome profits and to enjoy yourself while in the process. Apart from this, the prospect of using one of NFT across multiple metaverses is exciting. As web 3.0 is developing, projects such as Guzzler need to begin making progress as we prepare for the new generation of internet and immersive social interaction through the Metaverse.   Image: Pixabay

Google Sets The Pace In What Could Be A Record Year For Cyber M&A

Tag Template - News Hub PROGoogle grabbed headlines last week when it announced it will pay $5.4 billion to buy cyber firm Mandiant. While the size of the deal alone is impressive, it may also be a harbinger for a record-setting year of M&A in the space.

Are Banks Ready to Say Goodbye to Passwords?

Passwords have been around for decades, having first been introduced back in the 1960s as a concept of authentication to cybersecurity. Since then, technology has evolved, consumer behavior has changed,

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KwikTrust’s SuperNFT: Shaping the Utility NFT Narrative in 2022

KwikTrust's SuperNFT: Shaping the Utility NFT Narrative in 2022
The term “utility” has been a source of concern for many NFT enthusiasts. The current NFT space has demonstrated a lack of innovation and a disregard for providing utility other than digital artworks being used as profile pictures across social media platforms such as Twitter and having little to no substance beyond that. Most NFT […]

Trulioo expands identity verification services in EMEA Region

Organizations using Trulioo solutions can now reliably and accurately verify individuals in Greece and Israel

(PRWeb March 15, 2022)

Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/trulioo_expands_identity_verification_services_in_emea_region/prweb18552627.htm

Alcatraz AI Confirmed to Show Autonomous Access Control at Data Center…

Showcasing Access Control Solution with Features Like Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Verification, and Tailgating Detection for their First Year at Data Center World

(PRWeb March 15, 2022)

Read the full story at https://www.prweb.com/releases/alcatraz_ai_confirmed_to_show_autonomous_access_control_at_data_center_world_2022/prweb18556757.htm

Stripe Jumps Back Into Crypto, Providing New Payment Options for Consumers and Companies

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The partnership with FTX and others will enable new payment channels and easier verification of users

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CarNow and Cion Digital Partner to Provide Consumers Option to Purchase and Finance Cars with Crypto

CarNow, the automotive industry's leading digital retailing company, today announced a partnership with Cion Digital providing customers a way to purchase and finance vehicles using cryptocurrency via an integration with CarNow's Real-Time Retail™ platform.

Cion Digital's ready-to-deploy modular payments and lending platform provides companies with access to all the connectivity, infrastructure and support needed to rapidly deploy blockchain-based real-time payment and lending solutions, and to incorporate digital assets into existing traditional and legacy payment and financing systems.

This capability will be made available to CarNow's entire network of nearly 5,000 dealers and will include a first-of-a-kind crypto lending marketplace that will let car buyers use their crypto as collateral for loans at highly competitive rates.

Commenting on the partnership, Tim Cox, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of CarNow said, "This partnership further demonstrates our commitment to providing our dealers and their clients with the most inclusive, dealer-friendly payment options. Now our dealers can better connect with a new kind of buyer who is looking to leverage next generation cryptocurrency payment options and create a more frictionless car buying journey. We're thrilled to be embarking on this alliance together as we look to transform the car-buying experience.”

Cion's Auto Dealership Cryptocurrency integration gives car buyers shopping at a dealership using CarNow flexible payment and lending options. Car buyers can choose to place a deposit on a vehicle with cryptocurrency, make a down payment, or pay for the vehicle in full. The platform allows for full payment in cryptocurrency, as well as options to combine both crypto and fiat currencies in the same transaction. Car buyers can also use cryptocurrency as collateral to qualify for a low-interest loan with one of several lenders in Cion Digital's lending marketplace - almost always at significantly better rates than traditional financing. Once a car buyer chooses how they want to pay, the order is ported from the CarNow platform to Cion Digital. The integration enables buyers to progress through identity verification (KYC) quickly and seamlessly and proceed to payment. 

Transactions are confirmed on the blockchain and transferred in compliance with AML and KYC regulations directly to the custodian in either crypto or fiat (as requested by the dealer) in just a few seconds. Dealers can then choose when they want to transfer settled funds via ACH into their bank account.

“Cion is excited to officially partner with CarNow to offer their dealer partners the ability for buyers to pay for vehicles in cryptocurrency or to use their cryptocurrency as collateral for what is often a lower cost loan,” said Fred Brothers, President and Co-founder of Cion Digital. “With more than half of Millennials now owning crypto, CarNow is increasing dealer capabilities for this fast-growing market of buyers who want more financing and purchasing options at the dealership.”

At rollout, buyers can select from the top 20 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tether, Litecoin, USDC, Polkadot and Dash. Future platform enhancements will include the ability to split the purchase price among multiple coins. 

Dealers interested in learning more about this partnership can visit CarNow at Booth #1771W at NADA 2022 for a demo or visit https://www.ciondigital.com/auto.

About CarNow

CarNow is a market leader in digital retailing solutions for the automotive industry. CarNow creates frictionless, real-time enterprise software solutions to facilitate the transaction between dealers and consumers. Through our solutions, shoppers receive enhanced virtual showroom services, live support at anytime, from anywhere, on any device. With over 5,000 dealership customers and over twenty manufacturer certifications, CarNow is one of the fastest growing companies in automotive. CarNow is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at https://carnow.com

CarNow Media Contact

Lou Laste



About Cion Digital

Cion Digital's proprietary Blockchain Orchestration Platform allows institutions to build innovative finance solutions quickly, and to seamlessly connect their legacy systems with the complex and ever-changing world of decentralized finance. 

Our Blockchain Orchestration Platform enables auto dealers and other big-ticket retailers to accept cryptocurrency transactions. We've built the ultimate crypto dealership platform to provide car payment and lending solutions unmatched in the industry. For more information visit us athttps://www.ciondigital.com/auto

Connect with us: Twitter | LinkedIn

Cion Digital Contact

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Payments Giant Stripe Launches Crypto Business Support

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Payment processing firm Stripe is now offering tools and services to cryptocurrency-focused businesses. In a new use-case announcement, Stripe says it’s making a wide suite of solutions available to the crypto industry, including accepting fiat currencies, identity verification and protection against fraud. Stripe co-founder and CEO John Collison took to Twitter to share some of […]

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