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MPs respond to CQ candidate’s medicinal marijuana campaign




MEDICINAL marijuana has proven itself an excellent treatment for a variety of medical conditions including One Nation candidate Torin O’Brien’s chronic pain which he’s had to endure as a result of a professional career as a Muay Thai fighter.

A few weeks ago, Mr O’Brien candidly revealed to the Morning Bulletin that he found medicinal marijuana provided him with sustainable pain relief in a way that addictive pharmaceutical drugs couldn’t, and he wished to remove the “lazy drug addict” stigma surrounding its use.

CREATING AWARENESS: Commonwealth Muay Thai champion and One Nation's candidate for Rockhampton Torin O'Brien has spoken about his struggles pain and his effort to remove the stigma surrounding medical marijuana oil.

CREATING AWARENESS: Commonwealth Muay Thai champion and One Nation’s candidate for Rockhampton Torin O’Brien has spoken about his struggles pain and his effort to remove the stigma surrounding medical marijuana oil.

Mr O’Brien was determined to ensure the drug was more readily available, cheaper and possibly added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to assist those suffering medical conditions in the community.

Both Rockhampton MP Barry O’Rourke and Capricornia MP Michelle Landry were approached to see what their governments were doing towards making medicinal cannabis more readily available for those who needed it.


Queensland Government addresses medicinal cannabis issue

Mr O’Rourke said the Queensland Government was continuing to deliver on its commitment to streamline access to medicinal marijuana for Queensland patients who need it.

“The State Government does not support using recreational or unregulated medicinal marijuana as there is no guarantee that these products are safe and effective,” Mr O’Rourke said.

HELPING HAND: Rockhampton MP Barry O'Rourke said his government was working to make medicinal marijuana more readily available for those who needed it.

HELPING HAND: Rockhampton MP Barry O’Rourke said his government was working to make medicinal marijuana more readily available for those who needed it.

“We have made changes that have significantly shortened the wait time to access medicinal marijuana for those who need it.

“All specialist medical practitioners (including specialist general practitioners) are able to prescribe schedule 8 medicinal marijuana without the need for a Queensland approval.”

He said Queensland pharmacists no longer needed a state-based approval to dispense medicinal marijuana and researchers no longer required a Queensland approval to conduct a clinical trial.

“A trial of medicinal cannabis for children with severe treatment-resistant epilepsy has been underway since 2017 at The Queensland Children’s Hospital,” he said.

A Queensland Health spokesman said on June 18, the Queensland Government made changes to legislation so that all Queensland medical practitioners could now prescribe schedule 4 and schedule 8 medicinal marijuana products without the requirement for a Queensland Health approval.

“A Queensland Health approval is still required when the prescribing is a schedule 8 medicinal…

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Why Is It Important To Get The Best Cotton For Vaping




Did you know that the wick you choose to use with your vape tank matters a great deal in the vaping process? Well, you may opt to get plain cotton balls you stashed away for your first aid kit. You could also buy vaping specific cotton.

Now, the big question is: Is it essential to use quality cotton for vaping in your smoke prince tank? Here are the reasons why it’s crucial to get the best cotton for the best vaping experience.
⦁ It Improves Your Entire Vaping Experience
When it comes to vape, you can’t afford to settle for low-quality cotton. As a wicking material, your ideal cotton is supposed to have high levels of absorbency.

However, this feature only works when you’re ready to try it out on your e juice flavors. Leaving your vaping cotton lying around will only ruin your vaping experience by picking up all sorts of scents and smells.

You can determine your vaping sessions’ quality simply by choosing the best storage suggestions for your cotton. Keep it sealed when you’re not ready to use it to keep the freshness locked in.

Check on your preferred manufacturers of vape cotton since all of them don’t use the same criteria during the manufacturing process. Organic cotton has multiple benefits for its users.

One of them is that it always comes in just the proper size for your vape device. As a result, it doesn’t absorb too much e juice but takes in just what you need for a single vape session.


  •  Has Exceptional Wick Material Features

Of all the wick materials that vapers use, cotton is exceptional in many ways. One of its most plausible features is that it’s affordable for most vapers and easily accessible.

It has gained popularity also due to the efficiency it displays when carrying e juices. It delivers the original taste and flavor of the e juice you prefer. Cotton doesn’t make any alterations to your e juices.

Cotton has also made it the best choice of wick material among vapers because it is durable. Once a vaper uses it, cotton is enough to last an entire vaping session without any hitches.

It’s easy to handle even among those new to vaping. Cotton is not as complicated as its other wick material counterparts. Manufacturers offer clear instructions that are easy to follow.


Enables You To Reach Your Full Vaping Potential

Every vaper looks forward to a vaping session that ends up leaving them fulfilled and satisfied. Shopping for the right vape cotton hands you this and more privileges on a silver platter.

Vapers with years of experience can attest to the importance of using cotton whose standards are noteworthy. However, a memorable vaping experience also boils down to the general quality of vape brands you settle for.

Not all weed vape dealers are good at what they do. Stick to a set of guidelines, such as what you need to consider when buying vape cotton. You can only expect the best vaping experiences when handling cotton that’s only suited for vaping.

