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PayRetailers and crypto exchange XBO.com partner to expand operations in LATAM

Through the partnership, XBO.com will be able to offer Latin American users to seamlessly trade fiat for crypto or crypto for fiat directly from...

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Here’s How and When Avalanche (AVAX) Price Will Hit $100 !

AVAX Price

The post Here’s How and When Avalanche (AVAX) Price Will Hit $100 ! appeared first on Coinpedia - Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto Guide

The past week has been a bullish run for AVAX as it has flipped multiple resistance levels. This development could further fuel Avalanche’s price towards all-time high and even beyond that. Since AVAX’s all-time high on November 21, 2021 that hit $146.75, the currency has seen four lower highs. But over the past week AVAX …

Fuel For Thought – Can the dealer of today serve the EV customer of tomorrow?

Automotive Monthly Newsletter and Podcast
This month's theme: Can the dealer of today serve the EV customer of tomorrow?


The jury is no longer out. Electric vehicles (EVs) are coming, and in large numbers. We have heard the message loud and clear. Nearly every major automaker in the United States has announced significant investment commitments to transition a substantial percentage of their product portfolio from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to EVs.

  • The number of available EV models in the US is expected to increase 10 times over, from 26 in 2021 to 276 in 2030
  • The adoption of these offerings is also expected to be widespread
  • California's share of EV sales in the United States is projected to decline from 35% in 2021 to only 12% in 2030
  • Tesla's share of EV sales will decline from 71% in 2021 to only 10% in 2030

To support this EV expansion, governments, companies, and EV consumers will be required to invest considerably to build out charging infrastructure, with the number of charging stations increasing from 850,000 in 2021 to nearly 12 million by 2030.

But what will this transition mean for the average US franchised dealer? What changes will be required to the traditional sales process? Will service revenue be at risk? What investments will be required? The pace of transition will differ dramatically across brands, but the challenges and opportunities will be similar. The brands and dealers that can create a simplified, customer-centric approach through this transition will create a key differentiator during this retail transformation.

The average franchise dealer will be tasked to sell, service, and manage relationships with a traditional ICE vehicle customer base, at the same time, trying to aggressively grow the EV business. Even with the dramatic growth expectations for EVs, the average dealer in 2030 will have a new vehicle sales mix of 70% of ICE vs. 30% EV. On the service side, more than 80% of vehicles in operation (VIO) will still be ICE vehicles. The prolonged dominance of ICE vehicles will translate to hesitation from dealers to shift their substantial resources to support EV growth. Sales manager compensation will continue to be dominated by selling the traditional ICE vehicle inventory. Service lanes and workshop processes will continue to be organized around ICE vehicle maintenance and repair requirements. The challenge will be to maintain these core business operations while also laying the groundwork for the transition to EVs and an evolving business model.

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Dealers are being asked to make significant investments in charging infrastructure as they prepare for EV launches. OEMs are establishing the prescriptive requirements based on sales opportunity for each dealer. Although these investments are often quite large, they are straightforward and relatively easy to plan for. Specific EV training will be another key area of focus for OEMs and dealer investment. Dealers may try to identify key EV personnel as "experts" while increasing their general dealership knowledge. This task is challenging when the majority of daily business activity will continue to focus on traditional ICE customers. OEMs will prioritize EV training requirements coinciding with key vehicle launches, while also rolling out continuous learning opportunities. Dealers will need to recognize the long-term importance of these opportunities and prioritize the goal of developing EV expertise across nearly all dealership roles. The best performing dealers will look for immediate opportunities to apply this EV knowledge. Many consumers, even those not ready to purchase an EV, will have questions, providing an opportunity to establish EV credibility within the existing customer base. Understanding the reasons behind an EV purchase , proactively identifying those customers, and creating targeted marketing will accelerate the return on investment and establish a competitive edge in capturing EV growth.

The transition to EVs for traditional franchise dealers introduces a significant complexity risk. A distracted, disjointed business will struggle, but a focused, harmonized business will thrive. OEMs are aware of the risk. Ford recently announced its network strategy to distinguish ICE dealers, such as those offering the Ford Blue, from EV dealers, for example offering the Ford Model e, creating separate, unique dealer-operating standards for each. Ford dealers have clearly voiced some trepidation over this approach and there will likely be some hurdles in the execution. However, it is likely we will see more OEMs following Ford's lead as traditional automakers attempt to simplify the retail approach and compete more effectively with EV-only brands, namely Tesla. If successful, traditional automakers may find that fully leveraging their dealer networks will provide the competitive advantage they have been looking for to serve the EV customer of the future.


