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South Korea asks Apple, Google to stop release of play-to-earn games


South Korea asks Apple, Google to stop release of play-to-earn games

Both Apple and Google have been asked by the South Korean government to remove play-to-earn games from their respective app stores. 

According to local media reports, the government has ordered the two tech companies not to produce any “money-making games” until they have been thoroughly investigated. 

Per the reports, the government has begun to monitor blockchain-based games.

Play-to-earn games being monitored 

The South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s Game Management Committee delivered a letter to specific operators prohibiting the distribution of these games. 

They want to implement the block by stopping the apps from being registered in the first place, which is why they’ve approached Apple and Google.

This is not, however, a full prohibition. These games appear to be ready for release, but they must first be rated by the Game Management Committee. 

The latter will consider factors such as age rating. Around 15 blockchain-based games have already been declassified by the Game Committee this year.

P2E games are extremely popular today and have been growing in popularity since the beginning of 2021. 

These games, which allow players to earn money for their in-game activities, particularly have a big fan base in Asia. 

Based on reports, some players have been able to gain a significant amount of money from these games, which have drawn the attention of governments.

Crypto on the crosshairs

The South Korean government’s latest move to shut down play-to-earn games is just another attempt by the authorities to exert control over the cryptocurrency market. 

When it comes to regulation, the country has been among the most active.

South Korea has taken a variety of measures, including implementing a taxation scheme, prohibiting privacy coins, and requiring exchanges to obtain the official accreditation.

Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

Source: https://bitcoinerx.com/blockchain/south-korea-asks-apple-google-to-stop-release-of-play-to-earn-games/

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