This means it has to be unbleached, undyed, or even untreated as these are the requirements suitable for vape cotton. Bear in mind that vape cotton comes in different types, including organic ones.

Regular cotton balls are not advisable since they are bleached and could pose significant risks to your health. They undergo heavy processes that include using highly concentrated bleaches and dyes with toxic chemicals. Only stick to the best vape cotton to enjoy your vaping experiences to the maximum.


Prevents Health Risks

Vaping is a pleasurable experience and can also be safe when you adhere to all safety measures and rules. Buying and using vape cottons that have been regulated and approved by the relevant bodies is a smart move. Here are factors that should lead you towards the best and safest vape cotton.

  • Your vaping wattage – As much as all vapers are entitled to their preferred vaping wattage, it’s safer to stick to the standard wattage, 40-50watts. Anything higher or lower than this may affect how your vape cotton reacts to your e juice flavors.
  • The brand that you prefer – Vape brands tend to differ in many ways, including the level of quality. Delve into as many credible sources as you can to get information on the same.
  • The flavor you feel comfortable using – Vape cotton has varying reactions to different e juice flavors.
  • Your budget – Cheap vape cotton is expensive as you’ll have to look for better ones if they start to act up. Shop for reputable ones whose prices match the general quality.

You Won’t Have To Deal With Frustrating Issues

When using the best vaping cotton wool, the whole vaping process is a smooth and seamless one. What’s more, you won’t have to waste your time trying to figure out where the problem could be.

However, even with the best vaping cotton wicks, you’ll probably experience a few hitches, such as the cotton breaking.

This happens for various reasons, including:

  • Insufficient or excessive cotton – Only use what your vaping device can take in.
  • You may have caused an inadequate flow of the e juice while wrapping up the coil.
  • Your preferred cotton may have lower levels of absorption.
  • Using highly sweetened e juices whose burning temperatures are lower than other juices.

Final Thoughts

Take your time when buying vaping products and keep the factors mentioned above in mind when buying the best cotton for vaping. If your preferred vape cotton gives you an unmatched experience, then you’ve made the right choice.


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GreenheartCBD Founder Paul Walsh named to the All-Ireland Business All Star List




Greenheart, the leading licensed Irish sustainable producer, is delighted to announce that company co-founder and visionary Paul Walsh, has received a Thought Leadership award for innovation, technology, and sustainability, from the All-Ireland Business Foundation All-Star Ireland awards.

This prestigious accolade is given to a very small number of leading business innovators and visionaries in Ireland each year. The award follows closely on Greenheart’s own accreditation by the All Ireland Business Foundation. This accreditation is an outstanding achievement and recognizes the hard work and dedication of the Greenheart team in providing the best in class service to all our customers.

Greenheart was founded two years ago in Ashbourne, County Meath, and was formed two years ago by childhood friends Mark Canavan and Paul Walsh. The company produces a full range of sustainable oils – and shortly – edibles and balms for the retail market. Although Greenheart only began selling its oils in January 2020, it already has over 1,500 customers, a customer return rate three times the industry average and over seventy trusted 5-star reviews on its website. 

Before launching Greenheart, Paul and Mark spent years researching extraction methods to produce the most effective agricultural products, for the end consumer with full traceability from seed to shelf. The company is the first sustainable producer in its market to use the full scope of cutting edge technology in its cultivation and production. This includes Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology at each stage of the planting, harvesting, production, and retailing process.

Greenheart Punt Token

The company is launching its own product token on December 1st – the Greenheart Punt – which will trade on the LAToken exchange and allow its stakeholders to access its products at the greatest possible discounts on its new apps platform. 

The Greenheart Punt token is being backed by a real commodity – 1,000 liters of Greenheart’s oil in year 1 (with a retail value of $4 million US dollars) – allowing token holders to redeem their tokens directly for Greenheart oil.
The company also plans to continue deploying pioneering sustainability technology and cold press extraction, while also launching an Innovation Centre to teach farmers and the wilder public about the benefits of growing hemp and sustainable crops in Ireland.


Source: Shane Walsh

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PAOG CEO Discusses 2020 Progress And PURA Dividend On MoneyTV




Sandusky, OH – November 25, 2020 – OTC PR WIRE — PAO Group, Inc. (OTC: PAOG) today announced an interview of CEO Jim DiPrima on MoneyTV where Mr. DiPrima discusses the company’s progress in 2020 to include the latest updates on PAOG’s coming one for one dividend of PAOG stock to Puration, Inc. (OTC: PURA) shareholders in conjunction with PAOG’s recent acquisition of PURA’s cannabis cultivation business.

PAOG made two strategic acquisitions this year transitioning the company into the cannabis neurocritical and pharmaceutical markets.  PAOG has recently executed an agreement with a Contract Research Organization (CRO) to advance the company’s hemp derived CBD extract to treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) toward an FDA approval.  PAOG is also close to executing a neurocritical development agreement.  In addition to the interview published today, the company anticipates issuing substantial updates on the pharmaceutical and neurocritical developments next week.