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ISO 20022 push creates data and logistical pain points for banks

SWIFT member banks must overcome major technology and business hurdles to upgrade their systems for ISO 20022 messaging requirements. The upcoming November adoption of ISO 20022 — a widely accepted standard for sending digital payment messages and data between financial institutions — and the rapid approach of services like FedNow and an ISO 20022-integrated Fedwire […]

Ethereum: Here’s the counter-argument to ETH’s bullish price action

Tag Template - News Hub PROEthereum’s price has recorded impressive gains over the past week. Now, that might look promising at first glance. However, this outlook couldn’t be further from the truth as on-chain metrics reveal the possibility of stunted growth for the cryptocurrency market’s favorite altcoin – ETH. Problems and hurdles stacked against ETH Despite rallying by roughly 21% […]

Viblos Announces the Launch of Its Decentralized Social Media Project

Tallin, Estonia, Mar 19, 2022 - (ACN Newswire) - Viblos announces the launch of its decentralized social media project. Viblos is a next-generation decentralized social platform that aims to democratize social media networks in order to help consumers and content providers to build businesses and wealth. Viblos will move this vision forward by completing the following tasks:

  • Giving creators control over their own work.
  • Encouraging authors to create genuine content.
  • Eliminating fake news by providing a content creation and consumption system that's verifiable and transparent.
  • Enacting the right to erasure, which allows users to select whether or not their content should remain on

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Over the past decade, many prominent social media platforms have progressed from being basic entertainment venues to becoming a cornerstone in many communities' way of life. Today, these websites are owned by a small number of major platforms that have complete control over the internet. While these platforms undoubtedly provide a respectable service to their consumers, the benefits they provide come at an exorbitant price that most users are unaware of. This is primarily due to the fact that the vast majority of users don't actually read through all of the terms and conditions when joining a social media network. In addition to disregarding consumer privacy, the algorithms and political inclination of these platforms are skewed when it comes to ranking content.

Sharing is a fundamental human experience and the rise of social networks has provided new opportunities to do so. Because of the intimate experiences that social networks provide, their membership has exploded in the last ten years. According to DataReportal, there were 4.33 billion active social media users in the world as of 2021. This equates to more than 55 percent of the worldwide population and more than 90 per cent of active internet users. Furthermore, according to recent figures, the average user spent more than two hours and 25 minutes on social media in 2020, which is an increase compared to the two hours and 22 minutes the year before.

At the same time, mobile phones are used by around 67 per cent of the world's population, with smartphones accounting for more than 75 per cent of all mobile devices. Because most mobile phone users access these platforms through their phones, the development of mobile devices has spurred the expansion of social networks. The increasing amount of time spent on these networks has opened up new chances for advertisers and other campaigns, as well as offered useful insights into user behavior. When social networks first began, they relied heavily on advertising and sales to make money.

How Are Blockchain and Decentralization Changing Traditional Social Media?

Here are the five primary hurdles that conventional social media networks must overcome:

  • Unequal monetization strategy:According to Social Media Examiner, 3,500 advertising impressions (CPM) equals a measly US$8.75 per month for the content creator Some platforms don't compensate authors at all, or worse, stop monetizing them at all, simply because they express beliefs that are contrary to the platforms' political inclination.
  • Privacy concerns:While most networks allow users to select how their information is shared with third parties, this doesn't sufficiently protect the users' privacy. Weak user passwords, which hackers and organizations may readily exploit, exacerbate the situation. According to Pew Research, nearly four out of ten social media users use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Government censorship:In most countries, social networks have essentially turned into public squares, and governments are taking a variety of measures to regulate them. Some administrations have used censorship to achieve their goals. Although users can circumvent prohibitions by using virtual private networks (VPNs), certain countries have cracked down on VPN services, making access to social media information impossible. Without access to social media, users in these nations become alienated as they are unable to communicate with their peers.
  • Security:Data leaked from these platforms have recently appeared on the dark web, resulting in an increase in crimes such as credential stuffing. Mainstream social networks collect data directly from users (information about themselves) and indirectly from other users when they post information about their friends. As a result, these networks end up sharing information about members which they themselves would never reveal.

In order to empower and build their enterprises, Viblos also plans to create a common thread and communication channel between celebrities and influencers and their networks. Simply put, we're a go-to platform where your wants and goals, whatever they may be, can come true. Our mantra is "one minute is enough; everything is possible within Viblos".

To find out more about Viblos, visit https://www.viblos.com/.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Viblos_platform
Telegram: https://t.me/vibloscommunity

Media Contact
Brand: Viblos
Contact: Juan Carlos Pérez Juárez
Email: info@viblos.com
Website: https://www.viblos.com

SOURCE: Viblos

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Throttle Your Solid Rocket Motors With This One Simple Trick!

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Bitcoin Can Be The Foundation Of Human Rights

The bad guys can’t stop Bitcoin, but Bitcoin can stop the bad guys.

Wirebond IC Substrates: Challenges Ahead

Choosing the right substrate design and surface plating process is key to ensuring supplier support.

The post Wirebond IC Substrates: Challenges Ahead appeared first on Semiconductor Engineering.


EUGENE, Ore. — Satori Investment Partners further expands existing brand portfolio with significant investment in Rebel Spirit, a top-selling Oregon cannabis company specializing in pre rolls. “Rebel Spirit represents so much […]

Ethereum Price Prediction: Approaches 50-day EMA At $2,820; More Gains Near $3,200 Next

Ethereum price action edges higher with significant gains. ETH extends the gains for the third straight session with increasing volumes. But the upside needs to clear multiple hurdles to reverse the prevailing downtrend. Ethereum’s price reclaims a one-week high on Wednesday. Expect more gains if close above 50-day EMA at $2,820. The momentum oscillators trade

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Solana (SOL) Price Analysis: Bulls Face Uphill Task

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