MoneyTV is the internationally syndicated television program all about money and what makes it happen, (, featuring informative interviews with company CEOs and executives, providing insights into their operations and outlooks for their futures. MoneyTV is seen in over 200 million TV households in more than 75 countries.

Free information packages from the featured companies can be requested by sending an email to

The television program can also be viewed online immediately at

Forward-Looking Statements: Certain statements in this news release may contain forward-looking information within the meaning of Rule 175 under the Securities Act of 1933 and Rule 3b-6 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and are subject to the safe harbor created by those rules. All statements, other than statements of fact, included in this release, including, without limitation, statements regarding potential future plans and objectives of the company are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Technical complications, which may arise, could prevent the prompt implementation of any strategically significant plan(s) outlined above. The Company undertakes no duty to revise or update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this release.


Contact Us:
Jim DiPrima


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SPACs are so hot even Jay-Z is partnering with one. He’s set to be the ‘chief visionary officer’ for California’s largest cannabis firm.




  • Jay-Z is joining the company set to be California’s largest cannabis brand as a “chief visionary officer” as part of a SPAC deal announced on November 24.
  • The special purpose acquisition company, Subversive Capital Acquisition, agreed on the same day to acquire the cannabis brand Caliva and the hemp producer Left Coast Ventures, forming The Parent Company in January, when the deal should close.
  • Jay-Z will help the company with marketing and brand strategies, while Roc Nation artists Rihanna, Yo Gotti, and Meek Mill also invested in the newly formed company via a private placement.
  • Also, Jay-Z will lead The Parent Company Social Equity Ventures, which will seek to invest at least 2% of its net income into BIPOC-owned cannabis businesses and “contribute to the effort to rectify the wrongs of prohibition through initiatives that are working toward meaningful change in the criminal justice system.”
  • 2020 has been a breakout year for SPACs in general, and the cannabis industry is nascent but expanding, with Wall Street banks gradually becoming more involved with cannabis firms.

Billionaire Jay-Z is joining the company set to be California’s largest cannabis brand as a “chief visionary officer” as part of a SPAC deal announced on November 24.

The deal will see a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, called Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp., acquiring cannabis brands Caliva and Left Coast Ventures to form The Parent Company, with deal close targeted for January 2021.

The news comes shortly after Jay-Z announced a partnership with Caliva in October that will see him launch his own cannabis line, Monogram, as reported by CNN.

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation announced an exclusive partnership with The Parent Company simultaneous with its formation, while Roc Nation artists Rihanna, Yo Gotti, and Meek Mill also joined as investors in the newly formed company via a private placement.

According to a press release, the Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp already holds about $575 million in cash in trust, meaning The Parent Company is expected to become one of the best-funded cannabis companies in the US. It will combine the revenues of Caliva and Left Coast Ventures to reach $185 million in revenue in 2020, expecting to hit $334 million in 2021.

The Parent Company hopes to reach 90% of all cannabis users in California by 2022. The cannabis market has continued to grow in recent years, with sales in California reaching almost $3 billion last year, per Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics.

A cannabis SPAC deal with a social advocacy angle

Jay-Z’s work as chief visionary will also have a major social component. The rap mogul will take the helm of the company’s Social Equity Ventures, which has pledged to invest at least 2% of its net income into BIPOC-owned cannabis businesses.

The Social Equity Ventures unit will also “contribute to the effort to rectify the wrongs of prohibition through initiatives that are working toward meaningful change in the criminal justice system,” according to the press release. Initiatives will include bail reform, industry vocational training, job placement, expungement clinics, and Social Equity application support.

“Although we know we can’t fully redeem the injustices created by the ‘war on drugs’, we can help shape a brighter and inclusive future,” Jay-Z said in the press release. “The brands we build will pave a new path forward for a legacy rooted in equity, access, and justice. We’re creating something people can trust and we’re investing in our future, our people, and our communities.”

When reached for comment, Jay-Z referred Business Insider to his comments from the press release.

SPACs are so hot right now, and cannabis keeps heating up

Using SPACs to invest in cannabis companies has become all the rave lately, as extensively reported by Business Insider’s Jeremy Berke.

Several cannabis SPACs have turned into multimillion-dollar juggernauts through deals similar to The Parent Company. In August, Credit Suisse led Silver Spike Capital’s $250 million public offering, and Citigroup’s Canadian branch helped lead the $350 million SPAC public offering of the private equity firm Bespoke Capital, Berke reported.

It’s a bit of an issue from an investment perspective that cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, although states including California have legalized it for recreational use. The cannabis industry could grow into an $80 billion industry by 2030 if it becomes legal under federal law, according to the investment bank Cowen.

This potential increasingly drawing Wall Street establishments such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan into assisting cannabis-related SPACs going public in the US and advising their clients on cannabis-related deals, Berke also reported. And now Jay-Z and his Roc Nation superstars are players at the table.

Source: Business Insider – SPACs are so hot even Jay-Z is partnering with one. He’s set to be the ‘chief visionary officer’ for California’s largest cannabis firm.


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